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"The Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies is the hardest test in Golden Dragon Temple. Only those who clear it can leave the faction." Xiaoyao elaborated. "Initially, people not from the Golden Dragon Temple were prohibited from challenging it. However, since we handled the Emperor Yan's tomb incident perfectly we could talk to the head of the Golden Dragon Temple to make an exception. That could work!"

"So…you're asking me to enter the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies?" Chen Xiaobei asked in surprise.

"Stop flattering yourself. You don't stand a chance!" Xiaoyao replied bluntly. "The Golden Dragon Temple is a holy place for martial artists in China, and the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies had been designed with their disciples in mind. It's impossible for anyone to clear it without ten thousand combat power and considerable skills!"

"I see. Then why bother asking me to come here? You're wasting my time…" Chen Xiaobei rolled his eyes.

"No, but I need Xiangyu. I think he would easily pass the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies with his power!" Xiaoyao pouted.

"Bro Yu doesn't have the time. I'll conquer the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies myself after I've increased my combat power!" Chen Xiaobei shot back.

'How dare this girl underestimate me?' He thought. 'Whatever happens, I'll save her father by myself. And it's not like Bro Yu is free - handing the cargo ship over to the government should be his priority right now!'

"Why wouldn't he have the time?" Xiaoyao frowned.

"Bro Yu just joined the military not too long ago. The discipline is really tight over there!" Chen Xiaobei made up a story on the spot.

Technically, it was true that Xiangyu joined the military - Chen Xiaobei only lied about the part about discipline. When he was caught by Poseidon, a superior officer in the Thunder Kirin Special Forces did not permit Xiangyu to leave Dragon City to help him. Xiangyu, however, simply beat up a few officers before walking away. 

"Joining the military? Why so sudden… I guess I have to wait…" Xiaoyao said dejectedly.

"You don't have to wait for long. With enough Spiritual Qi I could reach ten thousand combat power soon!" Chen Xiaobei said confidently.

"Enough with the tough-guy act!" Xiaoyao rolled her eyes and pouted. "The Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies is not a joke. I would have to care for you until the day you die if you get crippled!"

"Oh, my!" Chen Xiaobei beamed. "So, you weren't underestimating me, but was worried that I might get hurt… Flatboard, you've changed! And you're willing to take care of me? I'm so touched I could cry! What should I do?"

"Asshole! I'm not flat at all! Your whole family is flat!" Xiaoyao retorted.

Since Wenyuan moved in, Xiaoyao had been eyeing Wenyuan's ample bosom constantly and became even more conscious of her own chest. She would give anyone who had the guts to criticize her poor endowment one hell of a beating!

"I told you I could help enlarge your bosom!" Chen Xiaobei clicked his tongue.

"You're just going to take advantage of me! How could I agree to that?" Xiaoyao growled.

"So big!" Wenyuan exclaimed. She had dropped her fork and knife while staring at the entrance of the restaurant in shock.

"So huge…" Every man in the restaurant were entranced. Chen Xiaobei turned to look too - it was a woman whose ravishing looks and perfect body who would grip the hearts of all men! Her majestic bust alone could crush any man's resolve!

"Chen Xiaobei, you degenerate! Your mind went blank as soon as you saw those breasts!" Xiaoyao barked, but was left dumbfounded when she saw another pair of huge breasts bouncing in front of her.

She began to consider Chen Xiaobei's offer to enlarge her breasts!

"Qincheng!" Chen Xiaobei called out and waved at the perfect specimen of a woman, who smiled and walked towards him. Every man in the restaurant were unbelievably envious of him.

"Why are you here?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"That's a funny question. I'm a human and I need to eat too!" Song Qincheng smiled, and her young vixen aura quickly stuffed the restaurant.

"Do sit down with us. We've barely started!" Chen Xiaobei offered cheerfully.

"Sure, but would these two beauties here mind?" Song Qincheng asked politely.

Wenyuan and Xiaoyao were taken aback. They could not believe that Chen Xiaobei had so much luck with women.

On the other hand, Song Qincheng also thought that the both of them had the looks of idols. She was already thinking about recruiting them into her company so that she could train them into stars!

"We don't mind at all! Please have a seat, big sister!" Wenyuan grinned and pointed at the seat across Chen Xiaobei.

"Please have a seat…" Xiaoyao nodded. She was a really friendly preson towards anyone, except Chen Xiaobei.

Song Qincheng ordered a bowl of fruit salad after introducing herself - the very manner in which she ate it was extraordinarily elegant.


Chen Xiaobei twitched again. Something moving under the table had quickly engorged him! He gulped, and slipped his hand quietly under the table to feel around. It did not take long for him to find a foot wrapped in stockings, that was stroking his rigid member passionately.

It was Song Qincheng's foot!


Chen Xiaobei was aroused once more. A woman's foot had always been men's favorite - ancient poets would always compare fair and soft feet to a bottle of good wine!

Although Chen Xiaobei himself was unsure where he stood at the spectrum of foot fetishes, but he enjoyed it well enough. It was just so perfectly shaped and soft! Her foot must have been the stigma of a flower - anyone who kissed it would get the sweet taste of nectar.

"Xiaobei… What are you swallowing? You keep gulping but you're not eating," Wenyuan asked innocently, cocking her head.

"No… Nothing…" Chen Xiaobei's face turned red immediately.

He quickly unhanded Song Qincheng's foot. However, she clearly has no intention of stopping anytime soon although she was still eating her fruit salad stylishly and pretending that nothing was happening under the table.

To others, she was a chic lady. But for a lover, she was an irresistible succubus! A legendary female that every man craves for!

"I need to go to the bathroom…" Unable to hold it in, Chen Xiaobei quickly stood up, but Song Qincheng stopped him before he could leave.

"Such a coincidence!" She exclaimed, before putting down her cutlery and rising like a queen. "Me too!"

After dabbing her mouth with a napkin, she followed Chen Xiaobei to the bathroom.

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