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[You have eliminated a fifth-generation baddie. You have received 50000 merit points!]


[Congratulation! You are now Philanthropist the Second!]


[Your current merit points are 50000! You need another 40000 to reach the next level. (Charm: 5000. Luck: 5000)!]

"Huh. These merit points must be from killing Poseidon!" Chen Xiaobei said excitedly. "So that bitch is a fifth-generation bad guy… Fantastic! Now I have fifty thousand merit points now. It's still a cry from the three hundred and thirty-three thousand merit points I had before, but this is definitely progress!"

"I'm not far from the top of the world, and my merit points would definitely multiply when I travel to Japan and kill those sons of bitches. I shall control your prime minister and Emperor since all of you got Poseidon to control our Six Doors Organization!"

Cangjin Gu knew everything happening aboard cargo ship. He told Luo Puti all she needed to know, including the number of crews onboard, their whereabouts and how to shut down communications with Japan. The cargo ship then set course for the nearest military port, where all the staff and equipment aboard would be moved to Dragon City. It was definitely a big score for Chinese Intelligence!

Chen Xiaobei had planned for a travel to Dragon City too, but he still had things to deal with. He took Cangjin Gu along with him back to Green Vine City after saying goodbye to Luo Puti; he did not need to worry about her safety now that Xiangyu was with her.

Before heading home, Chen Xiaobei brought Cangjin Gu to a shopping center for some new clothes, as well as a Guqin container to store his katanas.

The Japanese martial arts prodigy looked normal after the transformation, which in turn spared Chen Xiaobei from his parent's curiosity. He simply told them that Cangjin Gu was the elder cousin of Yap Liangchen. His recent increase in charm points helped him fool his parents easily.

Nevertheless, Chen Xiaobei did not need to worry about the safety of his parents anymore since both Yap Liangchen and Canjin Gu were there to protect his parents.

He also did not plan to contact Lin Nan and Lin Xiang anytime soon since only Luo Puti and himself were privy to their true identities. Both of them were traveling to Dragon City as ordinary citizens, and any excessive security measures on his part would only raise suspicions.

Chen Xiaobei did not stay at home for dinner because Wenyuan and Xiaoyao had been calling him for a while, saying that they wanted to meet him as soon as possible. Both girls did not know how to cook, which was why they chose to eat out with him at a western restaurant.

Wenyuan had been staying with Xiaoyao after the cruise incident; both of them had quickly become best friends.


Wenyuan sprinted towards Chen Xiaobei when she saw Chen Xiaobei walk into the restaurant and held on to his arm tightly with her breasts pushing up against him. She was wearing t-shirt too - Chen Xiaobei almost had a massive nose bleed because of Wenyuan's flirting.

"Wenyuan, come back here!" Xiaoyao exclaimed. "That animal is trying to take advantage of you, don't you know that?"

"Hehe… Sister Xiaoyao, calm down. I don't mind Xiaobei taking advantage of me - in fact, I'm the one who wants to eat him up!" Wenyuan spoke without restraint since they were no strangers

Chen Xiaobei gulped and stared at Wenyuan's bust. 'Well, I think this pair of fair and bouncy fun bags must be very delicious too!' He thought.

"Silly girl… Stop spewing nonsense, Wenyuan. Come here!" Xiaoyao quickly barked when she saw his lecherous gaze. "You are too naïve! That animal just wants to take advantage of you. As your sister, I can't just sit by and watch you jump into a pit of fires!"

"Okay, okay… Xiaobei hubby, come sit with us…" Wenyuan pulled him to the table. It was a small round table, decorated in a classical European fashion with tablecloth and cutleries.

"Eh?" Chen Xiaobei felt a jolt in his body before he could say a thing. A soft and gentle hand was drawing circles on his thigh. It must be Wenyuan's hand - she was trying to make him as aroused as possible.

"Silly girl, don't joke around when it comes to sex… And it's inappropriate for intimacy between men and women in public! Understand?" Xiaoyao kept cautioning Wenyuan about being taken advantage by men as if she really were her elder sister.

"Okay, understood… Sister Xiaoyao, let's order some food - I'm famished! Let's talk about the serious stuff over dinner!" Wenyuan nodded.

"Alright… Waitress? We would like order now!" Xiaoyao took the menu and started to read it.

Meanwhile, Wenyuan became even bolder; she slid her hand into Chen Xiabei's inner thigh.



After faking a few coughs to hide his embarrassment, Chen Xiaobei moved close to Wenyuan and whispered: "Stop fooling around… This is a public place, we will be humiliated if others catch us doing this stuff…"

"But it's exciting! Hehehe…." Wenyuan grinned.

She may look like a cute and innocent child on the surface, but Chen Xiaobei himself knew how much of a coquette she was. She was the first to steal a kiss from him, the first who dressed up as a maid to seduce him as well as the first to mention eating him up! There was no question that she would do the latter without any hesitation too, given the right time and place.

Xiaoyao was oblivious of Wenyuan's true nature - meaning that she was the actual 'silly girl' here.

Soon, the dishes came and Wenyuan finally shifted her attention from him and assaulted the steak in front of her. Chen Xiaobei was relieved - he might have turned into a beast if Wenyuan sexually harassing him.

"So, why did you two call me out to day?" He asked.

"Uhmm…" Wenyuan could not speak with her mouth full, and so Xiaoyao spoke instead.

She looked around before leaning in to ask: "I want to talk about saving my father. Have you forgotten?"

"How could I forget? Just tell me. How do I rescue him? I'll go immediately if it's within my power!"

During the incident of the Emperor Yan's tomb, Chen Xiaobei had acquired Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill Book and Emperor Yan's body while also cultivating his Chaos Sword Essence. He would never forget what Murong Tian gave him.

"My dad used to be the disciple of Golden Dragon Temple," Xiaoyao explained. "And to leave that faction for good, the disciple needs to challenge the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies." Xiaoyao said.

"I see. And what is that labyrinth thing?" Chen asked.

Translator's note

1. Guqin: A long zither with 5 or 7 strings, plucked with a plectrum. The ancestor of the long zither family, dating back to pre-classical times -to be able to play it was a quintessential feat of a Confucian gentleman.

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