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Song Qincheng changed her attitude and smiled at Chen. A flirtatious vibe could be reflected from the way she acted towards Chen. A classic beauty like her could capture any men's heart instantly. Besides that, her voluptuous and sexy body was definitely one of the rarest things you could find on earth. A smile from her was enough to make a grown man fainted.

"My name is Chen Xiaobei."

Chen accepted her hands into his and shook it confidently. Her hands were practically flawless. They were really soft and smooth. Also, a sense of coldness could be felt when Chen's hand came in contact with her hand. It was really hard for Chen to let go of her hand.

"When are you going to let go of my hands?" Song looked at Chen with a seductive stare. Her voice was pretty arousing as well.



Chen retracted his hands almost immediately. He was really shocked by the sexiness of the woman. Her alluring presence was comparable to a ripened peach. It was enough to make any man in this world risked everything to have a one-night-stand with her.

"Your method is pretty effective. I have misunderstood you earlier. It seems like that little object is not some kind of evil item. I felt so comfortable after using it. You were right. My headache is gone…" Song said calmly.

"Forgive my language but there is an old saying; fornicating and eating are the same thing. Bad things will happen to our body if our desires are not fulfilled." Chen turned around and looked at the masterpiece beside her. Song was nodding her head to show that she agreed with Chen. Chen shifted his attention to the unreal body of Song. Slowly, his attention grew transfixed on her voluptuous bosoms.

"I'm going to keep the little thing that you just gave me. Think of it as a payment for staring at me." Song noticed that Chen had his eyes completely glued to her own body.

"You can have it if you like it. Anyway, you still need a real man to satisfy your sexual desire. That love egg is not going to keep you healthy for long. Do you understand?" Chen said seriously.

Song pressed on the handle of her chair and moved closer to Chen. Her body was bent down slightly, and her prideful mounds were gushing out like an avalanche. Chen was worried that her thin shirt might not be able to support both her snow mountains. So, he was thinking of using both his hands to catch her snow mountains once the shirt gave way.

"Are you trying to trick me into having sex with you?" Song licked her lips and said.

Chen was shocked, and his heart was jumping up and down really fast. Then, he said, "I'm serious! Your endocrine disorder has everything to do with your hormonal imbalance! Love egg does not have male hormones in it. You need a real man to help you with that!"

"Hahaha. Well said… Aren't you a real man?" Song laughed and said. She then lifted up her right leg and placed it gracefully on her left. Her sexy and fair thighs that were wrapped in stockings were exposed when her veiled skirt moved. Chen shifted his attention to her sexy thighs immediately.


"Of course, I'm a man! But, I'm not the kind of man who would go for casual sex!" Chen gulped. Honestly speaking, he WANTED to have sex with this woman. However, he was afraid of being tricked by this woman.

"Ok… So… That's the case… Initially, I wanted you to join the mile-high club with me." Song leaned back in her chair and put on her eye mask again.

"Mile-high club? What's that?" Chen was shocked. He had never heard such a thing. 

"It seems like I have truly misunderstood you… You are still an innocent virgin…" Song laughed. A small curve surfaced on Song's red lips. It seemed like she was patronizing and taunting Chen. Nobody knew there were actually two rows of tears flowing out from beneath the eye mask.

Having sex in a car would be called the mile-low club. So, having sex on a plane would be called...

"Oh God! What have I missed!" Chen thought. He was extremely regretful for not saying yes to Song. Thus, he was thinking to go to Red Envelope Group to ask for some Regret Pills. At the same time, Song had fallen asleep. It was her first good sleep after her long-term insomnia.

Chen wanted to converse longer but when he saw her snoozing quietly, he remained in his seat and kept quiet. Chen did not intend to disturb her. After that, he closed the curtain, closed his eyes and started to work on his cultivation. Spiritual Qi from South Pole Spiritual Fruit and a Spiritual Stone were all stored inside his body. Chen should be able to use all of it within a few hours before the plane touches down.

Chen's health was higher than his combat power. Naturally, Chen would use all this Spiritual Qi that he had acquired to increase his combat power. Just like Chen expected, his training came to an end when the plane almost touched down.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 10000. Combat power: 6300!]

"Damn! An extra six hundred combat power! One hundred more than I expected!"

Chen was really surprised and excited. He thought, "My real combat power will reach eight thousand and four hundred, with the help of Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training! This is freaking awesome!"

For the time being, not only could Chen defeat those enemies that were on the same level of cultivation with him easily, but also enemies that were in the middle phase of Qi refining stage! That was the power of the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training.

The plane finally touched down.

"Please... Allow me to help you with your luggage," Chen said like a gentleman.

"Alright. Thank you. Can you sell me a First Love Peach? I'm willing to pay ten times the price or even hundred times the price!" Song did not reject Chen's offer. She even made an additional demand.

"I'm really sorry. The peaches are sold out for now…" Chen frowned and said. The truth was, Chen still had some extra First Love Peaches with him. He was worried that his fans club might have gone crazy when they found out that he had extra peaches. Also, Chen's charm was all gone. It was totally reasonable for Chen to be afraid of bad things that might happen to him. He had to figure out a way to earn merit points as soon as possible.

"Hahaha... I certain that that was a lie!"

Song's boobies were colossal, but she was not dumb at all. She said, "I can understand your worries! I'm going to swear in front of you that I will not tell the others about it! I will be banished to hell if I tell your secret to others!"

"Alright. You don't have to swear… For a peach. It's not worth it!"

Chen interrupted Song before she could finish her swearing.

"I will give you a peach. I still have some peaches left at my house." Chen said.

"Really? Thank you so much! You are such a kind little boy!" Song said happily.

"Erm… You should call me Bro Bei!" Chen twitched his mouth and said. He will not allow others to call him a little boy because he was a very reputable man in his fans club.

"You are just an innocent little boy! Stop acting like an experienced, real man! Hohoho…" Song laughed and said.

"Let's go! Bring me to your house to eat the First Love Peach!" Song held Chen's arms and said.

Chen was shocked when his arm came in contact with Songs body. It was extremely soft, and the aroma that came out from her body was really soothing as well. Chen turned around, and he saw a perfectly crafted face and a body that was on fire! Song was like a poppy that bloomed in the middle of the night. Her beauty outshone the starry sky. 

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