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Chapter 465: Accomplishment in Medicine Maketh the Man

Tom was about to wet himself with fear.

Madam Diana's personal bodyguards were well-paid, and met people of reputation from time to time – meaning that their futures were secured. However, Madam Diana was obsessive when it came to cleanliness and straight-laced when it came to rules. She would definitely sack Tom if she ever found out that he had contracted a venereal disease.

That was the reason Tom was reduced to a blithering mess of despair when he learned of his plight. He could not afford to lose his job – it was worse than killing him. That was why he was suddenly willing to put down his pride and beg those doctors he just scorned to cure him.

However, Chen Xiaobei knew precisely the worries that he had in his mind.

"Stop wasting your time! Madam Diana may appear unconscious on the surface, but she hears everything with perfect clarity. She will definitely ask you to explain yourself, even if she doesn't understand Chinese. It's useless to beg us!" 

"What?!" Tom's face turned pale immediately. After frequent trips to China, Madam Diana's Chinese was definitely better than Tom's.

In other words, Tom was as good as fired.

"F*ck you! I'm going to kill you! How dare you sabotage my future?" Tom screamed in fury.

Chen Xiaobei scoffed. "I knew from one glance that you carried venereal disease. Initially, I didn't want to announce it loud to everyone, but you kept insulting us. That's what you get. It's a lesson learned for you – never insult doctors. Nobody can afford to."

The other doctors could feel their juices flowing after Chen Xiaobei dismantled Tom. They were made to feel disgrace after failing to diagnose Madam Diana, but now were utterly satisfied seeing the youth slap Tom's face and destroy his future with his medicinal accomplishment. They also see the young lad in a whole new light.

Elder Luo and Luo Puti were also growing in their fondness for to Chen Xiaobei. They had always been proud of the Chinese Traditional Medicine - it was their pride, and they would never allow anyone to slander it!

Elder Luo was now certain that he had misunderstood Chen Xiaobei before. 'Seems like this young man has no attitude problem… He even seemed more accomplished than most young men of present, I believe I have to ask Puti to hang out with him more often!' He thought.

"Offended you? I'm going to fucking kill you now!" Tom screamed and swung his fist at Chen Xiaobei.


Everyone feared the worst for Chen Xiaobei – most of them were well aware of Tom's thuggish tendencies. No doubt the young man will be his next victim.

"Xiaobei! Don't fight with him! He is more powerful than you!" Luo Puti cried. She still remembered his cultivation as being at the early phase of Qi refining stage, and his combat power was around five to six thousand. Tom would definitely come up on top.

But that was all in the past!


Chen Xiaobei swung his own fist at Tom's, both punches met mid-air.


The horrifying sound of bones breaking echoed. When they opened their eyes, they found that it was Tom who fell to the floor, wailing in agony.

"Get lost!" Chen Xiaobei yelled, and Tom could feel his very power. It felt like he was being eyeballed by a ferocious beast ready to devour him alive! His mind was at once filled with such bloody scenes. Soon his body was filled with goosebumps, while his limbs became ice-cold.

"This is freaky! How could that Chinese kid be more powerful?!" Tom exclaimed as he fled the room immediately. Cold, gripping fear reduced him to a mess once more.

"Impressive… The young man just destroyed Tom with a single punch!"

"His aura is really something… It's even more powerful than all the elites I've met before!"

"He would do great things in the future!"

It was sensational. None of them imagined that a young kid like Chen Xiaobei could crush the notorious Tom so easily. Goosebumps popped up around their skin as they recalled their mockery of him – it was no different from a chicken mocking a lion. Those with weaker willpower already felt their legs give way, and all of them were so scared that Chen Xiaobei would make them pay.

"That punch had with around eight thousand combat power! Xiaobei… Such tremendous improvement!" Luo Puti exclaimed, genuinely astounded when she figured out Chen Xiaobei's combat power.

And to think that they've only not seen each other for ten days – Chen Xiaobei improvement made her feel really inferior. Her, who was universally acknowledged as a rare prodigy among all martial art prodigies!

"Impressive! Young man, you're a real hero!" Elder Luo was at once praiseful towards Chen Xiaobei. "You are set for great things in the future; your power is even level with Puti's when she was your age! You're more than worthy for her – I'm leaving her in your hands!"

Finally, Elder Luo had reversed his opinion of the young man.

"Grandpa!" Luo Puti exclaimed, clearly embarrassed. "You've got the wrong idea here, we're not together!"

"Thank you, grandpa!" Chen Xiaobei grinned, instantly changing how he addressed Elder Luo.

The old man merely nodded happily. However, both of them did not know that Chen Xiaobei's current combat power was actually nine thousand, and could be boosted up to twelve thousand! Both of them would be in awe if they knew if they knew his secret.

However, Chen Xiaobei decided that the time to show-off was not now; he had something more important to show Elder Luo.

"Everyone, please be quiet," he shushed. "I'm going to start treating the patient."

Every person in the room – including Elder Luo and Puti – quickly settled down. Right now, the one who was the most accomplished at medicine was the boss! Even Elder Luo, the most famous acupuncturist had to stand aside and watch.

Chen Xiaobei borrowed Elder Luo's silver needles to apply the acupuncture on Madam Diana. He went into his ultrfocus mode when his fingers touched each silver needle, while his Zen mode isolated him from any distractions.

The doctors were thrilled whenever he slid a needle into Madam Diana's body. Nonetheless, his claims that he was the only one in this world skillful enough to cure Madam Diana would be verified soon.

Soon, eighty-one needles were arranged over Madam Luo's body in the shape of a dragon!

Elder Luo suddenly could not suppress his own excitement. "This… This is the real Nine Dragon Acupuncture!" He exclaimed loudly. "Wow… I never thought I would have the chance to witness this legendary acupuncture skill as I live and breathe… I have no regrets in life anymore!"

Everyone was left speechless again after those words.

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