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"You think too highly of me. I'm just an innocent student. I don't really care about all these gang-related matters!" Chen shrugged.

"You surely jest…"

Song pursed her lips and looked at the three thousand gang members nervously.

"Everyone listens to your orders here… Can you spare Fan Jian's life…"

"I never even said that his life is in danger," Chen said.

"But… I saw the Fire Boss running a finger across his throat…" Song said fearfully.

"Little Fire Boss. He just wanted to cripple me. How can you do that throat-slicing gesture? You are such a violent maniac!" said Chen as he crossed his arm and puffed his cheek. 

"Yes… Yes… Yes… Bro Bei, you are absolutely right!"

The Fire Boss nodded and waved his hands, "Cripple both of them and toss them out of Green Vine City! They will have to bear the consequences if they have the guts to step in Green Vine City again!"

"No… Please… No… My life is going to be meaningless if you cripple me!"

Fan Jian's body shook. Then, he shouted at Song, "Sister-in-law! Save me! I know that there is something shady going on between you and Bro Bei! He will definitely listen to what you say!"

"Something shady?"

Song's face turned cold after hearing what Fan Jian said to her, "Fan Jian! I have told you countless of times! I will never cheat on your brother! Why don't you guys believe me?"

"I know… I know… Sister-in-law, just ask him to spare my life. I will never tell my brother about the relationship between you and Bro Bei! Your secret is safe with me!"

Song's face turned even colder after that. Nothing was going on between her and Chen, but no one in her husband's family was going to believe that. She could not help but think of her current situation at her home. Those who did not believe in her were the ones who had no right to suspect her of anything!

She was really upset. After that, she held on tightly to Chen's arms and said, "Little boy. Let's go. Buy me a drink!"

The both of them left to the bar.

"Sister-in-law! You can't leave me here! What is going to happen to me after you leave? Sister-in-law…"

Moments later, Fan Jian got really mad. He shouted angrily, "Song Qincheng! You f*cking bitch! You just cheated on my brother! Then, you leave me here to die! Just wait! You are going to pay for what you have done, as long as I'm still alive!"

"Hmm… You are pretty arrogant… Cut off both of his hands… Break all his teeth…! Just make sure you leave him breathing!" Chen did not turn around. He gave his order to the Fire Boss while walking away from the scene. Song twitched a little when she heard Chen's order. She held on tight to Chen's arms and tried her best not to turn around to look at Fan Jian.

*Deep breath*

Fan Jian took a deep breath and gave up trying to wriggle himself out of the trouble. 

"Taizi, this is your territory. You should be the one settling this matter," the Fire Boss said.

Right after that, a man with silver hair walked towards Fan Jian. He pulled Fan Jian's head up by the hair and smashed his face into his knee.



Fan Jian rolled his eyes, and he spat out a mouthful of blood and teeth.




The silver hair man was not afraid of a little gore like that. He just kept on smashing his head onto his knee until all his teeth were gone! Then, he tossed Fan Jian aside like a piece of dead meat!




The silver-haired man that was known as Taizi. He broke Fan Jian's hands and legs right after that.

"Mercy… Please… I beg you… Please don't destroy my pride…" Fan Jian was already half dead. He was spitting out blood and begging for his life at the same time.


Taizi was like a reaper. He ignored his begging and landed a powerful kick on his crotch.

"Ah… Ouch…"

Fan Jian passed out not long after he screamed in agony.

At the same time, Chen and Song had already walked away from the crowd. Tears were flowing down Song's serenely sensual face like rain. Any good men would definitely hug her. Song ran into Chen's embrace before Chen offered her his shoulder. Seconds later, Chen's shirt was drenched in Song's tears. Chen sighed and placed his arms around Song's waist and pulled her closer to him to give her more support and warmth.

Quite some time later, Song finally stopped crying. After that, Chen teased Song to break the awkwardness between him and her. He said, "What a bad day for me. I didn't receive the money for my peach. Also, I have to buy a new shirt since this shirt is soaked with your tears. I just bought this new shirt not too long ago."

"It's just a peach and a shirt. I will pay you!" Song lifted her head and said with a smile on her face.

"Alright! The peach costs 998 and the shirt costs 998 as well…" Chen smiled and said.

"Psst… Did I say that I'll pay you with money? I want to pay you with my body, if you get me drunk tonight!" Song squinted, tip-toed and moved her lips close to Chen's ears. The warm air that came out from her mouth made Chen's body tingle.

"Ermm…" Chen was stunned. He was about to unleash his inner beast. Young MILFs like her were known as man-killers. Moreover, the young MILF was extremely gorgeous, and her body was breathtaking. She was definitely a top quality young MILF. A normal man would never be able to decline the once-in-lifetime offer. What more could be said about a young and horny man like Chen? If Chen declined the offer, he would have joined the eunuch squad.

"Remember what you say! I'm going to eat you up tonight!" Chen said determinedly. It was about time for him to leave the virgin squad.

"Let's go!"

It seemed like Song had made up her mind as well. She nibbled on Chen's ear, held his hand and walked towards the bar.

It was already midnight when Chen and Song left the bar. Chen was feeling regretful when he carried Song out of the bar.

"Damn it… I'm an idiot… Shouldn't have drank with her… Should have just dragged her to the hotel and made love to her. She would never say no to me! Great! How am I going to make love to her when she is drunk like hell!"

In the end, Chen had to carry her back to the hotel and put her to bed. However, Song held on to Chen's hand when he was about to leave.

"Chopper… Don't go… I won't be able to fall asleep if I can't hug you tonight…" Song mumbled with her eyes closed.

"Who the hell is Chopper…" Chen was puzzled.

"Chopper is my birthday present given by my cousin… It's from One Piece… It is really fluffy and cute…" Suddenly, Song dragged Chen into the bed and hugged him tightly.

"Sigh… I will just sleep with you tonight."

Chen decided to stay.

Song had her arms around Chen's neck, and his face was pushed against Song soft and bouncy boobies. It was a really tight hug.

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