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Chapter 466: My Dear Grandson-in-law

Nine Dragons Acupuncture!

All the specialists in the hospital room had heard of that ancient acupuncture technique. They were stunned when Chen Xiaobei used it flawlessly in front of them; their reactions were similar to when Jianghu individuals found the most powerful martial art manual ever. 

Incidentally, a martial art manual in Emperor Yan's tomb had set the whole Jianghu in a frenzy in pursuit. Likewise, the existence of Nine Dragon Acupuncture was definitely powerful enough to send waves into the field of Chinese traditional medicinal approach! 

"Prodigious healer, here's my name card! Can I buy you a meal when you're free?"

"Prodigious healer, may I have your number? I would consult you!"

"Prodigious healer, I know a few billionaires with terrible illnesses. Would you be free to pay them a visit? They would pay you six figures for consultation, and wouldn't hesitate to pay you eight figures if you cure them!"

" Prodigious healer…"

All those reputable specialist doctors were gathered around Chen Xiaobei, bowing and groveling in hopes that he would notice them.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Go away!" Elder Luo waved them away as he made his way towards the young man. "Can't you see that my grandson-in-law is really busy now? This isn't the time to talk about consultation!"

"Grandson-in-law? Elder Luo? Are you saying that the prodigious healer is your grandson-in-law?"

"Wow! Elder Luo, you are so blessed… All of us envy you so much for having such an incredible grandson-in-law!"

"What a perfect pair! The man is handsome, and the lady is gorgeous… A prodigy like this young man is definitely a perfect match for Luo Puti, one of the most beautiful women in Dragon City!"

"Most importantly, the title – Nine Needles of Luo would never be lost! On the contrary, it would only improve!"

Everyone in the room was really happy for Elder Luo. Their compliments bloated his pride and pleased him greatly.

"Hahaha… It's indeed a real blessing. Well, it is pointless for you guys to get envious of me – I could just look forward to a healthy baby! Then I would truly have no regrets in life!"

"Grandpa! What are you talking about? I'm not in a romantic relationship with him…" Luo Puti said nervously. Things have escalated far too quickly – Elder Luo was taking great-grandchildren when Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti were not even in a relationship yet!

"What do you mean? Xiaobei is my dear grandson-in-law! Don't call me your grandpa if you choose not to marry Xiaobei!" Elder Luo said seriously.

"I…" Luo Puti's face became contorted; the Ice Demon Queen was stunned! Everything happened so swiftly she could barely react. And to think that just a few hours ago Elder Luo had hated Chen Xiaobei to the core. Now, he thought of him as his dear grandson-in-law! He would even cut ties with her if she refuses to marry to Chen! 

Chan Xiaobei giggled evilly. Everything went as he expected, and so he started to wink at Luo Puti in front of everyone. How badly she wanted to slap him then! He was totally making things worse by not explaining the truth to her grandfather.


Finally, Madam Diana opened up her eyes slowly and took a deep breath. Chen Xiaobei smiled and retrieved all the silver needles from her body.

"So, she has fully recovered?!" Everyone in the room was extremely shocked.

All their advanced equipment and training could not even diagnose her. However, Chen Xiaobei had managed to heal her with a single treatment. Not only were they impressed, they came upon the realization that he was their superior in medicine!

"Fantastic! Madam Diana,

Madam Diana, you've finally regained consciousness. This is the biggest hospital in Dragon City, and I'm the head of this hospital – Jiang Zihua!" The man exclaimed as he rushed to Madam Diana.

Earlier, he had prepared to push the blame to Elder Luo when Madam Diana was in a critical stage, and was now trying to claim all the credit for himself. Everyone in the room threw him a disgusted look, but none of them dared to tell Madam Diana the truth. He was the head of this hospital after all – things never end well for those who offended!

Therefore, it surprised everyone that Madam Diana ignored Jiang Zihua completely. Instead, she mustered every bit of her strength to sit up and said in fluent Chinese: "Young man, thank you so much! I thought I was going to die – but you've saved my life!"

The old lady's hair was completely white, but anyone could tell that she was once a ravishing beauty in her youth. But if time left wrinkles on her face, it, too, had given her wisdom. She knew at once who was acting merely out of self-interest; she would never be fooled by the likes of Jiang Zihua!

"You don't have to thank me. We aren't acquainted, and I wouldn't have bothered to save you if it wasn't for Elder Luo." Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

Though they had been greatly impressed by his medicinal prowess, the others were now miffed by his arrogant attitude. Madam Diana was a very important individual that even politicians have to tip-toe around, but Chen Xiaobei did the exact opposite!

Nonetheless, Madam Diana took no offense because she could read his intentions. The young man was not being arrogant, but merely wanted to push all credits to Elder Luo.

The elderly lady smiled "Very well. I guess I am only healed because of Elder Luo… So, Elder Luo, make a wish! I'll definitely try my best to realize it!"

"Me?" Elder Luo was stunned, but quickly realized that Chen Xiaobei had given him all the credit. He decided to accept the plaudits graciously, as he already saw him as his grandson-in-law. That alone was enough as any dowry for Luo Puti's hand in the future.

"There are a set of silver needles previously owned by the personal doctor of the emperor in the Qing Dynasty," the elderly man said. "I heard it's going to be auctioned at the Su Fubi Auction next week. Is it possible for me to have it?"

"No problem. I'll ask my people to deliver it to your house soon!" Madam Diana replied without any hesitation.

Every doctor in the room had heard about those needles too. They cost millions! And yet, Madam Diana was so rich that she did not even blink as she agreed to Elder Luo's request. And to think that they believed they could not envy him any further!

"Hahaha… I'm so blessed to have such a grandson-in-law! Don't be jealous!" Elder Luo laughed.

Indeed, all those specialists wanted to ask Chen Xiaobei to marry their daughters as well. They would not even mind asking their daughters to become his second or third wife!

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