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Ye Linlong was brimming in fury. Channeling every single ounce of True Qi into his body, the blood descendant charged at Chen like a demon burning in a grey flame.

"Die!" He screamed as he threw his fists at Chen Xiaobei rapidly, showering them as if raindrops; his hits were so fast the afterimages completely shrouded the youth.

"Too fast… I can't even see his moves… I think at least ten punches are being thrown at that young man at every second… It's terrifying…" Those with higher cultivations were shocked by Ye Linlong's fighting style.

On the other hand, the commoners were not even aware of what was going on the stage. "That monster looks scary… Is Xiaobei going to be okay?" Song Qincheng said, pursing her lips and beside herself with worry.

"I don't really know either…" Xuda gulped, and recited a little prayer inside. "That vampire is so much stronger than Si Xuanyu! Bro Bei, please defeat him… Or we're all doomed!"

Even Old Wang has put away his cellphone. 'Should I curse the opponent for God Chen?' He thought.

The crowd was utterly stunned at the very next second.


Streams of draconic True Qi wafted out of Chen Xiaobei, wrapping itself around his arm. A dragon head formed on his fist, and he casually threw out a single punch at Ye Linlong amidst the thousands the blood descendant threw at him. All ten thousand combat power worth of True Qi was imbued in that punch - its sheer power tore space and time apart!

"Shit!" Ye Linlong's heart skipped a beat - he could feel the force of the fist before it even reached him. It was as if a star was falling on him!


That was all the vampire could think about know. He thought he could win if he fought with everything he had, but Chen Xiaobei had reduced him to a nervous wreck, his tremendous power crushing his confidence and morale! With no way to win, all he thought of was flight.

Shifting all strength into his legs, the blood descendant dodged.

"Hmph! You can't dodge this if you're so slow!" Chen Xiaobei smiled haughtily - his fist had already struck Ye Linlong chest.


The hit echoed in the air, as if a meteor crashing.


Ye Linlong ejected a mouthful of fresh blood as Chen Xiaobei sent him flying out of the ring. He rolled over the ground for a distance, uprooting the grass and forming a long trail in his wake.

"Oh god… Why did I fight such a powerful opponent… Why…"

His eyes bled while veins surfaced on his forehead. Blood kept pouring from his mouth - a horrible fist-shaped hole was blown into his chest, exposing his ribcage was. The monster wanted to get up and leave, but the agony stopped him from even moving.


Ye Linlong vomited another mouthful of blood along with some contents of his chest. Chen Xiaobei did not just punch a hole into him - he also destroyed his lungs and heart! He was doomed.

"So. Is there anyone else here who wants to have fun with me?" Chen Xiaobei asked calmly and glanced around. The entire arena replied with silence.

Have fun?!

Have fun with what?!

Most of the crowd was speechless - it actually troubled them to see that they were saved by just one punch. What was more, Chen Xiaobei did not look marginally bothered, which made them wonder just how much of his strength he was using. The greatest fear is that of the unknown.

Elder Gong was pleased, however, as he slowly regained his senses. "Our Jianghu has a new leader!" He proudly declared.

Song Qincheng's air of maturity dissipated as she reduced herself to a squealing fan girl. Every tiny bit of her wanted to run up the stage and kiss Chen Xiaobei.

Meanwhile, Old Wang's mouth twitched. Taking out his cellphone, he started to play Mobile Legends again. 'God Chen is Prime of Tongitan's disciple,' he thought. 'How could he lose? I was overthinking things…'

As for Xuda and the rest, they were simply glad that to have befriended Chen Xiaobei. They would not have been able to sleep well anymore if they still treated the youth hostilely.

One way or the other, there would be some who welcome this news and others who stay cautious about it.

Fan Tong and Baldy were still in each other's embrace, suddenly feeling the urge to slap themselves for ridiculing Chen Xiaobei. They were still alive only because Chen Xiaobei viewed them as nothing but grains of sand in the beach. 

"Get lost! Where is Fan Tong?" Suddenly, a rather unfriendly voice could be heard in the distance.

"Elder Feng?!" Fan Tong became really excited. "Here, Elder Feng, I'm here! Baldy, bring me to Elder Feng now!"

The crowd parted to make way as he limped to Elder Feng. They knew that Elder Feng must be an extraordinary individual, since even the head of Fan Family was behaving like that.

"Elder Feng? Could it be…" There were some who quickly reacted to the name. They turned around, and were stunned to find that Elder Feng was indeed there.

"Demonic Icy Elder - Feng Qingyang! It's really him… Why is he here…?"

"What?! He's the one who fought Elder Fa Ming from Golden Dragon Temple to a draw!"

"Oh my god! Elder Fa Ming is a super elite… That means Feng Qingyang must be extremely powerful!"

"Of course! To him, all of us here are ants!"

The crowd looked on in fear.

On top of a small hill in the distance, Elder Fa Ming and Yanhong saw everything.

"Sifu, shall we head there now? I fear that Elder Feng might slay Mr. Chen!" Yanhong's gaze was fixed on the stage, slightly nervous about making the wrong call.

However, Elder Fa Ming shook his head. "No rush. No rush." He replied serenely.

"Why? You know Feng Qingyang's power the best - there's no way Mr. Chen could defeat him!"

"No, but look closely. Mr. Chen is grinning!" Elder Fa Ming smiled.

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