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Chapter 456: The Defining Moment!

Doumao was the biggest and most popular stream platform in China. Mobile Legends was as famous as the platform itself, which was why many players streamed their gameplay on Doumao.

I know what you're thinking, and you're probably right. [1]

That was Chen Xiaobei's secret plan!

Streamer: Old Wang from Next Door

Caption: God-tier Fortune Teller! He is going to show you a whole new level of gameplay!

"Xiaobei… What the hell is going on?" Old Wang asked.

"This is a streaming platform. You can get viewers for your gameplay!" Chen Xiaobei said.

"Get viewers? But I need to recruit disciples, not viewers…" Old Wang frowned. "Only those who worship me can be classified as disciples"

"I know," Chen Xiaobei nodded. "That's why your streamer name is God-tier Fortune Teller. They will worship you when all your predictions come true!"

"Predictions? I don't know how to do that…" Old Wang mumbled softly.

"I know you can do it, so just trust me. Go look for your team members and start a match now!" Chen Xiaobei did not really have the time to explain matters, and paid every last attention to his laptop.

Old Wang was still a new streamer – no viewers entered his room.

A few minutes later, a viewer named 'I'm So Bored' entered.

I'm So Bored: Damn! This streamer is so damn ugly. I'm leaving, it scared the shit out of me!

"Brother! Don't go!" Chen Xiabei quickly sat beside Old Wang and said.

I'm So Bored: Eh? Why is there another guy here? Who is the actual streamer? Are you guys a grandpgrandson act?

"The guy beside me is the streamer. I'm just his assistant!" Chen Xiaobei quickly explained.

I'm So Bored: Really? I've never seen a fifty years old streamer… Also, an assistant? Really cocky, isn't he?!

"We are not being cocky. You have no idea how good this streamer is, he really is a God-tier Fortune Teller!" Chen said.

I'm So Bored: What? So he can really predict stuff? Isn't this just clickbait? Then why don't you ask him to predict something?

"Not now, he can only do it a few times a day. Let's wait for more people to enter the room, or it's a little wasteful."

I'm So Bored: That's easy! Just get yourself a Rocket to attract more viewers!

"That's right!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed. "I've almost completely forgotten about it if you didn't remind me!"

Rocket was the most valuable item in Doumao, costing five thousand RMB apiece. It acts as a sort of advertisement for streamers to attract more interested viewers.

"A problem is not a problem if I can solve it with money!" Chen Xiaobei grinned and quickly spent around five million buying Rockets with his cellphone!


[Big Bro Bei just gave a Rocket to God-tier Fortune Teller!]


[Big Bro Bei just gave a Rocket to God-tier Fortune Teller!]


[Big Bro Bei just gave a Rocket to God-tier Fortune Teller!]

Messages with red borders started to flood the entirety of Doumao for five minutes! Viewers were flocking to Old Wang's room, and around ten thousand viewers were watching his stream by the time Chen Xiaobei finished giving out Rockets. The viewer count was still growing!

I'm So Bored: What the hell?! One thousand Rockets… It's crazy!

Don't Laugh: Last time, a viewer bought a hundred plus Rockets and gave it all away to a streamer. The whole thing turned into a big news, but this incident is definitely going international!

I Hope You Know: Who is Big Bro Bei? He just used all his money to create a streamer with ten thousand viewers! He's awesome!

Oppa: Everyone cares about physical appearance a lot nowadays. But this streamer is not exactly

not exactly good looking… He must be really good at the game, since Big Bro Bei bought one thousand Rockets and gave it all to him!

Little Bee: I don't think he's that good – he is only at Golden First Rank. However, I think he must have some talent. Why would anyone spend so much money on him otherwise?

Close to Death: He calls himself a God Leveled Fortune Teller… Predict something! I'll definitely donate more rockets if it comes true!

Castle Swordman: That's right! We'll become your loyal fans if you can really do it!

The chat box grew crowded in no time at all – everyone was looking forward to Old Wang's performance.

What did a not-so-good-looking and not-so-skillful streamer do to deserve one thousand rockets? Earlier, Chen Xiaobei had told Old Wang to focus on the game only. But now, the defining moment was here!

"Alright! Seems like we already have enough people now. Our master will come up with his very first prediction!"

Old Wang was stunned. Clairvoyance was not his strong suit.

Then, Chen Xiaobei simply whispered into his ear, "You might not know how to predict stuff, but you do have the Mouth of Curses! Use that to curse your opponent. That way, we'll win the bet!"

Old Wang's face lit up. He may be weak for a deity but he was no fool – he would not have reached Golden First Rank in such a short period of time otherwise.



Though nervous, Old Wang faked a few coughs to calm himself. "The team battle "The team battle is going to begin soon. I predict that the ultimate move from Lubu – the carry –will miss his target!" He declared lightly.

Everyone was surprised by his first ever prediction.

Quiet Genius: No way. Look at Lubu's skill, it's impossible for him to miss the target!

General: That's right! Lubu's ultimate has a huge AOE. Even newbies won't miss their target, let alone an experienced player!

Pinnacle Player: I don't think this prediction will come true! I won't buy it!

Yesheng Penzi: This streamer is an idiot. I have finished analyzing him… Let's just leave, I don't want to waste my time on such garbage!

Many refused to believe Old Wang's prediction, and some even started to mock him. However, Chen Xiaobei was not troubled – it was exactly what he wanted! They would be even more shocked when his prediction come true, and would start to worship Old Wang as his disciples!

In short, Chen Xiaobei had done everything he could.

The team fight finally started! Old Wang was totally focused on the game. He was rather good at it too, after spending most of his time at the mortal realm playing it.

Soon, he saw Lubu initiate his ultimate move. 

"Curse this player – he shall miss his target!" He shouted.

Translator's Note:

[1]: Author is breaking the 4th wall.

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