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"Lady!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed as soon as they reached the toilet. "I'm gonna eat you if you tease me again!"

"Can't wait! I was even afraid that you wouldn't do it!"

She was all over him even before he could turn around. Her hands were wrapped around his waist, and her soft, red lips were gnawing his earlobes.

 "Si…" Chen Xiaobei could feel every bit of his strength evacuating his body. He knew she was a tease, but he never expected that she would make a move on him like this!

"Surely you haven't forgotten about me? Even though I'm not as young as the two girls out there, I'm still a lady. And only I can give you what you need!" She whispered with a mesmerizing voice. 

Stunned, Chen Xiaobei took a few heartbeats to recover. "Forget you? How could I? There's just… too many urgent businesses these two days… I would've come straight to your doorsteps otherwise!"

"Don't bother trying to trick me." Song Qincheng purred. "You and I have already touched each other intimately. It's only because of you that I'm still alive - if you don't want me anymore, you may as well kill me!"

Feeling her soft breasts pressing against him, Chen Xiaobei started to feel himself grow flaccid. "It's easy to eat you up, but why the rush?"

"I've promised Fan Tong that I'm returning to Crimson City in three days. Tomorrow is the last day and I've already got the plane tickets," Song Qincheng lowered her voice. "If you don't take my virginity tonight, there is a nine out of ten chance that I will be sent to an old fart!"

"Oh, so that's why," Chen Xiaobei mumbled as he realized the reason behind her insatiable lust - her limbs were all over him because of her circumstances.

Cupping her hand gently, he told her: "I'll go to Crimson City with you tomorrow."

"What?! You want to go with me?" Song Qincheng could not believe her ears.

"What? Do I look like the kind of man who abandons his lady after making out?" Chen Xiaobei said as if he had thought long and hard about it. "Don't worry, you are my woman and I will do anything for you. If anyone dares to cause you trouble and pain, I'll make them regret it forever!"

Song Qincheng was completely speechless. After seeing the ugly face of society at her meager age, she came to think of Chen Xiaobei as just another man who coveted her body - the sort of man who was only into one-night-stands.

She thought that they would simply become strangers and never cross paths ever again after the fact, which was why she never expect him to offer to travel to Crimson Cloud City with her!

It was no laughing matter either. The Fan Family was the most powerful family in Crimson Cloud City; they could do whatever they wanted at their turf. For Chen Xiaobei to travel to Crimson Cloud City was like Fan Tong going to Green Vine City - there was no way he would return in one piece. They would only let him leave after breaking him, and yet here he was, making his decision without thinking twice!

Song Qincheng's eyes reddened at its corners. A soft, fleshy part of her heart was deeply touched. She had to endure a sham of a marriage that brought her terrible pain for so many years. The man who was supposed to protect her like Chen Xiaobei was now was just a cheat and a bastard! Because of those terrible memories, she cherished Chen Xiaobei's devotion to her even more.

"You can't go, Fan Family is too powerful! Fan Tong would never spare you!" She protested, chewing on her lower lip. Despite her terrible experience, she was definitely not a selfish woman - there was no way she would put Chen Xiaobei in an awkward situation.

But Chen Xiaobei merely smiled. "Don't worry, it's just the Fan Family! They aren't a big deal. If I can't even handle this problem, how could I call myself your man?"

"I know you're not an ordinary person, but Fan Tong knows people -- dangerous people!" Song Qingcheng exclaimed in panic. "Ever since he started practicing martial arts, he made connections with many Jianghu folks. Those guys are powerful and brutal! Killing is just a game to them!"

"It's fine, I've already decided. Quick, book me a ticket. I want to sit next to you!" Chen Xiaobei replied calmly and gave her well-rounded, tight buttocks a slap. The sensation was simply amazing.

"Stop joking around! I protest!" Song Qincheng scolded. She was no longer smiling. "Even if you aren't intimidated by the Jianghu folks, don't forget that there is still that old prick! That old man has scary powers; he was even rumored to control evil spirits that could kill his enemies. Not even the master from Golden Dragon Temple could lift a finger against him!"

"Golden Dragon Temple?" Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. "The Golden Dragon Temple is in Crimson Cloud City?"

"He might as well not be there even if it was. The three cities of Jiangdong - Crimson Cloud, Baihe, and Zijiang has roads leading to the Golden Dragon Temple, but it's located at a zone where all three passageways from the city intersect. Therefore, it doesn't belong to any city."

Chen Xiaobei flinched. "Speaking of which, I recall some major headlines last year about those three cities fighting for the title of Martial Art City," he said. "The incident was so serious that the authorities of the entire province had to step out to settle the mess."

Song Qincheng nodded. "They were trying to fix the images of those cities, but the Jianghu folks from those three cities keep making a huge fuss. Now, they are even organizing a secret Sanshi Martial Art Competition annually."

"Martial Art Competition?" Chen Xiaobei's curiosity was piqued. "What is that?"

 "A martial art competition to determine the most powerful person in Jianghu. The winner would be given absolute authority over decisions that could shape the world of martial arts, and they would be greatly rewarded too!"

"Reward? What kind of reward?" Chen Xiaobei's eyes twinkled with interest. It was highly likely that the reward was not something tacky like money - getting rich does not appeal to most martial artists after all.

"I'm not too surea about that; I only know whatever Fan Tong talk about with his friends when they gathered at his house. They did mention that the reward could be either a martial-art manual, a weapon or a Spirit Stone…" Song Qincheng looked up as she thought about it.

"Spirit Stone?!" Chen Xiaobei's face lit up. The Spiritual Qi from Spirit Stones was what he needed the most. With the Scripture of Heaven and Earth and the Indestructible Body Enhancement Skill of the Eternal King, he could raise his cultivation exponentially if he had enough Spiritual Qi!

It was also of the utmost urgency that he rescues Murong Tian. He must improve his cultivation quickly to complete the mission!

"What is it? Why are you so excited?" Baffled, Song Qincheng cocked her head, and strands of her silky hair fell off her snow-white shoulder.

"When is this Tri City Martial Art Competition usually held?" Chen Xiaobei swiftly asked, ignoring her question.

Song Qincheng considered it for a while. "If I'm not mistaken, it should be in a few days." She replied. "Why?"

"Hurry, book my ticket! I must go to Crimson Cloud City to have a look!" Chen Xiaobei was so animated he wanted to kiss her right then. "I would have you once you've booked the ticket!"

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