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"Elder Feng is here… Things are just getting started…" Xuda and the rest kept swallowing air.

They were scared like mice facing a cat. They knew how powerful Elder Feng could be, thanks to their previous friendship with Fan Tong.

"Shit…" Song Qincheng's joy was quickly taken over by despair. Elder Feng was precisely the old fart Fan Tong planned to offer her to in exchange for a martial art manual. He even glared at her lustfully as soon he arrived - clearly, he had not intentions on giving her up.

There's no question that Chen Xiaobei would fight him to protect Song Qincheng too, which made her even more worried when she remembered the Elder's combat power.

"Elder Feng, was everything fine at Green Vine City? I thought you weren't coming?" Fan Tong asked politely.

"No… Nothing! I didn't run into any troubles!" Feng Qingyang dodged the question impatiently - almost accidentally revealing himself. It clearly made him uncomfortable.

Fan Tong sensed that something was amiss, but was wise enough to stop asking immediately. "Elder Feng… The position of alliance leader was taken from me by someone else!" He simply started to complain. "You must do something about it!"

Elder Feng squinted his eyes at the figure above stage. From his back alone, he could tell that the person was a teenager, and it would be ridiculously easy for him to kill him off.

However, he hesitated. There's just something not right…

Fan Tong frowned, and quickly switched gears by riling up the old man.

"Elder Feng!" He cried. "It's fine if you don't want to help me out, but you must kill that young man! He took away your Song Qincheng, in other words, he just slapped your face in public!"

"What?! How dare he take my woman away?!" Feng Qingyang exclaimed in absolute fury. He had wanted her all along - and he came here exactly because he wanted to take her back to his hideout.

Unable to keep a lid on his anger, he strode to the stage. There was no question that he could punch a teenager to death, ignoring that prickling feeling that still lingered in his mind…

"Finally, he's moving! Are they going to fight?"

"Shit! That young man is dead meat, it's impossible for him to defeat Elder Feng no matter how strong he is!"

"You guys worry too much. I bet that young man will simply surrender to Elder Feng!"

"Right! No way he's dumb enough to risk his life to fight such a powerful man!"

"Yeah, it's it is not that embarrassing to surrender to a legend!"

The crowd chattered away once more, albeit with less excitement this time. They believed the bout would be short and boring, because Chen Xiaobei would definitely lose!

However, they did not expect the young man to remain standing as Elder Feng walked onto the stage. It was as if he did not intend to surrender!

"Is that kid insane? He's going to die as soon as Elder Feng moves!"

"It's crazy! I've never seen someone as mad! He's not even turning around!"

"I think he wants to die! One slap from Elder Feng and he's mincemeat!"

The crowd was raucous, all of them ridiculing Chen Xiaobei's arrogant attitude.

Even Elder Gong could not help biting back on his own pain, and stand up to try convincing Chen Xiaobei that surrendering was in his best interest.

"Brother," he cried. "You've already outdone yourself today! There's no need for you to keep fighting - Elder Feng is the super elite of our Jianghu. Just surrender to him, and he won't hurt you!"

On the small hill in the distance.

A baffled Yanhong frowned. "What the hell is going on in Mr. Chen's mind right now? How could he be so calm in the face of death?"

"Don't worry!" Elder Fa Ming soothed. "I'm certain that Mr. Chen has something up his sleeve… You could tell by just looking at that serene grin of his!"

"But I really can't figure out how he would deal with a demon like Feng Qingyang. Is my knowledge and wisdom that lacking?"

"It's not just you, my dear disciple - I haven't the faintest idea as well. Perhaps it's fate we could never tell when it comes to special individuals like Mr. Chen. Either way, let's observe… And soon we will have the answers to our questions!"

Yanhong was speechless. There are less than a handful of people in this world Elder Feng could never truly fathom, and yet the young, brash and arrogant Chen Xiaobei was one of them!

On the stage.

"Brat! Aren't you being too cocky?!" Feng Qingyang growled. "Turn around now! Are you looking down on me?!"

The crowd was annoyed as well; all of them started jeering.

"Are you sure that you want me to turn around?" Chen Xiaobei asked calmly.

"Huh? Who are you?" Feng Qingyang frowned. The youth's voice sounded really familiar, but he simply could not place it at the moment.

"Who am I? You should know pretty well by now…"

Chen Xiaobei turned, and flashed him an evil grin.

"Shi-Shit… Why are you here…" The old man inhaled sharply, and went down on all fours immediately, knocking his head on the stage as he begged for forgiveness.

"Damn it… I was really stupid… I'm really sorry for not recognizing you… I have offended you, My Lord… I don't deserve to live anymore…" Feng Qingyang pleaded for mercy, occasionally peering up at Chen Xiaobei as if he was looking at a deity!

Everyone else at the arena as well as both monks who stood on the small hill could feel their jaw drop to the floor. The legendary Demonic Icy Elder was groveling in front of Chen Xiaobei like a dog!

The entire scene felt wrong! Shouldn't Chen Xiaobei be the one kneeling in front of Feng Qingyang!

"What… What the fuck…" Fan Tong spluttered. He tried to get the old man to kill Chen Xiaobei and secure his place as alliance leader, but how did things turn out like this! It scared him even more when he realized that Feng Qingyang would definitely get him for this.

In that very moment, Fan Tong simply wanted to die and be rid of his misery.

On the small hill…

Yanhong gulped. "Feng Qingyang just called Mr. Chen his lord… Could it be that Mr. Chen is some powerful and influential figure from the Demonic Faction?"

"No idea… I have no idea…" Elder Fa Ming shook his head, his feelings at once complicated when he saw Feng Qingyang - an equal of his - kneeling in front of Chen Xiaobei, pleading for mercy.

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