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Lubu from the enemy team unleashed his ultimate move at an awkward angled that missed every single target!

It was too obvious a lethal mistake, and all five players of Old Wang's team seized the chance and launched a counter-attack. They used every skill at their disposal to annihilate the enemy's team, and quickly reached the enemy's base to destroy their crystal core.

Old Wang's team won, and his stream's chat box was flooded with all sorts of messages at once!

[Damn! Damn! Damn! Lubu's ultimate did not hit a single target!]

[It looks like Old Wang's team was going to lose, but somehow managed to turn the tables and triumph after that Lubu from the enemy's team made a huge mistake!]

[That prediction! Old Wang from Next Door's prediction came true! It's crazy!]

[This is really incredible. I'm sorry but I can't afford to buy a rocket for you, so let me give you some Small Dried Fish… I hope you don't mind!]

[Old Wang is awesome! Brothers, let's reward him with Small Dried Fishes!] 

The crowd was showering both positive comments and gifts after being hugely impressed by Old Wang's showing. It was exactly what Chen Xiaobei had expected! All their doubts only served to increase their disbelief when they were shown exactly what they could never expect! Around thirty thousand people were watching Old Wang's stream now.

From zero to thirty thousand viewers in an hour!

Still, Chen Xiaobei was not at all surprised, while Old Wang was positively thrilled. "Xiaobei!" He exclaimed. "Are they complimenting me? Did they just send me gifts? Oh, my! I'm so happy right now!"

As a deity, Old Wang had long been ostracized in heaven. In fact, everyone up there avoided him like the plague. However, after this single match, Old Wang now had the things he had been dreaming about since forever!

Now, he had friends!

People who loved him for his powers!

It was such a trifling thing, and yet the God of Misfortune was rejoicing from the bottom of his mortal heart!

"That's right, they're praising you. Very well played! Keep it up, and more people will follow you!" Chen Xiaobei smiled and spurred him on.

"Amazing! Thank you so much, everyone! I'll work harder next time!" Old Wang smiled, scratching his head.

[This streamer is really funny and so adorable! I like it. Hahaha!]

[It's hard for an old man like him to stream… We should all subscribe to him!]

[That's right! Let's push his subscription up to 20000!]

Everyone loved Old Wang's genuine and heartwarming reaction after seeing it through the stream. Soon, he had twenty thousand fans, although none of them were worshippers. They did not have the fanatical admiration that Chen Xiaobei's fan base usually showed.

As such, it was crucial to turn the normal followers into die-hard fans right now! Chen Xiaobei whispered something to Old Wang.

Old Wang caught his intention immediately. Staring straight into the webcam, he declared: "Thank you so much for your support! I have decided to show my gratitude by performing a higher-level prediction!"

[Higher-level prediction?]

[Quick! Quick! Quick! I will give you more Small Dried Fishes if your prediction comes true again!]

"I was confident enough to win the game just now because I played with my usual team members. Some of you might doubt me for match-fixing, so this time please choose a match for me to make my predictions!" Old Wang said.

[Whoa! I didn't know you can do that… It's crazy, my master!]

[We'll do it since you look so confident! Guys, let's check out other famous streamers' streams!] 

[That's right! We should choose a difficult one for him!]

Old Wang's fans went to work immediately.

After a heated discussion, the crowd finally decided to ask Old Wang to make his prediction on a streamer called God of Bollocks. Chen Xiaobei quickly helped him switch to his stream.

Turns out God of Bollocks was another young man, and he was controlling his character with the most exquisite skills.

Old Wang gave a nonchalant look and simply said: "The God of Bollocks won't hit anyone with his ultimate move later!"

Once again, his prediction left everyone speechless.

[Boss, you're crazy! You are talking about the God of Bollocks, the ace of the elite Beyond Godlike Team! How could he miss?]

[He's also playing his favored character right now!]

[Master, stop dreaming. Your prediction will never come true - I refuse to believe it!]

[I'll castrate myself live if your prediction comes true!]

[I'll eat the testicles of the guy above if your prediction comes true!]

The crowd absolutely refused to believe in Old Wang, only to watch as God of Bollocks' cellphone dropped to the floor for no reason whatsoever!

Without any reason!

No sign or warning!

As a result, his character had unleashed his ultimate move when his cellphone slipped off from his hands. It did not hit a single enemy - a complete waste of a precious ultimate move!

"Uhm… That was awkward…" The God of Bollocks quickly picked up his cellphone and apologized. "I'm really sorry, I must have fell asleep and lost my grip… Pardon me…"

Back at Old Wang's stream.

Everyone was cheering and flooding him with compliments and gifts once more.

[Master Wang! You're simply amazing; your prediction just came true again!]

[Terrific! Master Wang's prediction is almost like a weapon, it scares me!]

[I surrender! From today onwards, I shall be your greatest fan! By the way, where are those guys talking about castrating and eating dicks?!]

[Master Wang, mercy! We won't ever doubt you anymore. You have us with your godly prediction, I shall call you my master from now on!]

The atmosphere of the chat room was akin to a forest fire. 

"Hahaha! This is my first-time hearing praises for my Mouth of Curses! Thank you so much! Thank you so much!" Old Wang beamed.

Chen Xiaobei noticed that quite a number of viewers were his fanatic fans now. However, he also saw that the growth of Old Wang's viewership was slowing down - it was their cue to end the stream.

"Alright, people! Master Wang is going to take a rest now, subscribe to us if you haven't clicked the subscribe button. Until next time!"

"What's up? I wanted to stream for a little longer…" Old Wang was miffed that Chen Xiaobei would cut the fun so short.

"You'll have a lot of time to stream in the future, but now we have some more pressing matters." Chen Xiaobei said.

"What pressing matters?" Old Wang asked. He had completely forgotten about the bet.

"Act cocky! Face slaps!" Chen Xiaobei grinned.

That was when Old Wang finally remembered, and they logged in to the Red Envelope Chat Group at the same time.

Chen Xiaobei: It's been less than an hour, but we're back!

Shaoba Xingjun: We're back!

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