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Huangfu Lengshan was knocked out.

"Oh my God… Such… Such power is horrendous!"

Everyone save for Chen Xiaobei and Xiangyu exclaimed at the latter's carnage. Wu Tianhe gaped, petrified, his eyes almost bulging.

Even Luo Puti could not believe her eyes. Despite knowing that Xiangyu's cultivation was practically inhuman, to see him in action was another matter entirely. The person he just pummeled was not some kind of low-life thug either - he was the chief inspector of Six Doors Organization!

Chilling tendrils of fear gripped Canjin Gu. His pupils contracted, his heart thumped rapidly as if in a race, and his legs trembled uncontrollably.

'What the hell? I can't take a punch from him if he can destroy Huangfu Lengshan with one hit!' He thought. 'Such fearsome power… Since when did such a powerful being exist? He doesn't look above thirty but he's already at the Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana? He might as well be a god!'


The Japanese martial-arts prodigy tossed both of his katanas on the ground, kneeled in front of Xiangyu and started to beg. "Mercy… Mercy please… I'll be your loyal servant if you would spare my life!"

"You're talking to the wrong guy," Xiangyu replied placidly. "Xiaobei is the boss here. You should beg him, not me…".

"I…" Everyone was left dumbfounded again by Xiangyu - none of them expected that a super elite like Xiangyu would be Chen Xiaobei's follower instead. It was utterly preposterous - it was like seeing a dragon obey an ordinary human! Luo Puti stared at Chen Xiaobei with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open like she was his greatest fan. She felt that she could never get a read.

"Mr. Chen… What a great man!" Wu Tianhe gulped, feeling liberated after changing his attitude towards Chen Xiaobei earlier. He shuddered to think what might have ended if he kept treating the youth like a rival!

"Mr. Chen… Please spare my life… Please…" Cangjin Gu turned around and started to beseech him instead. "I was blessed in martial arts and also trained hard for thirty years to reach where I am today… I don't want to die like this… Spare my life, and I will serve you - I will show my most sincere gratitude…"

"Sure, I could do spare a bodyguard who had nothing to do with the conspiracy…" Chen Xiaobei said. "But I can't really trust you, so I'll decide your fate with the Red Envelope I'm about to snatch!"

"Snatch… Red Envelopes?" Cangjin Gu gaped in incredulity, realizing that his life was about as important to Chen Xiaobei as some stupid Red Envelopes.

"Mr. Chen… You don't have to snatch Red Envelopes… I could just give you all my money…" Cangjin Gu sobbed - he might lose his life just because Chen Xiaobei failed to snatch a Red Envelope!

"Shut up! You have nothing I want!" Chen Xiaobei stared daggers Cangjin Gu and silencing the man.

"Xiaobei… Stop messing around! Priorities! We need to capture everyone on this cargo ship, and hand it over to the government! I believe everything here is extremely valuable to our intelligence service!" Luo Puti frowned.

"Honey, you can go ahead and do whatever you like. I'll come help once I'm done here…" Chen Xiaobei smiled. It was reasonable too - other than Cangjin Gu, the others aboard were mostly geeks. Luo Puti alone could deal with them.

"Don't call me your honey!" Luo Puti pouted before leaving the room. 

"I'll go help her…" Wu Tianhe, aware that Chen Xiaobei was onto something secret, was smart enough to make his exit.

All the while, Chen Xiaobei was poring over his cellphone. He wanted an item from the Red Chat Group to make Cangjin Gu absolutely loyal to him.

Xiao Tianquan: God Chen, 'sup?

Chen Xiaobei: Emergency! I'll be blunt. I need some Heavenly Dog Biscuits; I'll send sausages to you later…

Xiao Tianquan: (Salivating) Okay, okay. You have great timing! I've just made three, I'll send them to you right now!

Chen Xiaobei: Thank you so much! I need to deal with something first; I'll send the sausages to you later!

Xiao Tianquan: Hahaha! I'll just sit tight and wait for the delicacies delivered to my doorstep!


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Xiao Tianquan! You have received three pieces of Heavenly Dog Biscuit! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

Knowing the usage of the item, Chen Xiaobei quickly took a piece out from his treasure chest.

"Eat this!" He handed a piece of Heavenly Dog Biscuit to Cangjin Gu, who was stunned to see him obtain a piece of biscuit out of nowhere. He had his suspicions that Chen Xiaobei might be a sorcerer, but none of that mattered right now! Without a word of protest, he ate it immediately.


Cangjin Gu turned into Chen Xiaobei's loyal servant instantly, and one who never betray him.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20000. Combat power: 20000 (+5000)!]

Chen Xiaobei examined Cangjin Gu's cultivation after he identified him as his master. 'A Half-Step True Nirvana elite is my servant now!' He thought. 'This is awesome! Bahahaha…'

Initially, Chen Xiaobei wanted to make Huangfu Lengshan his servant as well, but the man's treason against China meant he needs to be brought back to his country and punished. On the other hand, Cangjin Gu who was just an innocent samurai bodyguard doing his job. He would even prove useful when Chen Xiaobei brings him along when he travels to Japan!

"Little Cang, who are the most powerful figures in Japan?" Chen Xiaobei asked with a grin.

"The prime minister and the Emperor." Cangjin Gu answered immediately.

"What a coincidence!" Chen Xiaobei smiled darkly. "I have two more Heavenly Dog Biscuits left to feed them when I reach Japan! Hehehe…"

"They'll be honored to become your servants!" Cangjin Gu agreed.

"Xiaobei… Where is Japan" Xiangyu asked, puzzled.

"It's another country. But!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed, beaming as he pointed at himself. "It will soon become my backyard!"



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