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"Mr. Chen, I'm really glad that you're willing to risk yourself fighting the cult and protecting the three cities. There's no reason for me to stop you from training in the holy land, but there are only forty plus hours until the Martial Art Competition. That means you have around thirty hours left - minus travel time. How much could you improve even if you don't sleep?"

Yanhong nodded in agreement. "It's pointless to train with so little time left. I don't think you could turn the tide, and I'll be frank - your fight against the blood descendant viscount is virtually suicide!" He added earnestly.

Both monks did not believe that Chan Xiaobei could take on Ai Linlong and were insisting that he should not risk his life.

Still, they had no idea how the young man trained.

"Time is indeed short, but I believe that I can solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies in two days." Chen Xiaobei said calmly, his tranquil voice reflecting resolute confidence.

What he said was even more incredulous than fighting a viscount, however, because the entire Jianghu knew that the minimum requirement to challenge the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies was ten thousand combat power!

"That… That's impossible," a surprised Yanhong exclaimed. "I know your combat power is just slightly above mine when we jousted just now. That being said, you could never raise yourself above ten thousand combat power within thirty plus hours!"

The old monk shook his head too. "Impossible… Simply impossible… Not even the world's best martial art prodigy could do that. You'll need years of training to get to ten thousand combat power, I really don't believe you can do it in less than two days…"

"I don't know about the world best martial art prodigy, but I am running out of time if we keep discussing." Chen Xiaobei smiled humbly.

"Alright, if you insist." The old monk rose and gestured for him to follow him.

"Sifu! Aren't we supposed to inform the abbot first?" Yanhong frowned.

"I'll inform him myself later," the old monk waved him off and left with Chen Xiaobei.

The holy land was an area deep in the mountains behind Golden Dragon Temple. It was a forbidden area, and none were allowed to step foot in the place without permission from the abbot.

When he arrived, Chen Xiaobei became aware the cave was rather serene. According to Bagua readings, that was the core of the Golden Dragon Mountain where a huge reservoir of Spiritual Qi resided. It also appeared to be the work of really incredible individual, who shaped the landscape in order to condense all the Spiritual Qi from Golden Dragon Mountain into this particular spot.

"Such concentrated and huge amounts of Spiritual Qi… This is fantastic!" Chen Xiaobei grew excited as if he had suddenly secured entire mountains of gold and jewelry to his own. He remembered to text Xuda and the rest to carry on without him.

When that was settled, Chen Xiaobei quickly sat down and activated the Scripture of Heaven and Earth, before absorbing the almost-overwhelming flow of Spiritual Qi around him. It rushed at him like a storm, filling his Dantian instantly.

"That's my limit!"

Ceasing the absorption process immediately, he started to convert the Spiritual Qi inside his Dantian to True Qi. He had to stop because there was limits to one's Dantian, and his would have exploded if he kept raking it in beyond his limit.

Soon, all the Spiritual Qi that he absorbed was channeled throughout his entire body and converted to True Qi.

The concentration, mold and strength of True Qi would define the combat power of the martial artist. Super elites with True Nirvana Phase could even convert True Qi to Kang Qi and materialize it! Naturally, Chen Xiaobei kept those thoughts for the future. Right now, he needed to focus on absorbing as much Spiritual Qi as possible and converted them into True Qi.

This was his path to the True Nirvana Phase!

Time flew. Before Chen Xiaobei knew it, it was already the third morning into his training. As he rose to leave, the Spiritual Qi in the cave began to calm.

"Time's up, but this is exactly what I expected! Phew…" Chen Xiaobei opened his eyes slowly and released a mouthful of white breath.


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 11200. Combat power: 7500!]

With this, Chen Xiaobei could boost his combat power to ten thousand through Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training. He expected this, but he could not stop himself from grinning like a child.

"If I have a mountain like this to myself that boasts such condense Qi, I could move heaven and earth. That would be astounding!" Chen Xiaobei thought. He gazed longingly at the cave one last time before leaving the place.

The old monk and Yanhong were already waiting for him outside the cave.

"Mr. Chen! Let's fight one more time!" Yanhong called out as soon as he saw Chen Xiaobei stepping out from the cave. The older monk was calm, but was quite eager to see his improvement too.

"I could hurt you…" Chen Xiaobei smiled. "It's better to have your Sifu spar with me…"

"Arrogant! It's impossible for you to hurt me even if your cultivation did improve! You aren't worthy to fight my Sifu!" Yanhong said angrily.

Beside the huge monk, the old monk frowned - he was not too happy with Chen Xiaobei either. 'As Yanhong said, he's arrogant. I fear that it would hurt his future…' the old monk thought.

"Eat this!" Yanhong shouted and charged at Chen Xiaobei with his large fist, channeling all eight-thousand combat power behind his punch.

"I really don't want to hurt you…" Chen Xiaobei shrugged, and approached Yanhong confidently. He dodged his attack, reached out to grab his hand, and pushed.

"Wh" Yanhong was caught surprised, and suddenly realized that Chen Xiaobei was already much faster and much stronger than he was. He could not react in time and lost his balance, falling to the ground like a clumsy, teething child.

"Ouch…" He exclaimed. Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei had already left him behind and stood smiling at his Sifu.

"Master, please show me the way!" He said.

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