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" Hubby Xiaobei, what were you guys doing in the toilet? You guys were gone a long time!" Wenyuan quickly ran to Chen Xiaobei and held his arm tightly, while shooting a wary glare at Song Qincheng.

"We were discussing some serious business." Chen Xiaobei simply made made up something. It was fortunate that Song Qincheng was booking flight tickets on her cellphone when they were found - he would have a hard time explaining why he had his hands all over Song Qincheng otherwise.

"You're lying! Just look at your face, it's just so red! I'm pretty sure you had some sexy time with her in the toilet!" Wenyuan pouted, clearly getting jealous of Song Qincheng.

Knowing that shallow answers would not work on Wenyuan, Chen Xiaobei quickly switched gears. "I'm not lying. Remember when you told me about your dream?"

"That's right, my dream is to enter the entertainment industry and become a superstar! Hehe…" Wenyuan smiled innocently, her envy quickly vaporizing.

"Then let me introduce Qincheng to you again. She's the boss of Qincheng Entertainment Agency at Dragon City, I was talking to her about recruiting you!" Chen Xiaobei lied blatantly with a straight face.

"Really?!" Wenyuan was delighted. She quickly pushed him aside and clung onto Song Qincheng's arm immediately. "Sister Qincheng. Can you please recruit and train me to become a superstar?! Just look at me, I have such a pretty face, and such a sexy body. I'll admit that I can't compare to you, but there's space for me to grow - am I right?"

"Yes! What a coincidence, I was just going to recruit you and that other little girl… I'm pretty sure I could make superstars of you both!" Song Qincheng smiled despite her surprise. While she already did have the intention to recruit them in the first place, she did not know how to start the conversation.

"Oh my god. My dream is about to come true! From today onwards, Sister Qincheng will be my agent. When are we heading to Dragon City? I really can't wait!" Wenyuan hoped around excitedly, beaming from ear to ear.

"Cool down first," Chen Xiaobei told her. "Qincheng has to go back to her hometown to deal with some serious matters before heading to Dragon City."

"That's fine. Hubby Xiaobei, will you be going to Dragon City as well?" Wenyuan asked, one hand clutching on Song Qincheng's arm and the other on his.

"I'll definitely go. If everything goes smoothly, I'll travel to Dragon City after I rescued Xiaoyao's father." Chen Xiaobei said.

"Perfect! Perfect! I have a good hubby, a best friend, and now an agent! From today onwards, we are one big happy family!"

The best friend mentioned was Xiaoyao.

The hubby and agent were…

Chen Xiaobei and Song Qincheng stared at each other with an inexplicably bizarre feeling.

"I'll tell Sister Xiaoyao!" Wenyuan floated to her best friend like a butterfly.

"I hope I didn't trouble you?" Chen Xiaobei asked Song Qincheng

"You didn't. Wenyuan is more than qualified to become a superstar - in fact, thank you for helping me recruit her!" Song Qincheng fiddled with her own hair before chuckling. "Hmmm. So, I'm Wenyuan's agent, and I intend to bang her hubby… A little shameless, aren't I!"

"Haha… You aren't the only one who wants to bang me," Chen Xiaobei smiled. "And certainly not the first. I could also assure you that you won't be the last either… So, don't think too much about it!"

"Don't you feel embarrassed, saying something like that?" Song Qincheng pouted and blushed.

"It's a crazy world. Why should I act innocent? A handsome man like me is destined to be surrounded by beautiful women! It's my fate, it's unavoidable…" Chen Xiaobei sighed and made a pose.

"My word! You sure talk highly about yourself… But if so many women want to jump you, why are you still a virgin?"

"I… Woman! You're playing with fire!" Chen Xiaobei grinned, his eyes narrowing.

"Don't you know? Women like me love playing with fire…" Song Qincheng whispered, biting down on her own luscious red lips. "After that, we'll put out the fire too!"

"Brother Zhao asked you to help me with some stuff!"

"Huh? What stuff, and who is Brother Zhao?" Song Qincheng was confused.

"Try reading the sentence from the back!" Chen Xiaobei grinned evilly.

"I'll grope your breasts at half past ten tonight..." (1) Song Qincheng's face turned red immediately, and she bit her lips again. "How rude! Sigh… You're a nuisance!" 

Afterwards, all four of them finished dinner and talked about Wenyuan's future residence in Dragon City.

Xiaoyao was not interested in joining the entertainment industry, although she showed full-support for Wenyuan and promised her that she would move to Dragon City once her father was rescued.

Initially, Chen Xiaobei had planned visit Song Qincheng after escorting Wenyuan and Xiaoyao home after dinner.

However, he knew that he was not losing his virginity anytime soon - yet again - even before he finished his food.

He had received an urgent notification from the Red Envelope Group - they were about to decide which deity would be the first one to descend to the human realm that very night!

It was something serious. Chen Xiaobei had to be there, considering his important role.

In the end, after dinner was finished, all of them left on their own. Song Qincheng did not say a thing. Still, her virginity could wait since Chen Xiaobei had decided to travel to Crimson Cloud City with her. 

Chen Xiaobei tapped into the Red Envelope Group once he got home.

Jiang Ziya: Cough… Is everyone here? I start the meeting!

"The members of Chanism are really arrogant!" Chen Xiaobei clicked his tongue, irritated.

"It's understandable that the Primeval Lord of Heaven couldn't attend the meeting - but where the hell are the Twelve Golden Deities? Jiang Ziya is not even some big shot, they really don't give two hoots about this meeting!"

Jiang Ziya: We are really happy that many have registered for this mission. However, the portal to the human realm is not stable, so we can only send one deity over for now!

Chang'e: I'm the first to register for this mission. I should be the one.

Yanwang: I'm one of the early birds too! I would like to travel to the human realm to inspect how people live there. Choose me!

Wei Xiaobao: Yanwang, spare us your drivel! All of us know that you just want to have a taste of the delicacies in the human realm. I'll be honest, I want to be there so that I could hone my perverted mind with God Chen! So, choose me please!

Spider Demon: I will travel to the human realm and recruit as many disciples as possible. I want that thousand years' worth of training to raise my cultivation!

Skeletal Queen: I want that too!

Monkey King: I want to have fun with my brother!

NeZha: I want to drink Wahaha High-Cal Milk every day!

Xiao Tianquan: I want to eat more sausages!

'This is so messy… I wonder who is going to be chosen to travel to the human realm…' Chen Xiaobei thought as he held his cellphone nervously. He really wanted them to choose Chang'e, but it was still their decision in the end.

Translator's Note:

1. A wordplay using Mandarin Chinese.

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