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With the help of the Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch, Chen remained conscious throughout the entire journey. He heard everything that Lin had said to the chief inspector. It was true that one could get a lot of things done in a night! Poseidon had his plan ready... So was Chen!

At the entrance of the hotel.

"Err…" Luo tried to use all her strength that she had left to get up. Lin would freak out if she saw Luo still alive. It would be a miracle for a person to survive a bullet from a sniper.

"This bellyband… It's too magical… I thought that I would surely have been killed by that sniper…" Luo took a careful look at her bellyband and found no damage to it! There were no words to describe the bellyband, other than magical. She would have definitely treated the person as a lunatic, if the person told her that a bellyband could block bullets. She was not that skeptical anymore. It was real! Everything was possible with Chen! 

"Are you alright?"

A muscular and tall man came to Luo and asked.

"I'm alright…" Luo shook her head and looked at the empty space like a lost puppy.

On the other hand, Bai was motionless.

"I will avenge him." The man said in a deep tone.

"Okay. Chen wanted me to pass this to you." Luo took out a container that stored toothpaste from her bag.

"Alright! Let's go!" The man took the container and said.

Luo got into Chen's Bugatti Veyron with that man to chase after the enemies.

"Shit… We lost them!"

Luo drove really fast, but she had no idea which direction to go; she had no means to track them down!


The container was cut open by something sharp, all of a sudden. A blood red, tiny sword hovered in front of the man.

"This tiny sword is connected to Xiaobei. He can control it within a thousand meters! We just need to follow where it's pointing to! Don't get too close!" The man said calmly.

"Is… Is this a Taiji Spiritual Sword?" Luo asked, shocked. She recalled the image of the blood sword killing those two yesterday.

The SUV arrived at the designated harbor, and a private yacht came and picked them up. Chen and Wu were cuffed and locked inside one of the rooms on the yacht. Wu was still unconscious. On the other hand, Chen was focusing on controlling the flying sword to lead Luo. The Chaos Sword Essence was the only thing that allowed Chen to keep in contact with the outside world. Thus, he would need to focus on it, no matter what!

After some time, the yacht finally stopped. It was obvious that they were now on international waters, as Lin had mentioned earlier. Soon, someone came into the room to carry Chen and Wu out of the yacht. Chen was still pretending to be unconscious while using his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes to observe everything outside! They were being dragged into a big cargo ship. It looked like any ordinary cargo ship from the surface. However, Chen found that it was a completely different world when Chen was moved into the deeper parts of the cargo ship. He went through a hidden door that required biometric authentication under the floor of the cargo ship. A technologically advanced and spacious room was shown in front of him. It looked like one of those spy headquarters in the movies.

Dozens of displays in the room and tons of equipment covered the walls entirely! The pictures that were related to China were displayed on the monitor. It was pretty obvious that this room had been set up to monitor China!

"I never thought that such a well-hidden intelligence center exists in our peaceful nation!" Chen was clearly disturbed by it. He would not have known that such a thing would exist if he had not choose to enter the place voluntarily. It seemed like, the threat from Poseidon had extended beyond Six Doors Organization!

"I have to eliminate this toxic tumor!" Chen thought determinedly. Other than that, there were around thirty people working in the room. All of them looked like professional gamers when they used the equipment. It was pretty apparent that all of them were experts at dealing with data and information. The person behind all these must be very powerful since the person had actually managed to bring all these talented people together! Chen figured out that only a country could pull off such a thing! Judging from their skin tone and hair color, Chen was pretty sure that all of them were Asians! They were using Japanese to communicate with one another!

"F*cking Japanese! You guys are putting a lot of effort to bring down our country!" Chen did not show any emotion on the outside, but he was already extremely furious, deep inside his heart. It had to take decades to build an information network secretly, a secret base, and recruit trustworthy and talented people for the operation. Their atrocities were enough to make one's blood boil!

"Not only do I want to kill Poseidon this time, but also destroy this nest for good! I want all their efforts to be gone in vain!" Chen thought.

He was eager to fight and kill all of them! He would have landed kicks and fists on them, if he was not there to wait for Poseidon to show his true face.

"Master Poseidon! Chen and Wu are here." Lin said, once they were outside a metal door.


Next second, the metal door was unlocked. Lin walked to the front, and two muscular men were carrying Wu and Chen behind her. Seconds later, they entered a biological, experimental lab. There were liquids of all colors in the test tubes. Besides that, different organs were stored in the containers with Formaldehyde Solution in it. Other than that, there were quite a number of lab rats being used for different purposes as well.

There was a table at the end of the lab. A middle-aged, muscular and powerful looking man was standing beside the table. Judging from his outfit, he should be one of the officers from Six Doors Organization. On the other hand, a man was standing on the right side of the table. He had two Katanas hanging from his waist. His eyesight was as sharp as an eagle.

Finally, a perverted looking old man was sitting on the chair, between the two men.

"Finally! After all that hard work! I have the bargaining chip with me! I can finally kick start my Poseidon plan!" the old man grinned and said.

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