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That woman had no other option but to sit beside Chen. She took off her sunglasses and put on an eye mask. She just did not want to look at Chen. Initially, Chen had wanted to repair the relationship between him and her, but he gave up when he thought about the first image he had given her. Things might have taken a turn for the worst if Chen tried to explain the whole thing to her.

The use of cell phones was strictly prohibited when the plane took off. So, Chen took a Dragon City Newspaper and did some quick reading. He was pretty surprised when he found news of First Love Peach being reported in the newspaper.

"I never expected that the newspaper from Dragon Paper would report about my First Love Peach!" Chen said. A sense of achievement rushed into Chen's heart after he read the news. It was an officially reported news. It was totally different from the news that he read on Weibo.

"Si… Er…"

The woman beside him took a deep breath and made some painful breathing sounds.

"What happened to you? Are you feeling alright?" Chen turned his head around to check out the woman. He was stunned again. The face of the woman was finally revealed after she took down the eye mask. She was an extremely beautiful young lady about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. She had a pair of arched, imperious eyebrows, clear and soulful eyes, an elegantly straight nose, and crimson, sensual lips. A sense of maturity and charming presence was oozing out of her. She was definitely a young MILF!

"Air stewardess… Please give me a glass of warm water, please…"

The pretty young lady called out. She was ignoring Chen. The air stewardess passed a glass of warm water over to her and asked, "Madam… Are you feeling not well?"

"It's just a headache…"

The young lady took a few sips of warm water from the cup that she held in her hand. At the same time, she used her other hand to rub her temples.

"You don't look well. Did you bring any medication with you? I can help you to get it." The air stewardess said with genuine concern.

"This is one stubborn sickness. Medication is not going to cure it…" The young lady shook her head and said weakly.

"I can help you with this sickness…" Chen said seriously.

"I don't need a perv like you to help me! You are one hypocrite…" The young lady was very suspicious of Chen's offer.

"There might have been a misunderstanding between us. I can guarantee that I'm not a bad guy…"

"Actually, I'm a traditional doctor. I know a thing or two about your sickness. I can help you ease the pain immediately." Chen continued to say.

"You? A traditional doctor? Hehe… Your joke is not funny at all…"

The young lady turned her head away from Chen. In her eyes, Chen was just a random immature teenager around his twenties. He did not look like he could do what those old and experienced traditional doctors could. Also, Chen had not even taken her pulse. It seemed ridiculous when Chen told her that he knew a thing or two about her sickness.

"Sir, please don't mess with this madam anymore. Let her rest."

Chen was kind of frustrated. However, she was a fan of his; thus, Chen decided to help her, no matter what.

"Insomnia, frustration, and agitation. You always feel like throwing your temper to the people around you. Also, you are tired of your life, and you have lost confidence in your current lifestyle. If I'm not mistaken, you have thought of suicide recently!" Chen told her his diagnose of her sickness immediately.

"Suicide? How is this even possible?"

The air stewardess got angry before the young lady replied to Chen. She said, "Sir, please stop talking. How is it possible for a beautiful lady like her to have suicidal thoughts?"

"He… He is right… Everything that he said about me is true…"

The young lady turned around and looked at Chen in shock.

Chen said calmly to the air stewardess, "You should leave first. Close the curtain before you leave. This lady's sickness is extremely private. Others should not know about it."

"Ah… Okay…"

The air stewardess closed the curtain and apologized to Chen before she left.

"I'm so sorry, sir! I hope you are not offended by what I said to you just now."

"That's alright. I know you said what you said out of kindness." Chen waved his hand like a gentleman and said. Chen turned around and saw the stewardess leaving. 

"How is it? Now you believe in me, right?" Chen asked.

The young lady pursed her sexy lips, looked at Chen in surprise and said stubbornly, "I admit that your diagnosis is better than all the doctor that I met before… But, it doesn't change the fact that you are a pervert!"

"What I did was to purchase a love egg. How does it offend you? Our country does not ban this item. In other words, the existence of this item is absolutely important! I'm going to tell you how to cure your sickness now! Medication ain't going to do shit to your body. You need this love egg to ease your headache!" Chen said seriously.

"MY WORD! Do you really think I will believe in you about using love egg to ease my headache?" The young lady gritted. She just wanted to give Chen a tight slap right now. Using love egg as a tool to ease a headache was definitely a one of a kind treatment in this world.

Chen continued to say calmly, "I'm just going to tell you everything directly. The true reason behind your headache is because your sexual needs are not being fulfilled! From the perspective of traditional doctors, your hormones have gone haywire. From the perspective of western doctors, your unsatisfied sexual needs have caused a hormonal imbalance in your system. The nerves in your cerebral cortex have undergone some changes!"

"The early stage of this sickness will make you feel agitated all the time! You are super suspicious of the strangers around you, like me!"

"Now, you are in the middle stage. You are suffering from non-frequent headaches, insomnia and losing confidence in your life. Actually, this is a form of mental illness!" 

"Besides that, your sexual organs will suffer from some painful changes at the late stage. Also, there will be more mental illness surface in you as well."

"Lastly, you will lose all your sexual desire during your final stage. From the perspective of scientists, you are truly a sick person when you lose all sexual desire!"

Chen's diagnosis was pretty professional. The young lady was paying full attention to Chen.

"Try it… It's brand new. I will take full responsibility for everything that happens to you!" Chen took out one of the love egg from his pocket and said confidently. The young lady hesitated for a while and took the love egg from Chen. It was as if she had just received something evil from a devil. After that, she walked to the toilet with the love egg. She had to try it in order not to lose all her sexual desire. She was currently going through something worse than death.

Twenty minutes later, the young lady returned to her seat and extended her gentle, elegant hand to Chen.

"Let's get to know each other again. My name is Song Qincheng!"

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