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"What? Did you just call someone here to save your ass?"

The Axe Boss looked at Chen condescendingly and said.

Chen put away his cell phone and asked calmly. "Who is your boss?"

"Who is my boss? Hmph!"

The Axe Boss laughed coldly and said, "The name of my boss is going to scare you to death! My boss is the pillar of the West city; Brother Hao Nan! There is nothing that Hao Nan Brother can't solve here!"

After hearing Axe Boss's statement, Fan Jian raised his chin and said proudly, "Asshole! Stop struggling! I'll only break your legs!"

"Little boy, leave now! Don't fight them!" Song hastened Chen nervously.

"Don't worry! My guys will be here soon!" Chen shrugged and said.

"Idiot! Don't you know fear?" The Axe Boss said shockingly. After many years of making a living in west city, most people he knew from both sides of the law would surely give face to Hao Nan Brother whenever they hear his name. However, Chen was not afraid of him at all. To him, it was an unprecedented outcome.

"Hao Nan? Who the heck is that?!" Chen said.

"Motherf*cker! You are way too arrogant! Hao Nan Brother is the pillar of the west city! How could you not know him?! You are going to pay for your ignorance!" Axe Boss said furiously.

"This asshole has no respect for us at all! He is just too damn cocky for his age! Axe Boss, you are going to be so embarrassed if you don't cripple this asshole today! Also, you are going to put shame to Hao Nan Brother as well!" Fan Jian was trying to pour oil on the fire.

"Don't worry! This is our west city! I'm going to make sure that this kid pays for his cocky attitude!" The Axe Boss waved his hands and said confidently.

Song was getting anxious over time. She stared at Chen and said, "Leave now! You are going to die if you don't! Quick! I don't want you to mind my business!"

Chen smiled, and he kept quiet. He did not plan to run away from them at all. On the other hand, Song's boobies shook vigorously when she was nervous, and Chen placed all his attention on it. He was truly impressed by the quality of her outfit. His lustful grin gave him away.

"You are making me so mad!" Song frowned and said. She just felt like kicking Chen right now. It was a life and death situation, but Chen was still acting like a perv.

"Axe Boss! Someone is here!"

"So many people! At least three hundred people are coming to us!" suddenly, someone shouted.

"What?! How is it possible for this asshole to call so many people to come here to save him? Axe Boss! Do you think you can deal with all of them?"

The Axe Boss was shocked as well. He took out his cellphone and said, "Don't you worry, Second Master Fan! Everyone should stop panicking as well! I'm going to call Hao Nan Brother to save us! Everything will be alright when he comes and saves us!"

"You don't have to ask for help. I'm already here…" A deep and solemn voice could be heard.

"Hao Nan Brother… Hao Nan Brother…"

The crowd opened a pathway for a middle-aged man with long hair to walk in.

"Haha! My boss is here! He is going to help us! Second Master Fan, you don't have to worry anymore!" The Axe Boss said happily.

"Asshole! I dare you to continue acting like a cocky bastard! Four to five hundred people are surrounding you right now! I'll respect you as a real man if you still have the balls to act cocky!" Fan said, sounding far more relieved.

"So many people… Little boy, this is all my fault!" Song sighed and said.

"It's hard for me to guess what you are thinking of right now. A while ago, you were a sexy and attractive succubus. Now, you have become a kind and considerate woman." Chen smiled and said.

"Are you really that innocent? How can you smile when you are about to die?" Song said with tearful eyes.

"Boss! You got here just in time! I was going to call you a second ago. I did expect you to be here this fast!"

At the same time, the Axe Boss started to lick Hao Nan Brother's boots by saying, "The west city will shake when my boss stomps the ground! You are just a useless asshole! Not even God can save you right now!"


Hao Nan landed a tight slap on the Axe Boss' face before he could finish his words. The Axe Boss was a well-built man, but he was thrown three meters away from where he stood by the force of the slap. A mouthful of blood gushed out when he opened up his mouth. It was pretty obvious that Hao Nan was a man with high combat power. It was no wonder that he could stand firmly in the west city.

"Bo… Boss… Why did you hit me?" The Axe Boss was shocked. He could not understand what was going on. At the same time, Song Qincheng, Fan Jian, and five hundred other people were equally shocked as well. Chen was the only one who managed to remain calm.

"Are… Are you alright?" Hao Nan walked to Chen and bowed at him like a loyal follower.

Chen was too lazy to acknowledge him. He asked, "Are you Little Hao?"

Little Hao?!

These two simple words created a huge impact on everyone's heart. The well respected and fearless Hao Nan turned into Little Hao in front of Chen.

Oh my god!

What insanity!?

Normally, those people who talked to Hao Nan arrogantly would have turned into a pile of dead meat within a second! However, Hao Nan was like a completely different person today. He nodded and said politely, "Yes... I'm Little Hao…"

Chen nodded and asked, "Where is the Fire Boss? Why is he not here?"

Hao Nan gulped and said fearfully, "Are you talking… About the one and only Fire Boss? I'm not qualified to talk to him… One of his high-ranked gang members ordered me to come here first."

"Hehe… My Fire Boss is getting quite haughty nowadays!" Chen shrugged and said.

On the other hand, Hao Nan dared not utter another word. He definitely did not have the balls to talk bad about the Fire Boss, let alone, Chen Xiaobei; the person that was even more powerful than the Fire Boss! Thus, he remained completely silent!

"Someone is coming at us again!"

"Oh my God… People are coming from all directions!" 

"This… There are at least one thousand people… No! At least… Two… To… Three thousand people!"

Everyone shouted in shock.

"This… What the hell is going on?"

Fan and the Axe Boss were so scared that they almost peed themselves. Their pupils contracted, hands and feet were ice cold, and they kept gulping down saliva like there was no tomorrow.

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