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Chapter 455: A Big Gamble

For Chen Xiaobei to call Jiang Ziya and Lei Zhenzi idiots was definitely a huge shock for the entire chat group!

One simple word, and the Red Envelop Group had a new perspective of Chen Xiaobei. It was fine for the mortal to scold Lei Zhenzi since he was essentially his senior. However, no one should ever insult Jiang Ziya! Not only he was the spokesperson for the Primeval Lord of Heaven, he was also a symbol of Chanism.

A long time ago, the Primeval Lord of Heaven had given Jiang Ziya an item called the Divine Whip. He was supposed to return it after the apotheotic event, but the Primeval Lord of Heaven allowed him to keep it as a reward, while granting him a great authority. Now, every deity was their inferior the moment Jiang Jiya step into their territories.

In other words, Jiang Jiya was more powerful than most gods, and scolding him in front of everyone was like a slap on his face!

Jiang Jiya: Chen Xiaobei! How dare you?! Do you really think you can do whatever you like just because you have the Prime of Tongtian behind your back?

Lei Zhenzi: This kid is too damn cock. Shishu Jiang! I think we should give him the Five Thunders Head Striking punishment!

Chen Xiaobei: Hmph, I knew it! Chanism are so barbaric they won't even give me the chance to explain myself! Fine, just strike me with lightning. With my chat histroy, I'm certain my Sifu will see that justice is served!

Jiang Jiya and Lei Zhenzi were left speechless. Chen Xiaobei could already imagine them losing their composure.

The Prime of Tongtian was famous for his protectiveness; He would never let those two live if he found out that they have killed an innocent man. Jiang Jiya

and Lei Zhenzi would have to hide behind the Primeval Lord of Heaven's back for the rest of their lives or they would be killed the moment they showed their faces.

Just as Chen Xiaobei expected, both of them lost the plot.

Jiang Jiya: We never make false accusations on innocents, that's not the Chanism way. You're now given a chance to explain yourself, after of which we would still punish if you're guilty. That way, even the Prime of Tongtian would have no say!

Lei Zhenzi: That's right! Let us hear what you have to say, and don't try to fool us!

Chen Xiaobei: Then listen! Playing mobile games helps Old Wang to recruit disciples. He is playing every day to improve his skills right now, so that it would speed up the recruitment process!

Jiang Jiya: Bullshit! Recruiting disciples by playing mobile games? Did you really think I'm that stupid?

Lei Zhenzi: Shameless! Lying in front of the thousands of group members? You've just embarrassed the Prime of Tongtian!

Chen Xiaobei: I'll just prove it. Or maybe you aren't bold enough to make a bet?

Jiang Jiya: Why not? There's no way anyone can recruit disciples through stupid mobile games!

Lei Zhenzi: That's right! Let's bet!

Chen Xiaobei: Alright. Do you know how long is one hour?

Jiang: Yes, we do. I have done some research before assigning the Three Realms Mission to selected deities. One hour is equivalent to one Shichen!

Chen Xiaobei: That's right, and Shabao Xingjun will recruit a hundred disciples within one hour. You would lose if he achieves the target, and I would lose if I miss the mark by even one disciple!

Jiang Jiya: Hahaha! You really think you can fool us, don't you? One hour, one hundred disciples? That's impossible! Just name what you're betting, I would definitely play along!

Lei Zhenzi: I'll play along as well! The one who backs out from this bet is a coward!

None of the other members interfered with the conversation in the Red Envelope Group. However, all the smaller chat groups were positively buzzing.

Monkey King: What the hell is Brother Xiaobei doing? How could he suggest such a bet? It's impossible!

NeZha: You're right! How is it possible to recruit one hundred disciples in such a short period of time? All the deities would start playing games to recruit disciples if it really worked!

Yanwang: Shit! God Chen is digging his own grave!

Bull Demon King: What's wrong with God Chen? Even I can smell the trap from miles away! Why is he just walking headlong into it?

Chang'e: Oh no, God Chen just made a huge mistake… And the Prime of Tongtian is not here, what should we do?

Chen Xiaobei could only view messages sent by his close

his close friends, but it was not hard to imagine tens of thousands of deities saying the same thing. None of them would believe that would recruit one hundred disciples by playing mobile games.

Chen Xiaobei: Jiang Ziya. If I win, you must restore Shaoba Xingjun's position in heaven and repay me with double the merit points you took!

Jiang Ziya: Fine! What if you lose?

Chen Xiaobei: You can do whatever you want to me!

Jiang Ziya: Huh. You're cocky, I'll give you that! Don't worry, I won't kill you… I'll tell Yanwang to cut fifty years off your remaining lifespan.

"Fifty years? That's too cruel!" Chen Xiaobei glared at the screen furiously.

The average lifespan of a human being was seventy to eighty years of age, and right now he was only at the ripe age of twenty-one. In other words, he would most certainly die soon if Yanwang did take fifty years from his lifespan!

Chen Xiaobei's parents would be forced to bury him, and it was actually no different from simply strangling him to death. However, he did not hesitate to reply despite his fury.

Chen Xiaobei: No problem! Lei Zhenzi, you must give me something that is worth one hundred and sixty thousand merit points, as well as address me as 'Shishu Chen' every time I log in to the group!

Lei Zhenzi: Fine. If you lose, you must give me the Twelve Wings Golden Cicada and stop calling yourself my Shishu!

Chen Xiaobei: Deal. All things are set in stone now, we shall see the shall see the results in one hour!

Jiang Jiya: Not a problem. We aren't afraid of you going back on your promise either, since thousands of group members witnessed this bet!

Lei Zhenzi: You're getting struck by lightning if you keep acting cocky! I'll just watch how you would keep up that brave face!

Without wasting another second, Chen Xiaobei left the chat group and dragged Old Wang into his room.

"Shit! Shit! How am I going to recruit one hundred disciples in one hour?" Old Wang was acting like an ant in a burning pot after he went through the chat history in the Red Envelope Group.

Chen Xiaobei ignored him. He quickly turned on his laptop and opened a software called Doumao, filling up all the necessary information.

"Xiaobei…" Old Wang mumbled nervously. "This is not the time for this…"

"Just log in to Mobile Legends right now and follow my instructions. I don't have time to explain!" Chen Xiaobei said.

Old Wang was stunned, but quickly did as he was told.

"Alright. Now, sit." Chen Xiaobei sat Old Wang in front of the laptop and linked it to Old Wang's cellphone via Bluetooth. Soon, two tabs appeared on the laptop screen; one of them showed Mobile Legends while the other showed Old Wang's face.

Old Wang was baffled. "Doumao? Streamer? 

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