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The sword roared, a gale stirred up, and blood colored the whole place. It was like the Devil himself had made his presence when the pressure of Blood Fiend and Black Dragon filled the whole place. Seconds later, the earth and sky turned blood red!

"This… What the hell is this…?" 

Everyone's hearts were thumping extremely fast, and their bodies were shaking uncontrollably as well.


The Blood Sword roared! Chen went into his ultrfocus mode and channeled his Dragon Force to the Chaos Sword Essence. Soon, Chen managed to synchronize with it! He did not show any emotion on his face. At that moment, he looked like the deity of flying swords. He was staring at the puny humans in front of him like the king of this world.


The sword flew towards its enemies after Chen shouted.

"I have a sword! And it can bring the end of humanity!"

It was unstoppable, and it penetrated the Dark Child and Evil Witch without any mercy! Time froze, and both of them stopped moving. They stood on the ground like statues.


In the next second, both of their heads dropped to the ground, their eyes wide opened.

"God… What the hell just happened?"

Everyone was extremely shocked. A few seconds ago, all of them had thought that Chen was going to be a piece of dead meat. However, Chen proved them wrong by decapitating two powerful enemies' heads! The unexpected outcome created a huge wave in everyone's heart. Especially for Bai and Lin! Both of them felt like they were idiots for mocking Chen earlier.

"Magical item?! How the hell did you get your hand on an item like that?!" The old man in grey shouted. His confident, king-like aura was replaced by fear and shock! He dared not underestimate Chen anymore. The old man quickly ordered the Three Faces Evil Spirit to give up on Wu and attack Chen instead. To him, Chen was a more powerful opponent than Luo and Wu. He would not feel safe if he allowed Chen to roam free.

"Mr. Chen! Be careful! That mutated evil spirit is really powerful! Its cold aura can freeze our Qi veins! After that, we will not be able to channel Qi to our body! Do not let it get close to you!" Wu decided that he would not see Chen as an adversary anymore. He warned Chen at that very critical moment.

One sword stroke, and the arrogant special inspector; Wu Tianhe was truly impressed by Chen. He stopped calling Chen by name and called him Mr. Chen instead. To him, Chen became the last hope of survival. Luo felt the same as well. She knew that it was impossible for her and the rest of the Six Doors Organization officers to defeat the old man. Thus, all of them placed their hopes on Chen alone.


The Three Faces Evil Spirit was charging at Chen. Everyone shifted their attention to Chen. Their hearts started to race again. How was Chen going to defeat the mutated evil spirit when a powerful elite like Wu was completely defeated by it? A teenager only in his twenties became the pillar of hope for everyone.

"Pure Yang Talisman Sword!"

Chen had the sword primed and ready quite some time ago. He ran his left hand across the flat of the sword.



That lame looking wooden sword transformed into a metal sword, and it was imbued with Seven Colors Flame like a phoenix reborn from its ash! All the Yin Qi was washed away when the light of the Seven Colors Flame filled the area.


The Three Faces Evil Spirit screamed in agony. It wanted to run away from Chen like a mouse having met its nemesis; a cat! However, no evil spirit in the world could hide from the Pure Yang Talisman Sword!


The sword flew towards the evil spirit at lightning speed! It stabbed the Three Faces Evil Spirit's heart, seconds later.

"Ouch… Ouch…"

The powerful Seven-Stars Evil Spirit started to melt like ice, along with its painful scream. Soon, it completely vanished!

"Oh my God!"

The old man with the grey robe fell to the ground. Both of his legs were shaking uncontrollably. The light from the sword was gone after the evil spirit was destroyed. The holy and divine Qi cleansed the whole place. There were no traces of Yin Qi in the air anymore.

"Jade… Jade Void Holy Taiji Sword!" The old man's pupils contracted and he started to scream hysterically. Chen was like a God to him.

"Mercy! My Lord! Mercy! My Lord! I should not fight you! I should be punished! I should be punished!" The old man dropped to his knees. He knelt on the floor and started to knock his head on the ground. The old man had twenty thousand combat power, but he was horrified by the sword that Chen had used just now.

All those Six Doors Organization Officers were stunned. The four of them could not defeat the old man even if they worked together. The old man was like a dog kneeling down in front of Chen and begging for forgiveness. To them, it was like a dream.

Finally, Chen spoke, "Are you okay with me killing your disciples?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" The old man nodded.

"Are you okay with me killing your evil spirit?" Chen asked coldly.

"Yes… I'm definitely okay with it…" The old man replied.

"I'm going to confiscate your magical item. Are you okay with that?" Chen opened up his palm and said.

"I'm okay with it…This is my Soul Jar… Please take it…" The old man gulped and handed his Soul Jar to Chen immediately.

"I want you to destroy your own cultivation! Are you okay with that?" Chen asked calmly.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you, my Lord, for not killing me! Thank you so much…" The old man knew the circumstance that he was in. He channeled his True Qi and destroyed his Dantian.

"Well, you are not stupid at all! Get lost now!" Chen waved his hands and looked him like he was looking at a tiny ant.

"Yes… Yes… Yes…"

The old man dared not leave immediately. He knelt and moved back while coughing blood. He then got up to his feet and fled when he reached a dark corner.

"Xiaobei! Do not let him go! We were almost killed by him just now!" Luo reminded.

"It doesn't matter."

Chen shrugged.

"He is treating me like I'm his God now. From today onwards, he will become my devoted disciple!"

That statement might have sounded simple, but it made everyone respect and admire Chen even more.

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