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Everyone changed their perspectives on Chen after the battle. They were impressed by him.

Even the arrogant and experience Jianghu elite; Wu Tianhe bowed his head down and apologized to Chen, "Mr. Chen, thank you so much for saving my life! You are free to hit me for offending you earlier! I'm really sorry!"

Part of Wu was grateful that Chen had saved his life and another part of him was showing his utmost respect for Chen. He had just witnessed an extremely powerful elite like the old man defeating all of them earlier. However, Chen had managed to defeat him easily, and the old man was so fearful that he had knelt down in front of Chen to beg for an apology. Thus, Wu did not dare treat Chen like his enemy anymore! He just wanted to make friends with Chen right now.

"Mr. Chen, we are so sorry! We have offended you earlier… I hope you can forgive us…" Bai and Lin quickly apologized to Chen after seeing a powerful elite Wu bowing down and apologizing to Chen.

"Alright… Don't worry about it… I'm too lazy to make you guys pay for what you guys did…" Chen waved his hands nonchalantly.

"Thank you, Mr. Chen… Thank you…"

Bai and Lin were finally relieved. Luo was awestruck after seeing those arrogant Six Door Organization Officers acting so politely and humbly towards Chen. She knew that Chen was not simple at all, but she could not read his next move. It was as if this young adult had many other surprises hidden in his sleeves. From Luo's perspective, Chen was a man, born with the destiny to shake the world. Be it the high heavens or the deepest abyss; there was no limit to what he could achieve. 

"Idiot! Grow faster! I look forward to the day you become stronger!" Luo pursed her lips lightly and said. She had seen a lot of heroes and important persons, but no one could achieve what Chen had achieved so far!

He was powerful!

He was arrogant!

There was no one else like him!

Besides that, a king-of-the-world aura was constantly flowing out of Chen. The advantage was enough to overtake most in this world. In that split second, Luo saw Chen as her ideal hero!

"Honey, don't just stare at me. You should shout out loud if you think I'm handsome and cool!" Chen walked towards Luo happily and held her hand.

"Psst! Your face is thicker than the Great Walls of China! I will never tell you that you are handsome, even though I think you are pretty handsome!" Luo pouted and said.

She allowed Chen to hold her hand without struggling. Wu and the rest of the officers had mixed feelings about it. Initially, they had believed that Luo was blind to choose Chen as her partner. That all changed when they realized that Chen was actually a hidden dragon! Sooner or later, he would dominate the sky! No one in the world could go against him if Chen stayed alive long enough! Wu gulped and decided secretly that he would make Wu Jiechao apologize to Chen after going back to Dragon City.

He was smart enough to know that it was important to have a good relationship with people like Chen, right now. If not, it would be impossible to be in his good graces when he became extremely powerful. Besides that, he was going to ask the whole Qing Wu faction to worship Chen like a God.

"I think we should stay here for the night, since everyone is injured. We can leave early in the morning tomorrow…" Chen said.

"Okay… We will listen to you… Bai, go and contact the police department in Green Vine City to clean up this place! Do not drag Mr. Chen into this matter at all cost! Just tell them it's Six Doors Organization matter!"

"Yes, sir!" Bai went and contacted the police immediately.

After that, all of them went and rested in the hotel. Wu had sustained the heaviest injuries among them all. Bai and Lin were injured as well. All of them went to the room and started to recuperate once they went into their own rooms. On the other hand, Chen dragged Luo into a room with king size bed.

Luo immediately ask Chen when the both of them were alone, "Tell me now! Why are you delaying the plan? You are going to allow Poseidon to attack us for the second time?! I'm sure he will assign more powerful enemies to ambush us this time!"

Actually, she had wanted to ask about it, just now. However, Chen kept on tickling her palm, to indicate that she should hold on to it first. Chen acted really cautious by activating his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check outside the room.

He said softly, "Your plan went pretty smoothly just now. It's time for me to draw the enemies out and defeat them all at once!" 

"Draw them out? What do you mean by that?" Luo asked confusingly.

"I want to give Poseidon a second chance to attack us. I want them to capture me this time! I will have the chance to meet him personally and kill him!" Chen said seriously.


Luo was extremely shocked. She never expected that Chen would use himself as a bait to lure Poseidon.

"I don't agree with that!"

Luo shook her head and continued to say, "Your plan sounds perfect! However, too many variables that are out of our control this time! It is not as easy as you think it is! You will be killed if your plan goes sideways!"

"Honey, I know you are worried about me, but you can't have double standard thoughts now. If you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the country, why can't I? The existence of Poseidon is a great threat to our country! We need to risk our lives if we want to cut off this toxic tumor for good! I don't know when are we going to get such a golden opportunity if we miss it this time…" Chen said seriously.

"But…" Luo had a mixed feeling about the plan.

She would not hesitate if she was the one being captured by Poseidon, but she just could not allow Chen to be captured by them. It was like someone taking away her most precious possession by force.

"Don't worry! Your man is not a child anymore! He can deal with a matter like this…" Chen walked towards Luo and whispered into her ear with a smile on his face.

"I'll agree with you just this one, but you must come back safely!" Luo pursed her lips and said.

"Am I going to get any reward from you if I manage to come back to you unharmed?" Chen raised his eyebrows and said with an evil smile on his face.

"What kind of reward do you want?" Luo asked.

"I want you and your heart!" Chen grinned and pushed Luo to the bed.

"What are you trying to do?" Luo was shocked. She did not expect Chen to make a move now, of all times.

"I can't hold it any longer! Let's do it now!" Chen aimed for Luo's lips.

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