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Feng Qingyang was still knocking his head on the stage - each knock seemingly triggering a nuclear explosion in the mind of everyone watching.

"Fine. I'll forgive you for not recognizing me so stop knocking your head on the stage, you're soiling the floor!" Chen Xiaobei waved him off. It helped that Elder Feng appeared starkly different from when they last met - Chen Xiaobei genuinely could not feel a hint of arrogance from the geezer.

"Thank you, My Lord! Thank you, My Lord!"

Feng Qincgyang stopped knocking his head on the stage, but he still would not stand up - not until his Lord asked him to do so.

Chen Xiaobei then remembered something. "You are actually quite bold!" he exclaimed. "I vanquished your Three Faces Evil Spirit and destroyed your cultivation the last time, how do you still have the guts to walk on this stage and pick a fight? Aren't you afraid of dying?"

"My Lord, I managed to groom a few evil spirits to fight for me after I left Green Vine City. I thought that you were just another nobody, which was why I dared to come. If I had known it'd be you… I wouldn't have!"

Yanhong and Elder Fa Ming were extremely shocked after hearing what Elder Feng said. "Sifu… Am I hearing it wrong?"

His eyes almost bulging, Yanhong asked: "Mr. Chen… Destroyed Demonic Icy Elder's Three Faces Evil Spirit? And his cultivation as well?"

"I would like to know whether I heard it correctly myself!" Elder Fa Ming could - the most tranquil monk in Golden Dragon Temple - was no longer calm. He recalled his own battle with Feng Qingyang and his Three Faces Evil Spirit which eventually ended in a draw. How could Chen Xiaobei destroy that old man's minion as well as cultivation?

It was inconceivable!

'This young man is a monster!' Elder Fa Ming thought with a gulp.

The deathly silence still lingered over the arena. The crowd could not be more surprised, while those who kept picking on Chen Xiaobei's arrogance earlier were now terrified that he would make them pay.

Eventually, Xuda calmed himself. "Elder Gong!" He called out to the defending champion. "I believe the victor of this martial art competition is now clear, shouldn't you announce it?"

Barely recovering from the list of shocks he had today, Elder Gong asked gingerly: "May I know the name of this young man?"

"He is Bro Bei from Green Vine City, he who destroyed the powerful Black Gang and claimed the throne of Green Vine City!" Xuda shouted.

For the umpteenth time on this day, the crowd was astonished. Most of the Jianghu people have heard tales of Bro Bei. However, none of them expected the legend to be such a young man!

It was unbelievable!

"Everyone! Silence, please!" Elder Gong inhaled deeply, stood up and clasped Chen Xiaobei's hand.

"Mr. Chen, your combat power is extraordinary!" he praised. "I don't think that anyone within three cities can defeat you - and yet, you did us the huge favor of eliminating the cult leader Ye Linlong and restore peace to our cities! Now, as the previous leader of the alliance, I officially announce that Crimson Cloud City, Baihe City, and Zijiang City would all serve the new alliance leader; Mr. Chen. None shall disobey him!"

"Bro Bei! Bro Bei! Bro Bei!"

Xuda and the rest of his allies started to chant his name right after Elder Gong finished, and so did the entire arena in a show of loyalty!

And thus the martial arts competition ended. After taking absolute control over Green Vine City, Chen Xiaobei now grabbed power over another three cities without so much as a scratch.

Such heroics!

The crowd started to file away from the arena. Among them were Fan Tong and Baldy, who attempted to blend in the crowd and leave as soon as possible.

They were keenly aware that they were in for some serious pain after having offended both Chen Xiaobei and Feng Qingyang. It was therefore unfortunate that they were stopped by Xuda before they could escape.

"Bro Bei wants the both of you to go to him!"

Fan Tong and Baldy did not bother to argue, and followed Xuda like a pair of obedient dogs. Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei was prattling away with Song Qincheng - he hardly resembled the superheroes in movies at all.

Beside him, Elder Feng stood, bowing forward at ninety-degrees, while the others around him looked solemn. It was as if Chen Xiaobei was a king, while the others were his domesticated tigers.

Fan Tong and Baldy barely breathed; they feared that their bladders would give in any moment now.

"Fan Tong, you know clearly what you've done. I shall be blunt - first, divorce Qincheng. Second, transfer all your shares in the Qingcheng Entertainment Agency to her. Three, transfer one billion to my account! Do these three things, and you can keep your miserable life!"

"That is a little…" Fan Tong gulped, his voice hesitant. The divorce and shares were trifles.

That one billion on the other hand was a major issue. The Fan Family - the most prominent family in Crimson Cloud City - had thirty billion worth of assets, but most of them came in the form of property. Furthermore, the wealth was shared among several other family members.

Although he could fork out one billion right now, Fan Tong would not be able to feed himself anymore if he did. The capital was also meant to be used for the upkeep of his numerous companies, and without it, some of his smaller branches would fall.

"What? Are you not going to do it?" Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes at Fan Tong. His stare could kill.

Fan Tong inhaled sharply. He knew that he would never walk away unscathed after offending a powerful person like Chen Xiaobei. Gritting his teeth, he chose life. "I'll do it! I'll do it!"

"Then get lost! Get everything done in five days or I'll make you tear your own head off!" Chen Xiaobei growled and waved him away, an order which he and Baldy accepted a little too gratefully.

Having watched the two leave as fast as their legs could carry them, Chen Xiaobei turned around to look at Elder Feng. "Aren't you leaving?" He asked.

"My Lord, I have a favor to ask of you!" Elder Feng knelt in front of him again.

"Just… say it. It isn't necessary to kneel…" Chen Xiaobei fought back his urge to laugh whenever the Shaman cum Martial Artist went down on his knees.

"My Lord, could you take me in as your disciple? I'll devote myself to your teachings, and I shall burn in hell if I ever betray you!"

"You? You want me to take you in as my disciple?" Chen Xiaobei asked in surprise.

"Please! This is my one and only request!" Elder Feng pleaded, and started to knock his head on the ground again.

Chen Xiaobei found it a wonderful idea - in fact, it would be pretty cool to take in the Demonic Icy Elder as his disciple.

"Alright, it seems like you're pretty earnest," he took care to reply with a calm voice. "I would say yes, but I still need to talk to my Sifu about it first. You'll be my provisional disciple, and I will officially take you if my Sifu agrees."

"Allow me to pay my respects once more. Incidentally, My Lord, may I ask who your Sifu would be? I would like to pay my respects to him as well!" Elder Feng said excitedly.

Elder Fa Ming and Yanhong's faces lit up. They were curious about the true identity of Chen Xiaobei's Sifu too - who could it be who could groom such a rare prodigy like that young man?

"I could tell you, but I won't!" Chen Xiaobei smiled. "You'd be frightened to death if I did!"

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