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Out of the blue, the Jianghu crowd were showering overwhelming praise over this 'Bro Bei'. And yet, Song Qincheng was the only one who was aware that he was simply standing right in front of them.



Fan Tong was not at all pleased - Bro Bei had crippled his brother after all. However, he was scared enough to avoid insulting that man in public, which was why he kept faking loud coughs to stop them from talking. In other words, the leader of Fan Family and the future Tri City Jianghu Alliance Leader was actually afraid!

Thorough it all, Chen Xiaobei simply stood in a corner and enjoyed the incessant plaudits while Song Qincheng glued her eyes to him.

'I'm so blessed to have you in my life!' She thought.

"Alright! Let's get back to business!" Baldy, knowing what Fan Tong was like, changed topics immediately to save Fan Tong's face.

"The Tri City Martial Art Competition will commence in three days!" The mustached man declared; he seemed to be the most informed among them. "I heard that Baihe City and Zijiang City had hired some really powerful elites to participate, and that Zijiang City hired a foreigner."

"The people from Baihe City are extremely secretive," someone said. "Never underestimate them - especially since the rewards for the competition are rather special this year! Every faction has their eyes on it!".


Chen Xiaobei became excited; he was only here for the rewards after all.

Song Qincheng had mentioned before that the rewards could be martial art manuals, weapons, and Spirit Stones, the latter of which was what Chen Xiaobei need most. However, he would not mind winning martial art manuals and weapons either since he could always sell them to the highest bidders in Dragon City. They might even sell for billions, even!

"My intel says that the winner would have the opportunity to train at the holy land at Golden Dragon Temple for five days!" The man with the mustache said.

"Really?!" The crowd was visibly shocked.

Chen Xiaobei was really curious about the holy land but did not ask about it since they would only jeer him.

Song Qincheng, however knew him enough. "Why would training in the holy land within the Golden Dragon Temple be a reward?" she asked.

Baldy was the one who answered.

"It's every martial artist's dream to raise their cultivation as soon as possible, but it takes Spiritual Qi to do so and there is a limited amount of it on earth. The energy is usually concentrated at famous mountains and caves, and the land that the Golden Dragon Temple was built upon is one of them! That's why the temple was home to many Jianghu legends. Their disciples would receive a steady supply of Spiritual Qi that improves their cultivation exponentially compared to anywhere else."

"Recently, a zone was singled out as the 'holy land' by the first abbot who had a Spiritual Qi Taiji Formation. The amount of Spiritual Qi in that area is hundredfold more concentrated than other areas around the temple, the boons made it the dream destination of every martial artist. However, the amount of Spiritual Qi in the holy land is limited, which was why outsiders are usually banned from entering. This time, however, they decided that they would allow an outsider to enter for five days - it's a golden opportunity!"

Everyone else nodded. All of them were hoping that they would be chosen to enter the holy land, and Chen Xiaobei was no exception.

"Wow! That's definitely better than Spirit Stones!" Chen Xiaobei was squealing inside.

There was no doubt that he would receive an unlimited supply of Spiritual Qi for five days if he emerged victorious. His health and combat power would increase by leaps and bounds with the help of Heaven and Earth Scripture and Indestructible Eternal King Body Enhancement Skill! Chen Xiaobei was extremely excited just imagining it.

Nonetheless, not everyone would have the opportunity to enter the holy land. To enter, they emerged victorious in the Martial Arts Competition - there was little wonder why every single faction was gunning for it.

"Well, the reward is definitely precious, but Baihe and Zijiang City must have hired some powerful people to participate. I suspect it'd be difficult for us to win this one..." Someone said doubtfully.

Most of the others were in agreement. "People tend to fight harder if it gives them what they really want… I'm pretty sure the others would die fighting for this incredible opportunity!" Another person added.

"Everyone, there's no need to worry! Elder Feng promised that he would come and help me!" Fan Tong grinned confidently.

"What? Old Man Feng is coming? Well then, first place is ours!"

"You're right! Not even the monk leader of Golden Dragon Temple can defeat Elder Feng! No one in Jianghu would dare to challenge him if he enters!"

"Looks like the championship is Crimson Cloud City's!"

The crowd was buzzing. They believed that Old Man Feng was invincible!

"I might need the help of Elder Feng this time, but I promise - we will keep winning first place of the Martial Art Competition every coming year once I enter the holy land to raise my cultivation! When the time comes, everyone can join me as we conquer all three cities and rise above all else! Hahaha…" Fan Tong laughed arrogantly.

It was then that Chen Xiaobei asked: "How can I join this martial art competition?" He appeared to have been holding back for some time.

"Why? Are you planning to join too?" Fan Tong laughed. "You're too weak and too young! Is this even a joke?"

"That's right! You're going to get crippled for the rest of your life!"

"Did you think that you are that Bro Bei from Green Vine City? You're just an entertainer! You should do what you were born to do!"

"Agree! An imbecile!"

Everyone began to belittle and mock Chen Xiaobei after Fan Tong. To them, he was just a young star-hopeful, and was nothing compared to the king of Green Vine City's underbelly.

"I'm just asking," Chen Xiaobei replied. "I don't think it would hurt anyone here even if I really did join!"

"You're right, why should I stop you from killing yourself?" Fan Tong smiled darkly. "Everyone can participate. Just register yourself on the day itself, and you can fight!"

"That's great! I should totally do it for fun!" Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

"Have fun? Let me warn you," Fan Tong said ominously. "This is a real fight, it involves weapons and blood. You're fully responsible for your own injuries - or death! You should buy yourself a coffin before you join!"

However, his words almost made Chen Xiaobei laugh.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 6000. Combat power: 6000!]

'Laugh all you want. If you're as powerful as you said you were and that everyone else here was roughly the same level as you, I'm wiping the floor with every single one of you!' Chen Xiaobei thought with a grin.

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