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Everyone waited for almost ten hours at the hospital for the DNA results. The sky was dark when they left the hospital. The thing that they feared the most came, at last. Three shadows stood in the middle of the road, as they turned into a quiet lane. All three of them had some dark and evil aura with them. They looked like demons from hell.

"Let me go and deal with them!" Bai volunteered to fight them. He was pretty confident with his combat power. Luo and Wu agreed to it as well. To them, Bai was an elite with thirteen thousand combat power! There should not be anyone who could defeat him outside of Dragon City.

"Don't go if you don't want to die!"

Chen voiced out. He glared at the enemies and sounded serious.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 14000. Combat power: 14000!]


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 14000. Combat power: 14000!]


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20000. Combat power: 20000!]

Chen examined his assaulters with his Netherspirit Battlscouter. He was pretty sure that Bai would be killed if he fought with them alone.

Bai was not happy that Chen tried to stop him from fighting with them. He said condescendingly, "What do you mean by that? Do you really think I'm that weak? Do you even have the right to stop me?"

At the same time, Wu and Lin were not happy with what Chen said as well. From the beginning, all three of them looked down on Chen. Wu would have crippled Chen if he was not the son of that special person.

"I'm telling you the truth here! I will not stop you if you really want to die!" Chen said. He was not one of those super kind-hearted sages. Only idiots would help those who do not appreciate you!

"Motherf*cker! Remember! You are only the kid of that special person! A garbage like you is not qualified to order me around!" Bai said angrily.

"Garbage will always be garbage! You are lauding the spirit of the enemies and halting the spirit of allies!" Wu glared at Chen and said madly. He just wanted to give Chen a tight slap.

"Forget about it, Shixiong… This is not the time for us to argue with each other! Let me go with you! It's better to be more cautious in front of enemies!" Lin tried to calm everyone down and said.

"Both are you are going to die even the two of you work together to fight with them!" Chen said coldly.

"You bastard! Can you try to be more grateful? I just helped you calm down the guys who were mad at you! Please, shut up!" Lin said angrily.

"I wonder who is the one that needs to learn to be more grateful." Chen shook his head and said. He already knew the outcome of the fight.

"Shimei Lin, you don't have to help me! I will prove this piece of garbage here wrong! I'm going to use the results to slap his face!" Bai said.

Bai charged at the enemies without any second thought. Lin followed Bai, in case he needed her help.

"That's right! Use results to slap his face! That's the best feeling ever!" Wu grinned and said. Luo kept quiet since the beginning of the argument. She believed in Chen, but she was pretty sure that Bai and Lin could defeat the enemies easily. Bai had thirteen thousand combat power, and Lin had twelve thousand combat power! Both of them were famous at Dragon City. How was it possible for them to be defeated easily by the enemies!

"Dark Child, go and deal with them!"

From afar, the guy that stood in the middle gave out an order. The shadow kept his face obscured. Judging from his voice, he had to be an old man.


The person on the right charged at them swiftly. Dark Child was a skinny man. He looked like a skeleton from afar. However, he seemed ridiculously powerful.


Bai was forced to step back after their fists collided with each other.

"How is this possible?!"

Luo and Wu had their eyes wide opened. They did not expect the enemy to be much stronger than Bai.

"Shimei Lin, come and help me!"

Bai's arm was hurt, and his heart was beating up and down really fast. The fight just began, and he had already slapped his own face. There was no way for him to defeat the enemy without the help of Lin. Both of them charged at the Dark Child, and they managed to push him back. Before they could even regain their breath, the old man in grey robe said, "Evil Witch, go and play with them!"

"As you wish!"

The woman that stood at the left side of the old man shook off her robe and charged at Bai and Lin like a phantom. She looked extraordinarily vicious and seductive at the same time. Evil aura was oozing out from her presence. Her combat power was fourteen thousand as well. However, she was marginally faster and more skilled than Dark Child. Bai and Lin went downhill once Evil Witch joined the battle.



Bai and Lin fell to the ground and puked blood after only ten exchanges.

"Wu Tianhe! Why are you still standing there? Go and help them!" Chen shouted angrily. Wu was stunned by Chen's aura. Without any second thought, he charged at the enemies. Bai and Lin would have died if Wu did not help them.


An indentation of a footprint was left on the ground when Wu kicked into the ground and flew at his enemies.

"Supersonic Slash!" Wu shouted, and his right hand transformed into a sword! A flow of concentrated True Qi was wrapped around Wu's hand.

"That guy is halfway to True Nirvana Stage! Retreat now!"

The old man with grey robe shouted after he saw the green True Qi. Dark Child and Evil Witch retreated immediately! They did not dare try their luck to fight with Wu.


The sword-like green True Qi landed on where Dark Child and Evil Witch stood earlier. A deep and long crack spread across the ground. That was the power of a Half Step True Nirvana! Wu had just transformed his True Qi into a sword to attack the enemies! It was definitely not something a human can do! He could even be considered a superhuman!

"So, this is Half Step True Nirvana?" Chen was shocked. He had finally come to an understanding of True Nirvana Stage!

True Nirvana Stage allowed the person to transform True Qi into Kang Qi! The Kang Qi was tangible, and it could transform into armor or weapons freely! Weapons and armors that were formed by Kang Qi were stronger than real ones! For example, Xiangyu had used his Kang Qi to block the flying needles on the cruise. Half Step True Nirvana was a stage that exists between Qi refining stage and True Nirvana Stage! At that stage, the True Qi was not as powerful as Kang Qi, but it still allowed the person to mold True Qi into weapons or armor. The molded True Qi would not create any pressure on the body. Thus, Wu's combat power is 20000 (+3000). With that, Wu was definitely stronger than Luo. That was why he had the balls to threaten Luo.

"Arrogant bastard! Kneel down in front of me right now!" Wu shouted angrily. He managed to save Bai and Lin.

"You will kneel down in front of me within ten seconds!" 

The old man in grey took a step forward, took out an old ceramic pot and opened the cover slowly.

Translator's note

1. Shimei: Junior female student or apprentice daughter (younger than oneself) of one's teacher

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