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The place was instantly surrounded by a cold draft. There were some dark secrets inside that ceramic pot.

*Breathing intensified*

Wu took a deep breath. His twenty thousand health body could normally withstand extreme heat and coldness! However, he could feel his body almost freezing up after the old man in grey opened the ceramic pot.

"You can start to countdown now. Ten seconds!" the old man in grey said coldly. A dark blue cloud flew out from the ceramic pot, right after the old man finished talking. After that, the dark blue cloud started to expand and transform into a three feet tall dark blue spirit. It had three scary looking faces. All three faces screamed at the same time, and the Yin aura made the temperature in the area even colder.

"Evil spirit?!"

After all, Wu was a special inspector of Six Doors Organization. It was not the first evil spirit that he had ever encountered. Besides that, he already had a good strategy to deal with this evil spirit!

"Yin Yang Eyes! Activate!"

Wu shouted, and he took out a yellow paper talisman and stuck it on his right eye. At the same time, Luo, Bai, and Lin copied his actions. It seemed like, every officer of Six Doors Organization was prepared with the item. That was not much of a surprise. Six Doors Organization was a powerful organization. They had no shortages of Jianghu Elites.

"Oh my God! Three Faces Evil Spirit!"

Everyone shouted fearfully after they saw the evil spirit with their naked eyes. Even the Ice Demon Queen; Luo Puti was frozen in her steps, let alone Bai and Lin. Earlier, both of them had been really hyped up at the prospect of defeating their opponents. However, they were scared that they had to hide behind Luo and shake uncontrollably.

"Three... Three Faces Evil Spirit… This is a mutated evil spirit! It can control the weather… I never thought that the legend is real!" Wu said fearfully. He took out his crimson mahogany sword. His hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably.

"I thought that you are at Half Step True Nirvana Stage? Is this all you have?"

The old with grey robe laughed mockingly. Then, he shouted furiously, "Kneel down right now!"

"Wu Tianhe! Run!" Chen shouted.


[Cultivation: Seven-Stars Evil Spirit. Health: Seven-Stars Spirit Form. Combat power: 25000!]

Everyone needed the yellow paper talisman to see the evil spirit, but not Chen. His Netherspirit Battlescouter allowed him to see the evil spirit with his naked eyes and examined the combat power of the evils spirit. It was obvious that Wu would not be able to defeat the evil spirit.


Wu was stunned. He did not know what to do anymore. Earlier, Bai and Lin had almost lost their lives, because they had refused to listen to Chen's advice. He wanted to run away, but he felt too embarrassed to do so, because Chen was his enemy. It would have been really embarrassing if he chose to listen to Chen's advice. Ultimately, his poor decision had let him stuck in between situation.


That Three Faces Evil Spirit did not allow Wu to think. It roared, and its dark blue spirit claw turned into a pair of extremely sharp ice claws! Then, it swiped at Wu with extreme speed.


Wu used all his strength to block the attack with his crimson mahogany sword. However, the combat power gap between Wu and the evil spirit was too large. It was impossible for twenty thousand health to block a hit of twenty-five thousand attack power. Wu was forced to kneel on the ground as he held on to his crimson mahogany sword by the overpowering attack.

"Hehe… What are special officers from Six Doors Organization? What is the Half Step True Nirvana Stage? You are just a piece of garbage to me! Hahaha…" The old man with grey robe laughed arrogantly.

"Wu Tianhe! Hang in there!"

Luo charged at the old man while shouting, "That old bastard is a Shaman! He can't be that strong! Let me kill him now!"

"Puti! Be careful! His combat power is the same as yours! Do not underestimate him, no matter what!" Chen reminded Luo.


Just as Chen had expected, the old man took out a dagger from his robe and aimed it at Luo's heart with extreme speed, as Luo closed in on him.

"This old bastard is pretty good at hiding his real power! I was so close to getting killed by him!" Luo said. Her forehead was filled with sweat. She moved two steps to the side after Chen had warned her. If not, she would definitely have been killed by the old man.

"It's still pointless, even though you dodged my attack! Did you really think that you can defeat me? Martial artists and Shamans are groups of weaklings! The true elites will master skills from both groups! I'm that kind of person! No one can defeat me, even if they are on the same level with me!" The old man laughed and said.

There was a really powerful aura spilling out from the old man. It was as if he had everything under his control. He could not even care less about Luo. Luo was speechless because she knew there was no way that they can win the battle. Also, the Dark Child and Evil Witch were prepared to help the old man whenever he needed their help. Most importantly, Wu might be killed anytime soon! By that time, the Three Faces Evil Spirit would be free to attack anyone here!

"Hey! Old man! Stop talking big over there! If not, you will be slapping your own face!"

Chen walked towards the old man calmly and said.


The old man shifted his attention to Chen and said, "The officers from Six Doors Organization are losing their morale! Why are you not afraid of me?!"

At the same time, Wu, Bai, and Lin stared at Chen like he was an idiot. To them, Chen was just a useless piece of garbage! On the other hand, that old man was like an undefeatable elite to them. It was like an ant trying to challenge an elephant.

"Idiot! Run! It's impossible for you to defeat him!" Luo shouted. She was really worried about Chen. Chen was just the decoy in her plan. By then, Jing Fei had already escorted Lin Xiang and Lin Nan to the airport. Technically speaking, Chen's mission was already completed. Thus, Luo did not want Chen to risk his life. However, Chen chose to ignore Luo and continued to walk towards the enemies.

"Asshole! You have no right to taunt my Sifu!" Dark Child shouted suddenly and charged at Chen.

"That kid is my prey!"

The Evil Witch licked her lips and followed Dark Child to attack Chen.

"Xiaobei! Run!" Luo shouted. She was fighting with the old man while yelling. There was no way for her to run over to save Chen.


Bai and Lin tensed when they saw the Dark Child and Evil Witch charging at Chen at the same time. They dared not run over to protect Chen.

"F*ck… Mission failed…" Wu said in frustration and puked out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was upset.

Everyone was shocked.

However, Chen was still able to remain calm. He said, "How dare you call yourself an invincible elite when you are weak as f*ck?!"

He raised his left thumb up and said, "Sword! Come!"

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