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Song went back to the hotel after leaving the airport. On the other hand, Chen returned to his home. He promised Song that he would send a love peach over, after dinner. Of course, Chen did not forget to buy a love egg for Wei Xiaobao. Upon returning home, Yap told Chen that he killed another two dozen assassins that had been sent from Japan. That piece of news only strengthened Chen's decision to go to Japan to destroy Meichuan Organization. However, it was not the time to travel to Japan.

Luo was going to travel to Green Vine City in a few days. Chen would be traveling to Japan after helping Luo to find the person that she wanted to find. Initially, Chen decided to improve his cultivation through training. However, he got distracted by one of the newly added chat groups. The group was created by Wei Xiaobao. It was similar to the group created by Mengpo. Looking at the moderators and creator of the group, Chen knew that all the members of this group were equipped with dirty minds.

Group master; Wei Xiaobao had seven wives, but legend said that he was still looking for more wives.

Moderator; Zhu Baijie's legs would go soft when he saw pretty ladies.

Moderator; Bull Demon King was the sugar daddy for a group of succubi. He had even thought of making Zhixia Goddess his girlfriend.

Moderator; Perverted Spirit. Chen was not familiar with this spirit. He was probably just another hellish denizen.

Moderator; Hong Haier. Needless to say, the boy knew quite a lot about adult stuff. He was going to be more perverted than his dad after he grew up!

Other than them, there were over one hundred members in this group. Most of them were monsters and spirits. Basically, they would talk about almost everything in the group. There was no line drawn when they talked.

Perverted Spirit: Let me tell you guys something. I saw the Black Officer of Impermanence making a female spirit carry out the hidden rules of underworld realm yesterday! (Grinning)

Zhu Bajie: How long did he last? Three minutes? (Grinning)

Bull Demon King: How long is his dick? Three centimeters?

Perverted Spirit: Hehehe…

Everyone: Hehehe…

Hong Haier: My turn to tell you guys a story. I witnessed my dad having sex with Silver Fox yesterday! (Cool)

Wei Xiaobao: How big? How long? What style? (I want answers now)

Hong Haier: I will tell you if you send me a book with explicit pictures! (Cool emoji)

Bull Demon King: You are such a bad son! I'm going to beat you to death if you say something like that again!

Perverted Spirit: What is there to hide? I have seen you having sex with other females for a few times already. Your dick is pretty big, but you can only last for around three minutes, every single time. Also, you are doing it in The Anvil sex position all the time. It is really boring! (Digging nose)

Everyone: Hahaha…

Bull Demon King: Nonsense! Recently, I've been drinking Hundred Fruits Dragon Dick Moonshine. My battles on the bed lasted for at least half an hour!

Zhu Bajie: Hundred Fruits Dragon Dick Moonshine! (Salivating)

Perverted Spirit: That is some good shit! (Salivating)

Hong Haier: Is that moonshine tasty? I'm thinking of asking for some from God Chen! (Grinning)

Wei Xiaobao: You don't have to look for him purposely. He's already in this group!

Everyone: Welcome! Welcome! God Chen! Come and say hi to everyone!

"Damn! Everyone is asking me to talk in the group…" Chen thought. He was caught off guard, as he had been watching them chatting in the group happily. In order not to let others think that he was watching their conversation secretly, he made his appearance a few seconds later.

Chen: Erm… Erm… Good afternoon everyone…

Everyone: Welcome! Welcome!

Wei Xiaobao: According to the group rule, the new member must share a dirty story!

Chen: (Sweating) This… I really have no idea on what to share…

Wei Xiaobai: God Chen! Don't be shy! We are family here! Be more open minded!

Zhu Bajie: That's right! You are a man! Don't act like a pussy!

Hong Haier: God Chen! Are you still an innocent virgin? (Shocking)

Perverted Spirit: No way! The legendary God Chen is still a virgin? Hahaha… This is going to be huge! (Laughing)

The whole group came to life. After all, every single member of this group was really experienced when it came to sex. They were really hyped up when they found an innocent virgin like Chen joining the group.

"Damn it! What's wrong with being a virgin? Did I offend you guys? Why are you guys looking down on a virgin?" Chen thought.

Chen was really unhappy with his cellphone in his hand. He gritted, "No way! I must fight back! You guys want me to tell you dirty stories, right? Everybody knows that!"

Chen: Cough… Silence please! It's not that I don't want to share my dirty stories with you guys. I'm afraid that you guys will be ashamed of yourselves after hearing my stories!

Perverted Spirit: Stop boasting! Just tell us the truth! We will not look down on you! (Grinning)

Zhu Bajie: God Chen! Stop struggling! Being a virgin is not embarrassing at all! We can't turn back the time to become a virgin again, even if we want to! (Grinning)

Hong Haier: God Chen! You should not be embarrassed of yourself! Just learn from us in this group! Sooner or later, you will become experienced in sex like us! (Grinning)

Everyone was laughing at Chen. It was like a group of grown adults laughing at an innocent kid.

"Hmph! Just laugh at me! You guys will have a taste of my slaps really soon!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said. He got more determined to defend himself.

Chen: Let me give you guys a dirty mind test since you guys don't believe in me! You guys can laugh at me if you can answer my questions correctly!

Zhu Bajie: Dirty mind test? Okay! I love it! Come at me! (Proud)

Perverted Spirit: Come! Come! Come! Bring out your most difficult question! I don't want others to say that we are bullying an innocent virgin! (Confident)

Hong Haier: Me alone is more than enough to deal with God Chen! (Cool emoji)

Chen: Okay! This is my first question! What do the pregnancy of a woman and carrot rotting in the ground have in common?

Everyone was quiet after Chen asked the question. Nobody said a thing after Chen waited for half a minute.

Chen: Answer the question! Zhu Bajie, I thought that you told me you love dirty minded tests? I think you should answer this question!

Zhu Bajie: Erm… This… What do they have in common… Perverted Spirit, answer this question!

Perverted Spirit: I… I'm having a headache… Hong Haier, deal with God Chen!

Hong Haier: Eh? This weather is pretty nice today… This moon is so big…

Chen: I thought you guys are really experienced when it comes to sex? How can you guys not know the answer to this simple question? You guys are weak! (Digging nose)

Bull Demon King: Group master! You have a high-level dirty mind! It's time for you to answer this question!

Wei Xiaobao: Erm… I don't know the answer to this question. (Sweating) God Chen, please tell us the answer!

Chen: What happened? You guys surrender? (Cool emoji)

Perverted Spirit: Tell us the answer first! No one will surrender if you simply make up an answer that does not make sense! 

Chen: Hehe… Get ready to be shocked! The thing that they have in common is that they pulled out too late!

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