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Chen Xiaobei slowly strutted onto the stage as the crowd looked on in surprise. Song Qincheng, Xuda and the other two men who followed him up to the Golden Dragon Temple stuck to him closely.

"Why is he here?" Fan Tong groaned through pain and confusion. "Is that kid crazy? He shouldn't be here! Why would he want to step up after seeing how Linlong defeat Elder Gong?"

Baldy, who was helping him up, suddenly pointed. "It's your wife and Xuda!" He exclaimed. "Why would they follow him? Ye Linlong would definitely kill them all if that brat offends him! And then they would drag us to hell with them!"

Most people around them thought the same, too.

"Where the hell did that idiot come from? Where did he find the balls to act tough in front of Ye Linlong? Does he even know how powerful Ye Linlong is?"

"Ye Linlong floored Fan Tong with only one punch, while Elder Gong didn't last more than three blows… I think Ye Linlong could defeat that kid with one finger!"

"He's not just trying to act tough! He is being plain stupid!"

The crowd was ridiculed Chen Xiaobei - none of them believed that he would even hold himself against Ye Linlong. However, he kept silent and smiled as he kept walking up the stage fearlessly.

"Young man, don't mess around here. This isn't your average opponent! Leave!" Elder Gong frowned and shouted. He did not know who Chen Xiaobei was, but he did not want to see a young man like him walking to his own death on the stage.


Ye Linlong's face turned cold. He landed his palm on Elder Gong's face. "You're just a loser! You have no right to talk!"

That made Chen Xiaobei very angry.

"Blaaaargh" Elder Gong ejected a mouthful of blood, but persisted in his efforts to get Chen Xiaobei to run. "Young man! Leave… Live your life to the fullest…"

"Don't worry… I won't die here!" Chen Xiaobei said calmly.

Now, it was the crowd who was getting angry.

"That brat really is an idiot! Elder Gong's kindness is wasted on him!"

"There should be a limit to arrogance! He should take a look at himself in the mirror. Does he really think he could defeat Ye Linlong?"

"Ye Linlong! Let Elder Gong live, you can have your fun with the brat?

"Let him live? Do you even know who I am? Who the hell are you f*ckers to tell me what to do?" Ye Linlong unleashed his killing aura and protruded his fingers as if knives, prepared to slit Elder Gong's throat.

"Shit!" Fear gripped the arena. None of them thought that Ye Linlong would kill the venerated Elder Gong - and they could never stop him. He was simply too strong!

Now, every pair of eyes could only watch. Fear slowly gave way to despair, and even Elder Gong closed his eyes to accept his pathetic end. He believed in his victory this year again, but it appears everything ends here for him.

"You really need to let the elder go." Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei was beside Ye Linlong. gripping the blood descendant's hand and stopping the vampire's movement entirely.

"Huh? What- what the hell?" Ye Linlong stared, his eyes bulging. He could not believe that the young man everyone else was mocking would show such speed and strength; he was unable to free himself no matter how hard he tried!

The arena turned quiet. The crowd would never believe in Chen Xiaobei's combat power If they had not seen it with their own eyes - it was powerful enough to hold Ye Linlong. It was inconceivable!

"By the gods... That brat concealed his own depth too well…" Fan Tong said as he and Baldy hugged each other unconsciously. Both of them shuddered when they thought of how they had sneered the young man.

"The young would eventually surpass the old, huh…" Elder Gong had decades worth of Qi training, but Chen Xiaobei had still managed to leave him awestruck. Since he was brought down after three blows, he would have been defeated by Chen Xiaobei with just one!

Song Qincheng, Xuda and the other two men were as flabbergasted as the crowd. They knew that their ally was really powerful, but they never could have known that he would outclass Ye Linlong so incredibly!

"Let him go!" Chen Xiaobei said, his expression unfathomable as he ignored the crowd. He tightened his grip.

"Ouch… Ouch…" Ye Linlong exclaimed in agony - the hand felt like a metal clamp tearing through his wrist, and his bones were at breaking point!

'Hold on! This is not his full strength? How did a brat like him come to possess such immense strength?' Ye Linlong thought to himself panickily.

"I'll let him go! I'll let him go! Both of us let go together!" He screamed and released Elder Gong. Chen Xiaobei shielded the old man while helping him set his broken leg, and waited until someone from the crowd helped the injured man down the stage.

Meanwhile, something bizarre was occurring over Ye Linlong's body. He must still possess a trump card since he did not flee the stage. A stream of dark grey True Qi wafted around his body as his eyes turned crimson. A murderous aura started to ooze out from his body, while his fangs extended to five centimeters and protruded from his upper lips. It was horrendous!

"Vampire! That son of a bitch is a vampire!" The crowd screamed.

However, the learned folk was even more spooked compared to the ignorant masses. "The vampires are three times more powerful when they shift into their true form!"

"What?! That young man is in deep shit!"

"That's so scary! I never thought that the legends were real!"

Through it all, Chen Xiaobei remained a picture of calm. "The viscount of the blood descendant has only nine thousand combat power!" He grinned. "He can't even scratch me!"

"Motherf*cker!" Ye Linlong screamed like a banshee, spreading sheer terror. "How dare you look down on my combat power? It's blasphemy, and I shall slay you today for disrespecting my family!"

"Alright! Then I shall show my true strength too!"

Unperturbed, Chen Xiaobei channeled Dragon Force through his entire body, and his Qi field shifted considerably!

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