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Chapter 464: You’ve Contracted Venereal Disease

Amateurs could never trump the knowledge of experts.

That was why the other doctors standing around the room had no way to verifying Chen Xiaobei said. Only Elder Luo himself understood him, and quickly realized his own mistake.

To put it in a nutshell, expertise often proves superior than knowledge gained solely from books. That was why the doctors remained clueless, and only blanched as they witness the Elder Luo they idolized so fanatically bow to a young man.

"What?! Elder Luo lowered his head to that brat!? Am I dreaming?"

"I've Elder Luo bow when it comes to the field of acupuncture!"

"It's unbelievable!"

Chen Xiaobei ignored their shock and awe – a virtuoso never bothered himself with the opinion of the layman.

Still, he was impressed by Elder Luo's sudden change in attitude. The old man was revered in the field of acupuncture, and yet here he was, humbling himself and showing attitude towards Chen Xiaobei's guidance. Indeed, typical 'specialists' would be offended if their mistake was pointed out in public.

"Elder Luo," he replied politely. "You are most welcomed, but you're the senior here – bowing is not necessary."

"No," Elder Luo insited. "Age matters not. You're definitely more knowledgeable than I am, and as such you're my teacher. I must bow, especially after you helped by correcting my error."

In that very moment, he believed that Chen Xiaobei was a nice person and began to admire him. It had everything to do with the young lad's medicinal mastery, as well as his tremendous increase in charm that helps him earn others' trust and favor.

"I have a question. How did you know that Madam Diana's pulse was different?" Luo Puti asked, puzzled. 

"The traditional medicinal approach is all about observation, smell, inquiry, and touch. In this case, however, I diagnosed her by observing her Qi," Chen Xiaobei answered calmly.

"My goodness. You're truly talented! I still have so much more to learn compared to you. Shame on me, shame on me…" Elder Luo sighed.

The specialists still standing around could feel their jaw drop a little lower in disbelief. Chen Xiaobei was definitely the first to make Elder Luo claim inferiority, and their faces reddened as they recalled how they mocked the youth. How much they wanted to look for a hole to hide right then!

Suddenly, Tom screaming again. "Both of you are conmen! That's enough for one showing, so get lost! I'll never believe in this traditional medicinal treatment anymore. You people are garbage, and only imbeciles would trust you with their lives! Get out, I don't want to see your faces anymore!"

Luo Puti was infuriated to hear him insult Chen Xiaobei and her grandfather. However, there was nothing that she could offer in defense, and she wished she could cure Madam Diana herself and slap him with the results. But ultimately, she could not do a thing to help –

– all she could do was bite down and endure the humiliation. The other specialists in the room felt the same.

In that moment, her fists were so clenched her nails were digging into her palms. She would never allow doctors who practice traditional medicine; she did grow up around her grandpa famous for his acupuncture after all. She was not alone in her frustration either – the other doctors were also seething as Tom trampled over their pride.

In the end, only one person was bold enough to stand up to that thug of a bodyguard.

Chen Xiaobei threw a chilling glare at Tom. "It's in your interest not to humiliate us, or you will feel a huge slap in your face. I'm the only one in this world who has the skill to help her. If I leave, the only thing you could do is hold a funeral for her!"

"You? Stop fooling around! All you people ever will be are conmen. The old one is at a loss, and the young one is taunting me! Keep talking and I'll f*cking cripple you!" Tom said condescendingly.

"So, you think I'm a conman, huh!?" Chen Xiaobei bellowed. "I'll diagnose you without any equipment or contact. Want to make a bet?"

"Sure! Why not?! I'm looking forward to a con man's diagnosis!" Tom laughed, believing that the young man is trying to make a bluff.

The other doctors thought the same, too. They were firmly convinced that Chen Xiaobei could never diagnose a person without going through the standard operating procedure - diagnosing by observing someone's Qi was a joke!

Only Elder Luo and

Luo and Puti knew that Chen Xiaobei was telling the truth; both of them were eager to see what he could do.

"Your body is constantly heating up," the young man grinned. "You experience intermittent headaches and joint pain. If I'm not mistaken, your inner thighs are filled with rashes too."

"How… How did you know?" Tom asked in surprise.

"Seems like my observation is on point then!" Chen Xiaobei grinned wider.

The doctors were amazed. So the young lad could really tell a person's symptoms with just one glance! Only now did they finally understood why Elder Luo would even submit to a brat like him – such skills were far beyond an average specialist.

"I got those rashes recently… What is it? How did I get it?" Tom asked nervously – he had to find a doctor recently.

"It's a venereal disease – and it's definitely your fault that you caught it. Perhaps you engaged in intercourse with a woman who has contracted it – or man, for that matter. You do look more like a homosexual after all!"

"Shit… He's got venereal disease… Disgusting!"

"He's a homosexual?! Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up!"


Every doctor felt repulsed – venereal diseases were often revolting.

"No! That's not true!" Tom trembled fearfully. It was a bare-faced lie – he was clearly aware that engaged in sexual relations with a random stranger recently. Chen Xiaobei's diagnosis was on point!

"Doctor… Can any of you help? Is this serious? Please…" He kept pleading. Being not your average savant, the disease could be fatal for all Tom knew – which was why he was scared out of his wits.

"I'm sorry," Chen Xiaobei shrugged. "I'm just a con man; I'm afraid I can't help you…"

"Anyone! Please help me! Please…"

Tears streamed down from Tom's eyes. He turned around and started to ask for help from the other doctors since Chen Xiaobei refused to treat him.

"I'm really sorry. We're just a bunch of garbage… There's nothing that we can do about it."

Although the truth was that the disease could be easily cured, none of the doctors wanted to help him.

"Please don't do this time… Help… I'm sorry for what I said to you guys earlier…" Tom kept bowing to every doctor in the room, clearly frightened to death and forgetting all about the pride he waved around so blatantly just moments ago.

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