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The representative of Zijiang City was an elderly man with a head full of white hair. He may appear old but there was something gallant about him. Many angry-looking bodyguards carrying sabers surrounded him.

On the other hand, the representative of Baihe City was a young man with pale skin and extraordinarily dark pupils. In contrast to Zijiang's representative this young man was arrogant - his gaze seems to belittle everything and everyone around him. Whether out of fear or respect, most people from his own city gave him a wide berth.

"Isn't that Fan Tong from Crimson Cloud City? He seems pretty energetic - seems like he would perform once again!"

"He's useless! Elder Gong, the winner of the previous martial art competition, would definitely defend his title!"

"What's wrong with Baihe City? Why did they send a kid to fight for them? Are they planning to throw the tournament entirely?"

The crowd chattered way - it was a momentous event for the Jianghu of three cities after all. On this day, even ordinary folks would have the chance to witness the most powerful Jianghu elites of their cities competing against other representatives from other cities. They would not miss the world for it.

"I'm sure everyone is getting impatient." The defending champion, Elder Gong announced. "While I trust everyone here to be aware of the rules of this competition, I shall repeat them. Your life is in the hands of the gods once you step onstage! There is no recompense for death or injury in the competition, and those who disturb the match shall face my wrath!"

His tone was resolute, his words merciless. Silence ensued - it was clear that everyone present were weighing his words and taking them to heart.

Then, unable to hold it in any longer, Fan Tong spoke not long after Elder Gong's opening speech.

"I have waited way too long for this day!" He declared with a confident smile. "I shall claim the first of my many victories!" He was aiming to become the alliance leader of the three cities today!


Fan Tong sprinted and leapt into the air before landing flawlessly on the stage. Lifted his chin, he glared at everyone around the ring.


The spectators were thrilled, and cheered loudly for him. His move, comparable to the Light Skill, was extremely rare and raised a few eyebrows amongst the elites.

"Good! It seems like Fan Tong has improved his cultivation tremendously!" Elder Gong gave his compliments, but he was not put off by Fan Tong at all.


The representative of Baihe City had floated on to the stage like a phantom.

"Oh my word! What… What kind of movement skill is that? So weird and spooky!"

The crowd was buzzing once more. The young man's movement alone was proof that he was definitely more powerful than Fan Tong!

"Who… Who are you?" Fan Tong was unnerved; his confidence earlier seemed to have vaporized.

"Ye Linlong." The young man muttered his name and turned away immediately. It was pure, dismissive arrogance; one that which Fan Tong frowned deeply and took immense offense against.

He might be shaken, but he would never simply surrender to that snob! Over the past few years, he had to train himself vigorously and spend vast amount of cash to purchase martial art manuals, and even gone through the castration process to get to where he was today!

It was only right for him to be mad at Ye Linlong's pompous behavior!

"Ye Linlong, right? Be prepared!"

Fan Tong charged at Ye Lilong, his True Qi armed and aimed true.

"So weak."

Ye Linlong reacted almost lazily to Fan Tong's attack, and simply raised his own fist casually and threw a rather random jab at Fan Tong.


A muffled thud echoed. While Ye Linlong's punch might have looked ordinary it most certainly carried an incredible amount of power.

Because Fan Tong was sent flying off the stage!



The sound of something breaking could be heard from Fan Tong's chest.


He spat out a mouthful of blood and soon lay prone on the ground - he was downed with a single punch! A deathly silence filled the arena as everyone were left dumbfounded!

"Too damn weak! Is Chinese Jianghu really that pathetic?! How could they put rubbish like that on stage?" Ye Linlong started to insult all of China arrogantly - which was slightly bizarre since he was Chinese too.

Soon, every person in the crowd wanted to jump up and slap his face for his affront towards their country, but the way he defeated Fan Tong made them stay their hand.

"Young man, stop being so cocky! You have no right to spit upon our motherland that stood for thousands of years!" Elder Gong stood up and glared at Ye Linlong coldly.

"Elder Gong… I don't think you shouldn't fight with him… That young man is too strong!" Someone in the crowd tried to convince him to surrender.

Elder Gong simply shook his head. "I'm really old, and I would die sooner or later." He said. "If that's going to happen anyway, I shall fight until the end for glory of our country!"

And with those awe-inspiring words, he leapt onto the stage.

"Great! It seems like our Elder Gong is still pretty strong! We still have hope!"

Everyone roared in support of the current alliance leader.

"Come at me!"

Elder Gong assumed his trademark stance and prepared for Ye Linlong's attack. The aura he had made him appear invincible.

"Old bag of bones! You want to defend the Chinese Jianghu, right? I will make you beg for your life!"

Ye Linlong mercilessly mustered his full-strength and charged at Elder Gong with everything he had! Elder Gong might have been more powerful than Fan Tong, but he was definitely weaker than Ye Linlong while age also seemed to be catching up to him.

The old man was defeated in three moves!


Ye Linlong swiped at the back of Elder Gong's left leg and forced him down on one knee, before grabbing his white hair as the crowd looked on in horror.

"Say it out loud - Chinese Jianghu is garbage!" The blood descendant grinned ominously. "Your life depends on this!"

"Just cut the crap and kill me already! The talent in Chinese Jianghu is infinite. Someday, someone will make you kneel!" Elder Gong said solemnly.

"Hmph! There is no 'someday'! Anyone here still wants to fight? Or none of you has the balls?!" Ye Linlong asked, glaring at the crowd. None of them responded.

Save one.

"Let me play with you!"

Someone suddenly spoke, drawing the attention of the crowd instantly.

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