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"Where did you go? I have waited for you for quite some time!" Luo barked. 

"It seems like someone lost something important inside the clubhouse. It was quite a mess inside. So, I decided to stay back for a while to see it through," Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Let's go. I'm going to drop you off at the hotel." Luo started the car and said.

"I thought that you are okay with me sleeping at your place? Are you trying to go back on your promise?" Chen said jokingly.

"Psst! I did not say that you are allowed to sleep at my place!" Luo said coldly.

"I don't care! I want to sleep at your place tonight! Are you not worried about a guy like me sleeping alone outside? What if some asshole woman tries to take away my virginity?" Chen grinned.

"Stop trying to make me vomit! Please?"

Luo rolled her eyes, "I don't think that you have the balls to sleep at my place even if I say yes to you! My grandpa will break your legs if you set foot in my house!"

"Er… Your grandpa is in the house… I don't think I want to sleep at your place anymore…" Chen scratched his nose tip and gave up immediately.

"You should head back to Green Vine City as soon as possible if you do not have other business in Dragon City! Qing Wu Faction will definitely come looking for you since you've embarrassed Wu Jiechao in public!" Luo barked.

"My fiancée is the sweetest woman in this world! I'm glad that she is worried about me!" Chen said happily.

"Please die! I'm going to warn you one last time! Do not call me your fiancée!" Luo said coldly.

"Okay… Wifey, when are you planning to head back to Green Vine City? I'm going to pluck some First Love Peaches personally to serve you when you come back to me."

Luo was stunned. She pursed her lips unconsciously because she had not tasted the First Love Peach for quite some time. She truly missed it. On the other hand, she did not even realize how Chen had addressed her when she was reminiscing about the taste of the First Love Peach.

"I'm going to meet up with someone special soon. I need to know more about him to search for his offspring. I should be in Green Vine City within a week!" Luo said.

"What? Have you not met that special person before? What the hell were you searching for last time?" Chen said in shock.

"You have no idea! That special person is the top-notch talented individual in our country! Everything about him has been modified to make sure that no one knows his true identity! Even his profile picture that is shown to the public is fake as well! Elder Cao is the one who made it possible for me to meet the real him!" Luo said softly. She wanted to make sure that no one was eavesdropping on them. Luo also told Chen everything about the special person because she knew that she could completely trust Chen. After all, both of them had been through two life-threatening situations.

"Everything about him is fake? Why?" Chen asked curiously.

"This special person is involved in the top-secret research in our country's military force! Countless assassins from other countries will try to kill him if they know his true identity! Not just that! His family will be placed in grave danger as well!" Luo said.

"That being said! So, Poseidon wants to use this special person's kids as a hostage to threaten him and the country?" Chen came to a realization and said.

"That's right! So, I cannot fail this mission!" Luo nodded and said seriously.

"Don't worry! I will definitely help you out!"

Chen continued to say thoughtfully, "I did not join Thunder Kirin Special Force, but I'm more than willing to serve my country! Those who try to threaten our country will be killed no matter how far the enemies are!"

Luo's ice-cold look finally melted after hearing Chen's claim. She complimented Chen, "Chen Xiaobei! You are a real man!"

"Hehe… Actually, I'm doing it for my sake and yours as well! After all, you are my dear fiancée! I should help you no matter what!" Chen said happily.

"Go to hell! I don't want your help anymore!" Luo was so angry that she stomped on the ground. Chen could never get serious for more than three seconds. After that, Luo turned around and left the hotel without looking back.

Chen went back to his room, sat on the bed, and examined the items that he had just stolen. The two medical ingredients were pretty useless to Chen; he simply set them aside. On the other hand, he planned to modify those two skill books that he had acquired earlier and sold them at a high price during the auction. The starting bid for these two skill books were one hundred million. Chen was pretty confident that he could increase the starting bid to three hundred million after he modified it. The prices might have gone even higher if several bidders wanted to buy it! Needless to say, there would be a shit tonne of money going into Chen's account soon!


Suddenly, Chen received a message from Lan.


There was only one word in the message.

"Shit! What the hell happened to Mengchen?"

Chen was shocked. He jumped down from his bed and prepared to call Lan. However, he realized that Lan would not send a text message to him if she could pick up the call now. Time would be wasted if Chen called her right now.

"I have to ask for a favor from the Red Envelope Group!"

Red Envelope Group was always the most reliable source for favors when it came to an emergency like this.

Chen: Qianli Yan! I need a piece of God's Eyes Talisman! Just name the price! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

NeZha: Wow! Xiaobei, are you okay? I have not seen you act like this!

Chen: Emergency! One of my friends is in danger! I have to help her!

Qianli Yan: I won't ask for anything ridiculous since this is an emergency! You can just pay me a hundred merit points later!


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Qianli Yan! You have received a piece of God's Eyes Talisman! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

Chen: Thank you so much! I will send you the merit points later!

NeZha: God Chen! Just tell me what you need! I don't want your merit points!

Monkey King: Yea! Just tell me what you need as well!

Yanwang: Likewise!

Xian Tianquan: Just say the word!

Chen: Thank you, everyone! I have to locate my friend first!

Chen took out the God's Eyes Talisman from his treasure chest and started to search for Lan's whereabouts around the vicinity of Dragon City. The search went pretty smooth since Chen had experienced using the item before. Half a minute later, Chen managed to locate Lan.

"F*ck! Zhuang Bifan, you asshole! How dare you take advantage of Mengchen?"

Through the God's Eyes Talisman, Chen could see that Zhuang was completely drunk. He was holding a beer bottle in his hand and refused to leave Lan's room. Judging from Zhuang's look, he was going to sexually assault Lan after two more sips from the bottle! However, Guiyan Mansion was thirty kilometers away from the hotel. It would be too late when Chen's taxi got there. Chen decided to go back to the group to ask for help.

Chen: I need the shortest time possible to reach a place that is thirty kilometers away from me! Can anyone help me?

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