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Crimson Cloud City was no Dragon City.

Murong Tian's five thousand combat power had been sufficient for him to dominate Green Vine City, just as Fan Tong's six thousand permit him to rule over Crimson City.

But to Chen Xiaobei, to rule a mere city was like trying to draw blood from a rock - a complete waste of time.

Still, he was slightly worried about that 'Elder Feng' the crowd kept mentioning. It seems that the old man's combat power would prove to be higher than all the contestants of the martial art competition, and the fact that even the master of Golden Dragon Temple could not vanquish him only adds to his reputation.

Right now, Chen Xiaobei would have a chance to win if he was up against Murong Tian's Shixiong, that giant monk with eight thousand combat power. Murong Tian's Sifu, however, would definitely walk all over Chen Xiaobei. There would always be more powerful individuals than him!

Stepping out of Green Vine City - that tiny speck of a town - Chen Xiaobei's view of the world had immediately expanded. He knew very well that he still had a long way to go; his journey had just begun! And one of his first steps would be to win the Martial Arts Competition and train in the holy place at the Golden Dragon Temple.

"Gentlemen, please enjoy your tea. I shall take my leave." Chen Xiaobei casted the Jianghu members a brief glance before quickly walking away.

"Motherf*cker! What sort of attitude is that? Come back here!" the Baldy commanded. 

Chen Xiaobei played deaf and carried on.

"Brother Fan, are you just letting him walk away like that?" the face of the mustached man darkened.

These Jianghu folks caused so much trouble wherever they went that even municipal officers feared them. That was why for them to be disregarded by Chen Xiaobei was akin to being slapped. Everyone was clearly disgruntled but they could do nothing unless the owner of the house spoke up. It was Fan Tong's mansion after all - they would have already given Chen Xiaobei a good beating anywhere else!

Nonetheless, Fan Tong merely narrowed his eyes and said nonchalantly: "It's fine. Let him keep his tough guy act for another two days - we'll just beat him up during the martial art competition.

"Good idea! I shall trample his face until he's crippled. It would such fun! Hehe…" Baldy grinned.

Song Qincheng quickly rose from her seat at those words.

"Qincheng, what are you doing?" Fan Tong asked.

"I've no interest in the current conversation. Have fun!" Song Qincheng turned and hurried after Chen.

"Is she angry?" Baldy pursed his lips, "No way! She's mad us because of that clown?"

"Brother Fan," the mustache man added gravely. "I heard some crazy rumors about sister-in-law having an affair… Could she be with that jerk?"

"Never." Fan Tong said. confidently. "I have complete faith in our relationship. You don't have to mind such nonsense, Qincheng is merely career-driven."

In truth, his unwavering confidence was based on Song Qincheng's frequent virginity checkup - which she would undergo tomorrow too. Fan Tong was also certain that a woman who has betrayed him would never dare to return, which in turn meant that he could not even begin to imagine what that was actually happening right then….


Chen Xiaobei had grabbed Song Qincheng and wrapped his arms around her slender waist once she was out of sight from the courtyard, gripping her firmly against him.

Her perky breasts pressed against his own chest, while her inviting long legs thrusted against his crotch. As their bodies melded, Song Qincheng's body relaxed and she protested playfully in his embrace.

"Do you want to die? We can't do this here. What if someone sees us?"

"Let them. You'll eventually be mine anyway!" Chen Xiaobei grinned and buried his head in her neck, taking in her invigorating womanly scent.

"When would that be? I don't think I can wait anymore!" Song Qincheng's rosy lips curved into a dainty pout as she fluttered her long lashes like a kitten.

"Silly, I meant you will be mine, morning and night!" Chen Xiaobei beamed suggestively. He gazed at her delicate features to admire her ravishing appearances, and started to kiss every single corner of her body.

Forehead, cheek, chin, her long slender neck…Chen Xiaobei landed smooches everywhere imaginable. Song Qinchen shuddered in pleasure, her long, lean glistening thighs parted - she could barely hold herself together now. Meanwhile, Chen Xioabei became bolder, and his hands started to touch regions that lacks tact.

"Xiaobei… Xiaobei… Oh… You're so naughty…Please be gentle…My shirt will get wrinkled… Don't touch… Don't..." Song Qincheng's lips parted as her breathing became rushed.

Her flushed flesh was filled with longing and tension; her glistening eyes were gentle and welcoming.

There was only one thing in her mind right now - to completely surrender everything she was to Chen Xiaobei. She would not mind doing it on the grass they were standing on right now! It was just so hilarious that the idiot Fan Tong was still bragging to his hooligan friends about how wonderful his marriage with Song Qincheng was, and the intimate bond that they shared!

He could not even begin imagine what was happening just a few steps away from him, in his own house!

"Xiaobei! Xiaobei, where are you…" A meek voice suddenly called out. It was Old Wang, coming over to them with a toothpick in his mouth.

"You- You…" The God of Misfortune flinched, his eyes widening in shock as he stared at them. He may be a deity, but he also understood relationships - and it was not as if it takes a genius to understand what Chen Xiaobei and Song Qincheng were doing.

"Hmmm… I didn't see anything… Just, uh… Haha! Right, continue…" Old Wang quickly left the scene.

"Let me go…" Suddenly embarrassed, Song Qincheng quickly pushed Chen Xiaobei away. She stood up to straighten her clothing while scolding him too.

"I told you not to do it here, but you didn't listen… Now we're in trouble…"

"Don't worry, Old Wang is on our side. Let's continue!" Chen Xiaobei insisted, reaching out for her once more.

"Don't even fool around!" Song Qincheng was so abashed she could dig a hole and bury herself. She slapped his hands away and whimpered, "You're so bad. I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

"What…" Chen Xiaobei wanted to weep. Just a moment ago, she was so willing, so prepared and so aroused… How much he wanted to transform into a lightning bolt and strike down Old Wang, that cockblocker!

"I know this is hard for you. But it's hard for me too…" Song Qincheng sunk her teeth gently into Chen Xiaobei's earlobe, "I'll call you tonight. Then, you can do whatever you want!"

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