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The place was filled with almost three thousand people. The whole parking lot was almost completely filled up. Others might have thought that there was some kind of filming in progress. A path had opened up among the crowd and around ten people with branded clothes walked along. All of them had some kind of powerful aura spilling out of them. Everyone around was looking at them with respectful stares.

"Taizi Boss… Benlei Boss… Master Jiang…! Why are you guys here… Wow! Isn't that the Crow Boss?" Hao Nan ran to them throwing out beautiful greetings.

"Axe… Axe Bro… I thought you told me that your big brother could get us out from this situation? Why did he become a coward all of a sudden?" Fan Jian's legs were shaking uncontrollably. He could feel his bladder was full and he was going to pee himself real soon.

The Axe Boss was extremely shocked. He said, "I… I have no idea about this current situation as well… Why are all these high and mighty bosses here… My big brother is like a little brother in front of them…"

"Is something bad going to happen to us…" Fan Jian said fearfully.

"God knows…" The Axe Boss was completely freaked out. He could not even speak any longer.

"Who are these people? It seems like Hao Nan Bro is afraid of them…" There was fresh blood amongst the gang members within the crowds. Thus, they had no clue who were those bosses.

"This group of people is all true bosses!"

The experienced gang members continued, "If the Fire Boss is the emperor of the Green Vine City! Those group of people is like the governors! They are extremely respected among all the gangs in Green Vine City! You are out of Green Vine City if you have the balls to mess with any one of them! This is why Hao Nao Bro is so afraid of them!"

"God… Why are they here now? Are they going to have some kind of big meeting?"

"This is so scary… Earthquakes are going to hit Green Vine City if they stomp the ground!"

Those three thousand gang members were extremely shocked. After all, most of them were low-leveled gang members. Normally, they would never have the chance to lay their eyes on these bosses. Nobody would have expected to meet all these big bosses in a parking lot.

"Did you call them here?"

Song opened her eyes wide and looked at Chen in admiration.

"No. I just call one of my friends. To be honest, I have not seen Little Hao before as well. So, I have no idea on why are there so many people coming to help us…" Chen shrugged, put on a smile and said.

"Actually, this is not too bad. The police will definitely come and deal with them when they start to fight with each other! Then, you will be able to leave this place safely!" Song patted her chest and said with a relieved tone. Chen smiled but kept quiet. He indulged in the sight of her bouncing jugs as her palm collided with them. That time, he tried his best not to grin like an idiot.

"Someone is here!"

Everyone shifted their attention to the person walking towards the crowd. A group of muscular bodyguards with suit and sunglasses paved the way for that powerful figure.

"Fire Boss! Fire Boss… Fire Boss…"

Those group of governors stood in a line and greeted the Fire Boss politely.

"What?! Even… The Fire Boss is here?" Hao Nan started to look around. The man might be known as the pillar of the west city, but he never had the chance to meet the Fire Boss in real person. That was his first time meeting the Fire Boss, let alone the three thousand gang members. All of them were tip-toeing and jumping up and down to check out the legendary Fire Boss. They wanted to see the face that ruled the underworld of Green Vine City. The Fire Boss, on the other hand, treated the random people on the side as wild grass. He was literally running towards Chen.

"Who is this man? He looks like he is way more powerful than those group of governors… What the hell is going on today… All the powerful figures of Green Vine City are gathering at this place…" Song pursed her lips and said. However, she was shocked before she could finish her words. All three thousand gang members were extremely shocked as well. The group of governors was the only ones who remained calm.

"Bro Bei! Sister-in-law!"

The Fire Boss bowed at Chen and Song politely and said.

"Who are you calling sister-in-law?" Chen smiled and scolded.

"Hehe… All the gorgeous ladies in the world are my sisters-in-law!" The Fire Boss smiled and said.

"Alright! I like that boot-licking! It's nice! I like it!" Chen said happily.

Everyone around them had their mouths and eyes wide opened when they saw the Fire Boss and Chen chatting happily over there.

"Who is that kid?! Why is the Fire Boss acting so politely in front of him?"

"You are such an ignorant idiot! How do you not know of Bro Bei? If the Fire Boss is the emperor of the Green Vine City; then, Bro Bei would be his father!"

"Bro Bei?! That young man is the legendary Bro Bei?!"

"That's right! Bro Bei is the one who made the Fire Boss who he is today! Bro Bei is the true living legend!"

"Oh god! We just followed the Axe Boss to come beat Bro Bei up! Shit… They're going to kill us!"

"God… I have sinned for thinking of beating up my idol; Bro Bei!"

Most of the people in the group had heard of Bro Bei before, but they had not had the chance to meet him in person, until now. All of them did not dare make a move on Chen anymore after knowing the true identity of Chen. They even felt like worshipping Chen like a God.

"Shit… Shit…"

The Axe Boss's face was as pale as a piece of white paper. He could not stop his arms and legs from shaking.

"Shit… How the hell did I get myself into this deep shit?"

On the other hand, Fan Jian's legs went so soft that he fell to the ground. Streams of sweat started to cascade down his forehead and his back. Seconds later, his shirt was thoroughly drenched.

There was a saying; no matter how powerful you are, do not ever mess with the person that rules the territory that you are in.

"Bro Bei… We were wrong… Please show us mercy and let us live…"

Fan Jian and the Axe Boss crawled to Chen and begged for forgiveness. They want to hug Chen's legs. Chen, on the other hand, ignored them completely. The Fire Boss acknowledged Chen's wishes and kicked their faces away. They did not even have the chance to touch Chen.

"Mercy… Bro Bei, please…" The Axe Boss cried and begged.

On the other hand, Fan Jian turned around and begged Song, "Sister-in-law! Only you can save me now! Please…"

Song pursed her lips and asked Chen softly, "Little boy… No… Bro Bei… How are you planning to deal with Fan Jian?"

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