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And that was that.

"My Lord, you have my utmost gratitude!" Elder Feng said, bowed again and left.

Chen Xiaobei nodded in satisfaction. 'I don't think Sifu would reject such an obedient disciple!' He thought. 'In fact, it would actually be a blessing!'

On that hill some distance away, Elder Fa Ming and Yanhong were completely speechless.


[You have eliminated a third-generation bad guy! You have received 30000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points are 80000! You still need another 10000 merit points to proceed to the next level! (Charm: 8000. Luck: 8000)!]

"Haha! Here come my merit points, and I think every Jianghu man from the three cities will join my fan club since Xuda's daughter is my fan! The increased number of fans would definitely help my upcoming auction - this is simply fantastic!"

Apart from the auction, Chen Xiaobei was also excited about the reward of the martial arts competition. Now, he could return to the Golden Dragon Temple and trained at holy land once more - the boons he would gain was beyond description!

Later, everyone parted ways and left. Song Qincheng left with Elder Feng and Old Wang to Crimson Cloud City; she needed to deal with the divorce papers and the shares handover of her company. No one would be bold enough to mess with her too, with Elder Feng acting as her escort. 

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei returned to the Golden Dragon Temple immediately. Somehow, Elder Fa Ming and Yanhong was a lot politer than they were during his first visit - especially Yanhong! It was natural, however, since he did not know they were there to witness his triumph at the martial art competition.

And thus did Chen Xiaobei commence his second training in the holy land. Five days was not particularly long, nor was it particularly short - for events were stirring when he isolated himself in the cave.

Kyoto, Japan.

The underground intelligence network was a complete mess!

"Sir! Our system has been hacked… The system is down!"

"Emergency! Emergency! Our satellite system has been compromised as well, unknown users have taken control of our military satellites!

"Emergency! Our database is being controlled remotely… All the information that we have collected for decades is being wiped!"

"Shit! The gig's up! Information of every foreign agent is being leaked!"

Every personnel acted like ants on a hot pot, even their leader sighed.

"Gone… Our database has been completely destroyed… We'll be crippled next few decades…"

"I found it, Sir! The Chinese are behind the hacking!"

"The Poseidon Cargo Ship was intercepted by the China government! They are using the devices on the cargo ship to attack us. It's fortunate they didn't target civilian utilities or electric supplies, internet, banks, transportations, and media would be down as well!"

"Idiot! Is this the right time to compliment China?" Their leader screamed. "It's cyber warfare. It's war! I'll talk to the prime minister and the emperor but I'm not claiming responsibility for this shit - not that I have the guts!" 

"Yes, sir! By the way, bring this with you when you meet them." One of the intelligence officers handed him a photograph.

"Who's this?" The team leader asked.

"He was the target of Poseidon's Operation." The officer explained. "Capture him and we would be able to get our hands on Super Material. When that happens, we would cover our losses by a hundredfold!"

"Oh. This is great! The Poseidon Operation finally pulls its worth… At least we confirmed our target! Tell me more about this kid!" The leader said.

"Yes, sir. His name is Chen Xiaobei!" The officer replied gravely.

At the State of Zhong, the 'largest' state in China.

While the territory not particularly large, its economy, development and talent pool were all truly "huge".

The top family here was the Lee Family, headed by Lee Yunlin, a man in his sixties. A famous man who often made the list of Forbes China, his assets were well worth over three hundred billion! The Lan Family and Fan Family dulled in comparison.

That morning, Lee Yunlin had planned to host a meeting regarding a ten-billion-dollar project, but promptly canceled it due to the sudden visit of a young man in his twenties. Though not particularly tall, the young man was rather handsome, and his skin was inhumanly fair.

The youth curtly sat in the master seat once he stepped in the front hall of the Lee Family's mansion. Lee Yunlin, standing at a corner, asked politely: "Grandfather… What's wrong? What caused you to visit this place personally?"


Did the sixty plus years old Lee Yunlin just call the young man grandfather?

It was fortunate there was no one else there. They would have the shock of their life otherwise!

"Ye Linlong is dead…" The young man said slowly.

"Ye… Linlong? Could you be referring to the niece of our dear king; Ye Linlong?" Lee Yunlin said fearfully.

"That's right. The king has asked me to handle this personally," the young man said in a deep voice. "As the grand duke of the Deathbane Family and the leader of the Lee Family, we could see our clan wiped out if we messed this up."

Lee Yunlin gulped. "What can I do for you?" He asked nervously. "As the offspring of the Lee Family, I will do whatever it takes to get it done!"

"The target is Chen Xiaobei," his grandfather replied. "This man is extremely unpredictable. I'll arrange for some Deathbane members to work in public, while you'll need to put some people on the inside."

"Understood." Lee Yunlin nodded and replied gravely.

"Chen Xiaobei… Are you a thousand-year-old monster? I really want to meet you!" The young man then muttered to himself.

Crimson Cloud City airport.

Two gorgeous ladies linked hands as they entered the airport, with countless lecherous stares following their every move. One of them was tall and dressed conservatively, while the other had an angelic face and enormous breasts! 

"That asshole Xiaobei is an idiot!" The tall girl complained. "I was just kidding, but he really went to Golden Dragon Temple to save my father! What if the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies cripples him? I'm going to need to take care of him for the rest of my life!"

"Tut. What the hell is Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies?! I'll burn it down if it hurts my Xiaobei Honey!" The other girl pouted, throwing several punches in the air as she spoke.

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