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"You asshole! Why did you drag me here?"

Luo's face turned red, even though there were no other men in the toilet.

"We have been husband and wife for such a long time. Why are you still so shy?" Chen pushed Luo into one of the cubicles and said.

"Psst! I'm not your freaking wife! Do not try to take advantage of me!" Luo said angrily.

"I have seen your whole body naked and I have placed my hands on the forbidden areas as well. Is there anything left for me to take?" Chen twitched his mouth and said.

"You… You damn asshole…" Luo gritted her teeth and snarled. Her face was extremely red. Earlier, she had actually started to grow fond of Chen at the airport. However, being inside the sae cubicle as Chen, she just wanted to charge at Chen and bite him. After that, Chen withdrew the bellyband secretly from his treasure chest when Luo was not paying attention to him.

"Don't be mad. I really have something for you!" Chen held on to the bellyband with both of his hands and offered it to Luo.

"What is this?" Luo reached out to the item curiously.

However, she started to scold Chen once she touched the bellyband, "You asshole! Pervert! How dare you hide a piece of woman innerwear on you?! Tell me honestly! Where did you steal it from?" Nowadays, some thieves specialize in stealing women's innerwear! It was pretty obvious that Luo had already categorized Chen as that kind of thieves.

"Honey! You have wronged me! I did not steal this piece of innerwear! This is a magical item crafted by a powerful Daoist!" Chen said innocently.

"Do not call me honey anymore!" Luo glared at Chen furiously. Then, she calmed herself down and took a good look at the bellyband. It was a really pretty, aquatic blue bellyband. Luo had not seen such material before. It was extremely light and thin. Also, it was cool to the touch and smooth like water!

"This piece of innerwear is extraordinary!" Luo had seen a lot of things in her life, but not the piece of bellyband. She could not help but compliment the quality of the item.

"Put it on quickly! Not only is this bellyband good for your body, but it also has the ability to protect you from physical harm! Things are going to get more and more dangerous after we acquire the DNA results! I will be less worried if you have this bellyband on you!"

Luo pursed her lips. It was pretty obvious that she was hesitant to wear this piece of innerwear that had been given by Chen. After all, she had been crowned with the title of Ice Demon Queen! However, every girl in this world would want to look beautiful. Actually, Luo really desired to put on the beautiful and special piece of innerwear. Besides that, she was also pretty curious about the special effects of this bellyband.

"I'm going to trust you this time… Wait outside!" Luo pushed Chen out of the cubicle before she put the bellyband on.

"This is so comfortable…" Luo was shocked after she put on the belly band. The combination of the light breeze produced by the Qing Lian Divine Silk and the soft-touching sensation managed to fuse with Luo's body, perfectly. She felt like her skin was being soaked in fresh hot springs. It was really comfortable and refreshing. All her worries and frustrations were washed off by the amazing sensation. It was as if she would never once again worry about anything!

Most importantly, the cool breeze that came from the bellyband resonated with her ice attribute cultivation. Her body, mind, and true Qi became part of the bellyband. Luo was planning to never take the piece of bellyband off her body, until the day she died. However, the only flaw of this bellyband was that it made its wearer ridiculously sexy. It was like Luo's second layer of skin. Her voluptuous body was shown to its fullest. A picture of her wearing the bellyband was enough to turn a man into a werewolf. Luo put on her shirt before she exited the cubicle. Her own bra had been stowed away in her bag. There was a high chance that Luo would never wear it anymore.

"Honey, you look even more beautiful now!" Chen beamed when Luo came out from the toilet.

"What a load of crap! How did I become more beautiful when all I ever did was change my innerwear?" Luo looked at Chen and said.

"Damn! A woman really needs to be nourished by man! Just a short while in the toilet and Shijie Luo's skin is so much better!" Lin Yu said shockingly.

"What nourishment? Stop pulling my leg!" Luo was stunned. She took out a mirror and took a good look at herself. Her mouth turned into an O after taking a look at her skin. Luo already had good skin even before wearing the bellyband. Her skin was even better than before! Luo looked at Chen in amazement. There were no words to describe her feeling right now.

"Anyway, your hubby is kind of weak! He only lasted for three freaking minutes… He is the Flash when it comes to lovey-dovey stuff!"

What the hell!

Chen was stunned. Lin Yu thought that Chen had sex with Luo in the toilet, and that it had only lasted for three minutes! 

"Oh God! My good reputation is f*cking destroyed!" Chen wanted to bang his head on a piece of tofu and die.


Luo completely forgot to explain herself when she saw Chen was speechless. On the contrary, she even started to laugh out loud.

"Why are you laughing?! Your hubby has been categorized as the Flash!" Chen was really frustrated. He was innocent yet he could not even explain himself. 

"The results are out!"

A white-robed doctor walked towards them with the results in his hand. Wu and Bai quickly gathered around the doctor.

"The DNA result shows that the owners of these two sets of DNA are family!" the doctor said. Then, he handed the report to Luo.

Luo took a look at it and said, "Everyone should take a look at it to verify the DNA result!"

After that, few of them took turns to read the result, and they finally confirm that Chen was the son of that particular person! Only Luo and Chen knew that Lin Xiang and Lin Nan were the children of that particular person.

"From now on, we need to protect Chen, no matter what!"

Luo kept away the report and said gravely, "There will be a lot of threats on the way back to Dragon City! I hope everyone here can forget the past and focus on the mission!" Wu and the rest of them nodded to indicate that they would work together to protect Chen. After that, all of them left the hospital and headed towards the airport.

However, a person among them sent a message to the chief inspector of Six Doors Organization in secret.

[Target confirmed! Chen Xiaobei!]

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