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"You are a bad guy… Wake up… Wake up… You are so mean…"

Song's face was really red. She was trying really hard to push away Chen's head away from her chest. However, she could not muster any strength because she had too much drink last night. She managed to push away Chen's head a little, but his head slipped through her hands by accident and he plopped right back into her cleavage. That pair of soft and bouncy boobies jiggled Chen awake.

"Damn! Earthquake! WHERE ARE YOU! I"LL PROTECT YOU!"

Chen lifted up his head immediately and panic. No sooner, he saw Song was giggling. It was only then he realized that it was not the tremors of the earth he felt. It was the tremors of her boobalicious honkers!

"You are a bad boy! Wake up already!" Song said shyly.

"I'm a bad boy? You are the one who pulled me close to your boobies! You'd also called me Chopper… You persisted in hugging me to sleep… Why is it my fault now? Chen pouted and turned his head away from her.

"Hmph! You are a bad boy! Look at my shirt! It's soaked in your saliva! And… And…"

Even an open-minded woman like Song was as red as a tomato now.

"Look at your pants! Tell me now! Are you a bad boy?"

"My pants? Erm…" Chen took a look at his pants and his face turned red as well. His pride was erect and it was nestled between Song's stocking wrapped legs.

"Let me go! I'm taking a shower!" Song pinched Chen's waist lightly and said.

"Okay… Okay…" Chen got up immediately and straightened his pants with his back facing Song. On the other hand, Song rushed to the bathroom, barefooted. The sound of the water running in the bathroom could be heard.

Chen said, confused, "This woman is really something. A moment ago, she was this open-minded young MILF. Now, she turns into a shy little girl."


After ten minutes or so, Song's cell phone rang on the floor. Chen walked over to the phone and picked it up. Then, he saw the caller id; Hubby!

"Damn! I almost made Song cheat on him!"

Chen was shocked. However, something was amiss about Song's marriage.

"Something is not right… Why does Song need to hug something to fall asleep? Also, her sexual needs are not met... Could it be that her husband is impotent?"

"Hand me my cellphone!" Song walked out from the bathroom with her hair soaking wet. Her bathrobe was half opened. Chen was completely mesmerized by her humungous boobies.

"Here!" Chen felt like something was going wrong. He handed the cellphone to her immediately.

"Hello…" Song said with an ice-cold face and tone.

"I heard that last night, Fan Jian was crippled. Now, he's still in a coma. What the hell is going on?"

"He messed with someone that he shouldn't!" Song said coldly.

"Who is that person? How dare he mess with the Fan Family from Crimson Cloud?" The guy on the other side of the phone said.

After a moment of silence, the guy asked, "When are you coming back?"

"I'm not coming back that soon. I will go back to Dragon City right away after I finish dealing with matters here. There are a lot of unfinished matters. I have to be there no matter what!" Song said.

"It's time for you to come back for a checkup. Just close down the company if it's too busy for you. After all, your company is just a side business of Fan Family. It will be bad if it affects our husband and wife relationship." The guy said.

"Okay. I will be back in three days." Song said, slightly dejected.

Song's cell phone dropped on the floor after the guy hung up the call. It was as if the call had drained all the energy from Song. After a short pause, Song turned around and pushed Chen to the bed.

"Miss! What are you trying to do?" Chen was stunned.

"Just take my body now. Now," Song climbed on Chen and started to take off bathrobe.

"No… Miss! You are going to regret this… Let's talk about it…" Chen tried his best to resist.

"Hmph! You men are the same! You say you don't want it, but your body seems pretty honest about it!" Song said angrily.

Chen's face turned red immediately. Be it his lust or the morning wood phenomena, he was, by all means, pitching a tent.

"This is not something that I can control!"

"Why don't you want me? Am I not good looking enough for you?" Song pursed her lips and asked. She was staring at Chen with her soulful eyes.

"There are so many beautiful women in this world! It's not possible for me to take all of them for myself!" Chen said nervously.

"Do you think I'm filthy?" Song sat on Chen's thighs calmly. Her bathrobe slid off, but she did not even bother putting it on again.

Chen gulped and his eyes were attracted by the great scene in front of him.

"I don't think you are filthy at all! Actually, I wanted to make love to you last night! But this is not the time! I know you are a good girl! So, I don't want to take advantage of you when you are in pain!"

"What? You're saying that I'm a good girl?" Song said shockingly.

"That's right!"

Chen continued immediately, "You would not have cried if Fan Jian accused you! You would not have gotten drunk last night if you are not a good girl! You would have cheated on your husband last night if you are not a good girl!"

"This is the first time someone ever called me a good girl! Little boy! Thank you so much!"

Song cried. Her tears flowed down from her face like rain. She dropped her knees on the corner of the bed and made her way towards Chen. She laid on Chen's body and whispered, "Everyone calls me a horny bitch! They say that everyone can do me anytime they want! You are the first one to call me a good girl!"

"I am here… Please, tell me your story. I want to listen to it…" Chen lifted up his hand and hugged Song gently.

Song dried her tears and said, "I became friends with Fan Tong after I graduated from university. He is the big brother of Fan Jian. Fan Family is the biggest family in Crimson Cloud City! In addition to that, Fan Tong is different from all the other second-generation filthy rich young men. He managed to make a name for himself for being the youngest business prodigy in Crimson Cloud City."

"During that time, I couldn't resist him when I first met him. That was mainly because of his achievements and rich family. So, he became my first love."

"He treated me really nicely during then. I felt really happy whenever I was with him. So, I was ready to give myself to him after we got married. Then, I found out that… That he is… A eunuch!"

Chen was shocked, but he was not surprised.

"Actually, I sort of guessed that he was impotent!"

"No, he is not impotent! He is a eunuch who castrated himself!" Song pursed her lips and said.

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