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"My name is Fa Ming, let's do this!"

Spreading his hands, the old monk assumed a challenging pose. "Come!"

Chen Xiaobei nodded and charged at the old monk with his fist. That move was simple, but it carried four thousand pounds of brute force!


Chen Xiaobei's fist landed on the old monk's chest, fluttering the elderly man's mustache and his robes. However, the aged man stood unscathed, even though anyone could tell that Chen Xiaobei's punch was extremely powerful!

Lowering his hand Chen Xiaobei took three steps back and said humbly: "Elder Fa Ming, your cultivation is simply too great. I hope that you aren't offended by my weak effort."

"Amitabha! Mr. Chen, you're being too modest - I was so much weaker when I was at your age. What you did has exceeded my expectations, and I also believe you have what it takes to move the world!"

Elder Fa Ming placed his palms together respectfully as he tried to conceal his shock. Chen Xiaobei's future exploits would rock heaven and earth. Just as Murong Tian once told him, the youth would definitely send waves across Jianhu - it was just a matter of time! Still, Elder Fa Ming was a bit remorseful that he did not think too much about it at the time.

Beside them, Yanhong was also amazed by Chen Xiaobei's improvement, and started to breathe hard. Around thirty hours ago, he was only slightly weaker than him, and he could still take a few blows from him. Now, Chen Xiaobei could punch him to the ground if he wanted.

In approximately 30 hours, Chen Xiaobei was a new man. Yanhong was also aware from the bottom of his heart that he would never catch up to the youth ever again. It now made sense why he was so arrogant just now - he had the right to be!

"Master, there's something else I want to ask you," Chen Xiaobei said.

"Please, ask away." Elder Fa Ming replied.

"Earlier, I heard about this formidable man called Elder Feng. He would also participate in the martial arts competition, but not even the leader of the Golden Dragon Temple could defeat him. Do you know more about this man?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"Elder Feng?" Elder Fa Ming and Yanhong looked at each other. Then, the older monk said with a solemn tone: "I believe you're referring to the Demonic Icy Old Man; Feng Qingyang."

"Demonic Icy Old Man? I'm not quite knowledgeable on unique individuals in Jianghu, Master. Would you happen to know how powerful he is?"

Elder Fa Ming nodded. "His combat power is around twenty thousand. I've only fought with him once, and he showed that he was capable of Yin Yang techniques. Our battle eventually ended as a draw, and many were there to bear witness - so you might want to ask a little more about it!" He smiled.

"Twenty thousand?! That's over the roof!" Chen Xiaobei stood aghast, suddenly realizing that the martial art competition might prove perilous. He would not stand a chance if Old Man Feng did participate.

"Mr. Chen, you don't have worry too much," Elder Fa Ming soothed. "I heard that Feng Qingyang had come across some rather unfortunate events of late, and is currently missing in action. I don't think he would show up this time."

"Master, thank you so much for your information! I shall do my best to prepare now, and will leave those thoughts for some other time…" Chen Xiaobei's will was hard as steel; he was not shaken by the fact that there was a potential opponent who was a lot more stronger than him.

"I wish you all the best!" Elder Fa Ming put his palms together and smiled.

"I'll definitely defeat all of them, return here and train in the holy land to rescue Uncle Murong!" Chen Xiaobei declared. He then nodded his head lightly and left the place.

When Chen Xiaobei was out of earshot, Yanhong turned to his master.

"Sifu, what should we do if Feng Qingyang really joined the martial arts competition?" He asked. "Judging by Mr. Chen's personality, I'm afraid that he would do something stupid!"

"Mr. Chen seems determined, and I don't think anyone on earth could ever talk him out of it. Nevertheless, we shall attend the martial arts competition too - I believe we could aid him when need be!" Elder Fa Ming said calmly and returned to the temple. Yanhong nodded, and followed him inside.

Later, Chen Xiaobei rendezvoused with his entourage, before heading to the arena together.

It turned out that Song Qincheng had been so distressed about his safety that she could neither eat nor sleep, but she finally broke into a smile when she saw him again. The couple were also bold enough to do certain raunchy stuff in the car as they traveled to the arena. No one interfered, or even peeked.

The others knew that they shared an intimate relationship, but none of them said a thing about it. Furthermore, Chen Xiaobei had rescued all of them last night - he was their hero now, and it was only appropriate to pair a hero with a beauty! Compared to him, that useless Fan Tong did not deserve Song Qincheng one bit!

Meanwhile, Old Wang had grown so thoroughly addicted to Mobile Legends that he did not care about his surroundings in the least. Within a few days, the God of Misfortune had leveled up his in-game character to platinum rank! A deity was always superior to human beings after all; he may not be world champion material, but at least no one was scolding him anymore.

Still, he was having so much fun that Chen Xiaobei started to worry about him.

'When is he going to recruit three million disciples?' He thought. 'Would he die if he fails? That bloody Three Realms Mission is definitely a sham - deities who travel to human realm have no power, no merit points, no special pills and no means of sending or receiving Red Envelopes. That Primeval Lord of Heaven is definitely pushing his fellow deities to an infernal pit - the whole mission itself was a conspiracy!"

He quickly stopped himself from such horrible thoughts - he had no power over the situation anyway. All he could do was simply help Old Wang recruit as many disciples as possible even as he fought his own battles.

They finally arrived at the designated arena where a stage was erected in the middle of a field, and hundreds were already gathered around it. The seats were segregated according to the three towns: Crimson Cloud, Baihe, and Zijiang.

The representative of each city had their own chairs in front of the crowd, and it seems that Fan Tong was still the representative for Crimson Cloud. Baldy - whom he shared a passionate night with - stood beside him. It seemed like they had truly fallen for each other.

Meanwhile, the representatives of Baihe and Zijiang were...

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