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"Haha… Abundant reward?"

Chen was delighted. He said excitedly, "It's just three porno pictures! What would happen, if I send them a porno clip? They will definitely give out everything they have, begging me to send more!"


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Zhu Bajie. You have received a bottle of Divine River Spiritual Water. It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

The attack of Red Envelopes! Chen completely ignored the group. He proceeded to open his treasure chest immediately.


[Divine River Spiritual Water; Divine River is the source of millions of lives. There are different types of Spiritual Water. This is Growth Spiritual Water. Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Growth Spiritual Water? What does it do?"

Chen paused for a while and thought, "Zhu Bajie is the one that rules the Divine River! I'm pretty sure that he can get his hands on this bottle of Spiritual Water anytime he wants! This is not the abundant reward that I had expected! Is he tricking me?"

Chen went back to the group immediately.

Chen: Zhu Bajie, what does this Growth Spiritual Water do? Pardon me, I don't think this item can be considered as an abundant reward!

Zhu Bajie: Hehe… Spiritual Water is not really an abundant reward, but I believe this is the thing that you need the most right now!

Chen: Thing that I need the most? Why wasn't I aware of it?

Zhu Bajie: I believe that you managed to snatch three South Pole Spiritual Jade Fruits during the last Red Envelope snatching session, right? I'm pretty sure that you want to plant it, right?

Chen: Damn! How did you know about it?

Zhu Bajie: I know that my Chang'e Goddess is preparing to travel to the human realm; thus, I have to do everything I can to help her prepare for it! From that moment onwards, I was paying attention to you! Am I smart or what?

Chen: Erm… Let's get back to serious business! What does Spiritual Water have to do with the South Pole Spiritual Jade Fruit? 

Zhu Bajie: Earth is seriously lacking in Spiritual Qi! The fruits that you plant on earth will end up with zero Spiritual Qi! So, you need to use Spiritual Water to nourish it if you want your fruit to contain Spiritual Qi!

Chen: Damn! You are right! This Spiritual Water what I need most right now!

"Honestly speaking, I'm still pretty weak right now! Six thousand and three hundred combat power is just too damn low! I need use up my True Qi to come up with my Blood Chaos Sword Skill! Also, I am left with the last piece of Pure Yang Talisman Sword! I have to improve my cultivation as soon as possible!" Chen knew himself pretty well. He had not grown cocky, just because he won his previous battle.

The Chaos Sword Essence and the Pure Yang Talisman Sword were just items. Cultivation was still the most important factor. However, one would need tons of Spiritual Qi to improve his/her cultivation. All problems would be solved with the Growth Spiritual Water that Chen had just received.

"This is awesome! I just used three porno pictures to exchange them for the item that I need the most! What a great return! Wahahaha…" Chen was really happy.

Zhu Bajie: Oh right! Friendly reminder; that bottle of Spiritual Water can only last for seven days! You need to give me more *ahem* merchandise if you want more Spiritual Water next time! I love blonde women with big booties! (Salivating)

Chen: Damn! This is not right. How about fewer tricks and more brotherly love?

Zhu Bajie: Legend says brotherly love will not capture one's heart, only tricks can enslave one's heart! 

Chen: I never expect you to be such a vicious pig!

Zhu Bajie: Don't waste your time on taunting me! Thing is set in stone now! I will give you more Spiritual Water next time! I promise!

Chen: Remember what you promised me! I want more next time!

Zhu Bajie: No problem!

"Hmph! You are not qualified to pull your tricks on me yet! Too naïve!"

Chen grinned and thought, "They are just porno pictures! I can download those pictures as much as I like from porno websites! That allows me to exchange for an unlimited amount of Spiritual Water! In the end, I'm the one who benefits from this deal! Hahaha…"

"I have the seed and the Spiritual Water now. I also have quite a number of Heavenly Fertilizer as well. All I need right now is the right place to plant those Spiritual Fruits!"

"Hearty Island is not a good place. I have to go to Dragon City to look for a piece of good land! After all, Dragon City is going to be my play stage in the future! I can have an unlimited supply of Spiritual Qi once I manage to plant the Spiritual Fruits!"

"My cultivation will constantly improve without stopping when I have an unlimited supply of Spiritual Qi! Sooner or later, I will be standing at the top of the world! Muahahaha…"

Chen grinned and indulged in his new-found happiness.

Luo came out of the bathroom no sooner and she shooed Chen to sleep on the sofa. Chen knew that it was useless to quarrel with her. Thus, he did as she said. He drank a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion to recover his True Qi before he slept.

The next morning...

Everyone packed up and got ready to leave the hotel.

However, little did they know that there was an ambush waiting for them outside the hotel doors! 


A loud noise traveled to them from afar. Chen managed to analyze that loud noise with his True Sound Mastery!


The sound came from at least eight hundred meters from them! The opponent must be a well-trained assassin! That shot was aimed at Luo's chest!


The bullet landed on Luo's chest without any deviation. The immense force from the bullet sent Luo flying a great distance.


Chen shouted in shock. A handful of white power was thrown at him just when he wanted to turn around to check on Luo.


Chen felt dizzy and fainted no sooner.

"What the hell just happened… Erm…"

Wu and Bai took in some white powder as well. Both of them passed out immediately.

"Hehe… That was easy!" Lin smiled condescendingly. Nobody would have thought that the mole among them was the one who had always played the peacemaker role; Lin Yufei!

At the same time, an SUV without a number plate drove to the hotel. Chen and Wu were tossed into the SUV immediately.

"Shixiong Bai! I'm really sorry! You are just too damn weak! You are not even qualified to become a dog for Master Poseidon!" 

Lin walked towards Bai and broke his neck. After that, she got on the SUV and left the place.

"Murder…. Murder…" 

The public went into an uproar and the place was a complete mess.

In the SUV.

"Chief inspector! The mission is complete! I'm bringing the target to the east harbor right now!" Lin said excitedly.

"Great! This is good! I have arranged a ship to pick you guys up! Then, Master Poseidon's ship will come and pick you guys up once you reach the international waters!" The chief inspector said.

"Okay! Poseidon Master and chief inspector are almighty! It's only one night! Both of you have everything prepared! I'm really impressed by it!" Lin smiled and kept on licking the chief inspector's boots.

"Hehe… Thank you for giving the information that we needed just in time! Don't worry! Poseidon Master will definitely reward you abundantly!" The chief inspector said.

Lin smiled. She did not realize that someone was looking at her antics like she was an idiot with Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes!

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