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"Wake them up…" the old man dictated.

"Yes, sir!"

Lin took out a small bottle, opened up the bottle cap and let Chen and Wu took a sniff from it. Chen was conscious all the time; thus, he was really calm after he opened up his eyes slowly.

On the other hand, Wu was extremely furious. He shouted, "Lin Yufei! What have you done?! Why did you kill Luo Puti? Why did you bring us here?"

"Shut up! You have no right to speak!" the man in Six Doors Organization uniform said in a deep tone.

"Chief inspector?! Why are you here? Are you the one behind Lin's operation?" Wu shifted his attention to the middle-aged man. He was really shocked. He never expected to see the chief inspector here. 

"Why do you still call him the chief inspector? He is just a traitor now! He is not worthy of the chief inspector position anymore!" Chen said condescendingly.

"What? Traitor? How is this even possible?" Wu was stunned. The chief inspector was the one that he respected genuinely in Six Doors Organization. He could never imagine how the well-respected chief inspector had ended up as a traitor. However, the truth was clear as crystal in front of him. Wu and the rest of the people had been assigned the mission of escorting the child of that special person back to Dragon City by the higher authorities! However, Lin and the chief inspector had gone ahead and sabotaged the mission! That was equivalent to treason!

"Huangfu Lengshan! What the hell happened here?" Wu shouted angrily.

"He is so noisy…" the old man scoffed.


That samurai swung his hand, and his palm spat True Qi out into the air.


The samurai landed the True Qi on Wu's face. It was like being hit by a sledgehammer. He was flung a great distance by the immense force, and his face was completely bruised. He threw up a mouthful of blood and teeth when he opened up his mouth.

Materialization of True Qi!

He was really close to True Nirvana Phase!

The samurai would be at Halfstep True Nirvana Stage as well!


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20000. Combat power: 20000 (+5000)!]

Chen checked out this samurai to get to know him better.

"How did you achieve such powerful cultivation at such an age… You can't be older than forty… Are… Are you the number one prodigy from Japan; Cangjin Gu?!" Wu said painfully. His old wounds had not yet recovered, and new wounds have already been added on. Remaining conscious would already be a miracle. The samurai was extremely arrogant. He did not bat an eyelid at the wounded man!

On the contrary, the old man laughed and said, "Hehe… Not bad at all, special inspector! I'm surprised that you know about Cangjin Gu! He is the rarest martial art prodigy from our country!"

"He might be weaker than Huangfu Kun, but he is ten years younger than him! Think again! Do you think that Huangfu Kun can defeat him after ten years? How about twenty years later? There is no else in your country who can defeat him anymore! Hahaha…"

Cangjin Gu raised his chin immediately after the compliment from the old man. He was pretty proud of himself.

On the other hand, Huangfu kept on licking the old man's boots by saying, "Master Poseidon, you are right! There is no one else in China who would be able to defeat Cangjin Gu twenty years later!"

"That's right! That's right!" Even Lin agreed with the old man.

These two turncoats!


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20000. Combat power: 20000 (+8000)!]

Chen took a good look at Huangfu.

"This man is quite powerful! For a middle-aged guy, he's must have been a genius in his time! Unfortunately, he doesn't possess the spirit that a martial artist should have! What a traitor! He's killing his comrades and siding with the enemy! This is the most despicable type of person!" Chen thought.

"Allow me to introduce myself first! I am Poseidon!"

The old man stood up and continued to say arrogantly, "I'm the legendary genius from Japan! How is it? Is it a pleasure to be captured by me?"


[Cultivation: None. Health: 3. Combat power: 3!]

Chen was shocked when he gave Poseidon a look. He was unexpectedly weak! He was weaker than garbage! He could only be compared to dust! Anyway, he might be weak when it came to combat power, but his IQ was definitely top of the line! From the electronic messages to biological experiments, to building the secretive information network, to creating the Heart Burning Pill to control officers from the Six Doors Organization; no ordinary person would be able to pull it off! However, Poseidon did all that by himself! He might be arrogant, but he was a true genius!

That was why Japan would be willing to send their country's most powerful martial artist to protect him!

"Mr. Chen! Are you going to say anything?"

Poseidon stood up and walked over to Chen and asked curiously, "Aren't you afraid of me?"

"Why should I be afraid of you? Do you dare to kill me?" Chen looked at Poseidon fearlessly and said.

Everyone was shocked after hearing Chen.

"Bastard! Are you insane?! This is Master Poseidon's territory! Besides that, Huangfu Lengshan and Cangjin Gu are here as well! Killing you is easier than squashing a bug!" Lin glared at Chen and shouted.

"Is that right? I dare you to touch me!" Chen said condescendingly.

"I'm going to f*cking touch you! How are you act tough when you are just a hostage!" Lin lifted her hand and prepared to slap Chen.

"Idiot!" Poseidon shouted angrily.


Next second, Cangjin Gu gave Lin a backhand of his own!


Lin was sent flying by the immense force.


She threw up a mouthful of blood. Her body was shaking with fear. She did not dare to say another word, because she was afraid of making Poseidon upset again.

"Mr. Chen! You are brilliant! You are right! I will not kill you! You are the key piece of my plan! I will not hurt you before I get what I want!" Poseidon laughed coldly and said.

"What do you want?" Chen asked.

"Hehe… I don't think you know what your father really does, right? He is the leading expert in the field of Super Material! Now, China is creating an invisible military coating for their submarines! Once the research is complete, all the submarines will be able to be completely undetectable!"

"I want to get my hand on that Super Material as well! And you will be my leverage. By that time, the submarines from Japan will be able to sneak into China's territory and catch you guys off-guard! POM! POM! POM! The day of conquering China is near! Hahaha!" Poseidon got really passionate and excited as he spoke.

"POM? POM? POM? Do you know that I want to PIAK! PIAK! PIAK! Your face right now?" Chen raised his eyebrows and said.

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