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The crowd was speechless.

They never expected the leader of Fan Family and the Future Alliance Leader to fall flat on the ground; they would not have believed it if they were not seeing it with their own eyes.

It was extraordinary even for common folk to display such clumsiness. In fact, Fan Tong would undoubtedly become joke of the year if others learn of this scandalous occurrence. Jianghu would be humiliated to have such a clown of his caliber trying to grab power in the martial arts scene of the Crimson Cloud.

That much was obvious from the people around him. Clearly disgruntled, they started to complain behind his back.

"E-Everyone… Tea will be served at the courtyard… I shall be there after I changed into a new set of clothes…" Fan Tong said as he fumbled to get up. He glared at Chen Xiaobei and Song Qincheng before almost running into his mansion.

"Master… Wait for me…" Uncle Lin rose as well. He looked like a senile old-man now - a trail of blood streamed from the corner of his mouth, and both his front teeth were gone.

Most of the others started to leave for the courtyard while Song Qincheng did her best to stifle her giggles. When they were out of sight, she finally unleashed herself. The sight of that arrogant Uncle Lin and her so-called husband limping away in shame was simply too hilarious - and so she laughed hysterically as if she had gone mad, clutching her stomach. 


Chen Xiaobei swallowed. He was utterly captivated by the stimulating sight of Song Qincheng's massive breasts that swayed all over the place as she guffawed. In a corner of his mind, he was genuinely impressed by the quality of her clothes that did not tear up despite what lies beneath.

"Little pervert! Why are you drooling? You've seen my naked body before, right?" Song Qincheng pressed a finger against Chen Xiaobei's forehead seductively.

"I have seen it, but I have not eaten it - that's why it's natural for me to salivate over your body!" Chen Xiaobei licked his lips and grinned evilly.

"You're such a naughty boy!" Song Qincheng pouted.

"Xiaobei, I heard something about eating…" Old Wan cut them short with a rather meek voice. "What are we going to eat? I'm actually famished…"

"Uh… Nothing…" Chen Xioabei shifted his attention away from Song Qincheng's chest immediately.

Song Qincheng turned red as well. "Let's go. We shall head to the dining hall for a good meal," she said. "You two can eat whatever you want!"

At the dining hall, the servants quickly prepared some food for Chen Xiaobei and Old Wang at Song Qincheng's order. All the dishes were Crimson City signature delicacies, the two of them enjoyed it very much. This was especially true for Old Wang who never ate food from the human realm. He was utterly delighted.

Later, a servant came to inform them that Fan Tong had asked for Chen Xiaobei and Song Qincheng at the courtyard. Chen Xiaobei quickly obliged to stave of further hostility before the Sanshi Martial Arts Competition.

There were several tea tables at the back garden. The Jianghu members were having a pleasant moment as they helped themselves to delicious tea and snacks.

"Qincheng, over here."

Fan Tong was in a fresh set of clothes. He smiled pretentiously as he pulled out a chair for Song Qincheng and poured her a cup of tea. She indulged him as the crowd looked on.

The eunuch had ignored Chen Xiaobei completely; he did not seem to have any intention of asking him to join them. For his part, Chen Xiaobei simply remained silent - he wanted to watch Fan Tong's acting firsthand.

"Qincheng, I have not seen you for a long time. You look thinner!" Fan Tong exclaimed as he reached out to touch Song Qincheng's hand. Disgusted, she shifted her hands instinctively and rested them atop her sensual thighs.

Apparently worried that this might incense Chen Xiaobei, she stole a quick glance but found him giving her a wink instead. Her heart leapt. Though it made her nervous to see him flirt with her in front of her husband and other Jianghu folks, she felt a mysterious excitement akin to that of a cheating wife. Such were the taste of the forbidden fruit - they were the most delicious of them all.

The move, however, did not escape Fan Tong. He narrowed his eyes and glared at Chen Xiaobei with hostility. He was obviously still fuming about what the brat had said to him when he fell dramatically.

 Still, his display of affection was denied - he had to switch gears quickly.

"Qincheng, who might this young fellow be?" He asked almost too politely. "I believed you haven't introduced him to us yet."

"He's Chen Xiaobei, a celebrity that I have just recruited." Song Qincheng replied.

"Celebrity? Then he's here to entertain us!" The bald man rolled his eyes at Chen Xiaobei. "And here I thought he was some kind of big shot… He does not deserve to sit in the same car as your wife!"

"Not quite," The mustached man said. "Chen Xiaobei is pretty famous, he made a name for himself on the Internet for selling peaches, and is a great singer. My daughter is crazy about him; she probably won't hesitate to leap into bed with him… Bahahaha…"

It was then that the mustached man realized that Fan Tong was glowering at him, whereby he quickly changed his attitude. "However, he is still an entertainer. In other words, he is no different from a circus monkey!"

That pleased Fan Tong, who appeared to have called Chen Xiaobei here for the express purpose of humiliating him. Song Qincheng frowned beside him in displeasure; she wanted badly to defend him but saw Chen Xiaobei shaking his head. She calmed herself down.

"Bro Bei? How dare an entertainer like Chen Xiaobei call himself by that name?" Someone asked.

"What do you mean?" Another man asked.

"Recently, a guy named Bro Bei took control over the underworld of Green Vine City. I heard he's extremely powerful, and no one in Green Vine City dared to go against him!" The first man explained.

"I heard what this Bro Bei did in Green Vine City as well!" The man with the mustache said, and everyone else quieted down immediately and turned to him. It seemed that this man knows much about Bro Bei.

"Has any of you heard of Qiu Hairui or Gu Chaozuo?" he asked.

"Of course. Both of them were Murong Tian's favorite generals, and they founded a faction together. However, those two later made a coup for power against Old Man Tian!"

"That's right," the mustached man nodded. "They almost succeeded in doing so too - the Black Gang had a really well-thought-out plans, but the man named Bro Bei simply trampled all over them. After that, Qiu Hairui and Gu Chaozuo disappeared from Jianghu completely, and the underbelly of Green Vine City was reunited. I heard that it's even stronger than when Murong Tian reigned - just a few days ago, that Bro Bei made a call and thousands answered! I heard that the second master of Fan Family was crippled by him…"

"Few thousand people?! That's just crazy!"

Most of the people in the courtyard were influential figures in Jianghu, but none of them held a candle to that sort of authority. Now, there was little wonder why Fan Tong did not avenge his brother - he was afraid!

"That guy is so impressive! I hope I can have a drink with him!" The bald man exclaimed.

"You? You're not worthy!" The mustached man mocked.

The bald man smiled awkwardly but did not defend himself.

"We probably won't get meet such a great man in this life!" Everyone else murmured.

Chen Xiaboei and Song Qingchen exchanged another glance. They were the only ones who knew the truth!

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