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Chapter 463: Body with a Special Pulse

Chen Xiaobei was already too late – not that Elder Luo would have listened anyway.

The other doctors rolled their eyes at him.

"Brat! Are you right in your mind? You can't shout at Elder Luo when he's treating a patient!"

"That's right! Other acupuncturists would stand in attention like school kids when Elder Lao lectures at Traditional Doctor Association seminars!"

"Teenagers nowadays are too damn arrogant!"

With Elder Luo's tremendous reputation in the field of medicine, he would have no shortage of fans and boot-lickers. Every doctor in the room now criticized Chen Xiaobei for being a prick, with Jiang Zihua the cunning dean the most vocal among them.

"Xiaobei, are you sure? My grandpa would never treat a patient if he isn't confident enough to cure them…" Luo Puti was aware of how good Chen Xiaobei was, but she trusted her grandfather as much too. Not all acupuncturists were universally acknowledged as the best in the entire country after all.

Chen Xiaobei started to explain himself when he was interrupted.

Tom, who had been staring at Luo Puti lustfully, flashed a rather revolting smile at her. "Pretty lady," he said. "You don't have to mind what that fool just said. Even a foreigner like me has heard your grandfather before. I really believe your grandfather could definitely cure Madam Diana…"


As if on cue, Madam Diana groaned in pain before Tom could finish. Her pale face quickly turned red, and then purple.

"What… How… This isn't what I expected?" Elder Luo was shocked.

"F*ck you! I have the same question as well. What the hell is going on right now? Old fuck, weren't you supposed to be the best doctor in this country? I'll fucking break your hands if something bad happens to Madam Diana!"

Suddenly, the air froze in the room. All those doctors were stunned.

'Did Elder Luo just give out the wrong treatment?'

How was that even possible?

Meanwhile, Luo Puti was beside herself with worry over her grandfather. She kept her eye on Tom too because it was very likely that the foreigner would hurt the old man, which was why she insisted on following Elder Luo to the hospital in the first place.

Tom actually had a record of abusing his position as Madam Diana's bodyguard to play thug in the country. He has dealt great hurt to many, but his victims tend to drop all charges to the outside pressure. Madam Diana owned one of the largest companies in Europe after all – many Chinese nationals treated her like a deity whenever she came to invest. None who were in their right minds would mess with them.

"Elder Luo! What… What the hell is going on? Did you make a mistake?" Jiang Zihua said in feigned surprise; he was pushing the blame already.

"Silent!" Elder Luo shrugged him off, and kept his eyes on Madam Diana while taking her

her pulse. However, her condition kepr deteriorating.

"This is weird…" Elder Luo said grimly. "Her pulse is a complete mess… I can't find the cause!"

Tom shouted angrily as soon as he said that.

"Garbage! Conman! How dare you call yourself the best acupuncturist in China?! Liars! You guys are just like the witches of old, none of you are real doctors! Old fuck, just die!"

Tom took a swing at Elder Luo; the thug of a bodyguard simply had no qualms about hurting the elderly man. There was no way he would survive his hit.

"Grandpa!" Luo Puti was stunned. However, she was some distance away and could not possibly reach her grandpa in time.


Someone caught Tom's fist.

"How did you…" Tom was startled. He did put his back into his punch, but a kid like Chen Xiaobei should not be able to stop it so easily.

"Xiaobei! I'm really glad you're here!" Luo Puti exclaimed in relief.

She had been too focused on Madam Diana earlier; she never saw Chen Xiaobei moving to save her grandpa in no time at all. Elder Luo would have been really hurt if it was not for him.

"Thank-Thank you so much…" Elder Luo calmed himself as he stared at Chen Xiaobei. Suddenly, he did not hate the boy that much – and he regarded him as more than an immature teenager already.

"You are most welcome." Chen Xiaobei nodded, and pushed Tom three paces away with his palm.

"Mr. Tom, I made a mistake earlier. But please allow me to a few minutes to diagnose Madam Diana again!" Elder Luo was really determined – he was the type of person who would not give up until the very last second.

However, Chen Xiaobei spoke before Tom could reply. "You don't have to look for the cause anymore. Your diagnosis is just fine," he said, and took out a few plant roots and stuffed them into Madam Diana's mouth.

"Bastard! What did you just put in Madam Diana's mouth? You and that old f*ck will go straight to hell if anything bad happens to her! I'll head to the embassy, and make sure every single one of you lose everything you have in your life!"

"Those were the roots of a three-hundred-year-old ginseng. Did you really think I would give it to Madam Diana if it wasn't for Elder Luo?!" Chen Xiaobei said condescendingly.

In truth, Chen Xiaobei had stolen the ginseng from Zhuang Bifan's auction; he took it out from his treasure chest when no one was paying attention.

Within moments, Madam Diana's condition improved. The creases on her brow faded and her expression relaxed!

"That's the real deal. The ginseng roots really stabilized her condition!"

"It's hard to believe a young man like him owned a precious item. He's really something!"

"Looks like he is a pretty capable youth!"

All the doctors were left amazed. They now saw Chen Xiaobei in a whole new light.

Even Elder Luo's tone was completely differently when he spoke to the young man. "You mentioned that my diagnosis was fine. May I know what the actual problem is?" He asked humbly.

"It's where you put your needles. Normally, it'd work, but Madam Diana is a special case. Her pulse is different, and typical acupuncture treatment would cause her blood to flow in a different direction. When that happens, she would fall into a coma in the best-case scenario – she could die if the worse happened."

Everyone was stunned by his words.

"Is that true? It sounds quite real… How old is he? How could he have learned so much about acupuncture treatment already?"

"He didn't even take Madam Diana's pulse! This really baffles me!"

"I think he's just conning us. What the hell is a different pulse? Never even heard of it!"

The other doctors were extremely dubious of his diagnosis – even Luo Puti found it hard to believe. Through it all, Tom was glaring at Chen Xiaobei like a ferocious beast.

Elder Luo stood up abruptly and put his hands together as he bowed at Chen Xiaobei. "Master," he cried. "Please instruct me – your knowledge is more valuable than all the books I've read!"

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