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"Rest here for a bit. I'm going to leave first. I will wait for you in the parking lot. Look for me ten minutes later to avoid people see us coming out together from the toilet. If not, you will feel embarrassed about it." Chen looked for an excuse to leave the toilet after finishing the treatment. Actually, Luo could not wait for Chen to leave her alone because she was so embarrassed by what Chen just did to her.

Chen took out the Nightstalker Outfit from his treasure chest after seeing that no one was around him.

The clubhouse was huge. However, Chen managed to conclude that the perfect place to store the items that were about to be auctioned would be the basement! The basement was the only place away from the entertainment space.

"Shit… It's an electronic lock… How am I supposed to unlock it…"

There was a thick and heavy metal door in the basement. There was an advanced password interface installed on the metal door. Chen was a master at picking locks, but everything he learned previously was useless when it came to an electronic lock!

"All the items that are about to be auctioned are locked up behind this huge metal door! I'll have to open this door if I want to step on Zhuang's face!" Chen frowned. He could not conjure any good way of unlocking the door. Something crawled out from Chen's pocket when he was about to take out his cellphone to ask for help from the Red Envelope Group.

"Master… I'm hungry… I want to eat…"

The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada looked like a mini robot toy with its golden armor liked body.

"Eat again… All you ever do are eat and sleep… I dare you to eat this metal door!" Chen was really frustrated. The previous owner of Twelve Wings Golden Cicada was the Primeval Lord of Heaven. Chen felt like he was doing the Primeval Lord of Heaven a favor; thus, he scolded the Twelve Wings Golden Cicada.


The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada was not angry at all. On the contrary, it jumped on the metal door excitedly.


The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada took a small bite of the thick and heavy titanium door.

"Damn! Your teeth are really powerful!" Chen was shocked.

"Of course! I'm the leader of the five savage bugs during the prehistoric age! This titanium door is nothing to me! There are only so little things within Three Realms and the Six Great Divisions that I can't eat!" The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada said confidently.

"Awesome! You are actually pretty useful! Xiao'er! I will treat you better if you manage to consume this door in front of me!"

"Alright!" The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada nodded and started to work on the door.




The sound of it chewing the metal door echoed in the air like a song. Soon, the titanium door disappeared right in front of Chen within ten seconds. The whole event was like using an eraser to erase a pencil drawn door! The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada was the eraser!

"Oh my God! Xiao'er! You are awesome! The titanium door that you just consumed is a hundred thousand times larger than your body size! Why does your body size still remain the same?"

The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada rubbed its stomach and said, "I'm a unique creature in the prehistoric age. Eating is my special ability! Even though I'm still in an infantile stage, I can consume everything within the Six Great Divisions! Also, my appetite is endless!"

Chen was shocked. He suddenly recalled Huanglong Zhenren mentioning something similar in the group.

"Damn! I thought that I acquired a useless creature that knows nothing except to sleep and eat! Now, I just realized that I actually acquired a piece of treasure!" Chen said happily.

The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada was still in its baby stage, and it could not fork out the power that was possessed by the Golden Immortal of the Great Overarching Heaven, but to be able to eat almost everything on earth would be pretty useful!

"Quick! Go and consume those safe boxes as well!" Chen swung his hand and gave the order to the Twelve Wings Golden Cicada again.


The Twelve Wings Golden Cicada would never get its fill, since its appetite was endless! It got really excited when it came to eating. It jumped at those five safe boxes immediately and started to consume them.

"The Spiritual Item of the Primordial Lord of Heaven is too damn awesome!"

Chen was stunned after seeing those five safe boxes disappeared right in front of him. Sometimes, eating could be an enjoyment!

"I'm going to keep the three hundred years old wild ginseng, four hundred year old, purple Ganoderma Lucidum, Thunder Splitting Rod Skill Book and Aeolus Kick Skill Book into my treasure chest!"

Chen kept everything into his treasure chest without any second thoughts.

"Hehe! One more Spiritual Stone!"

That Spiritual Stone was as big as a coin. Its clarity was comparable to a diamond. However, it would be far more valuable than one. There was a stream of concentrated Spiritual Qi within the Spiritual Stone. It was exactly what all the martial artists would dream of!

"The only thing that I need the most right now is Spiritual Qi! I shall gladly accept it, since this Spiritual Stone belongs to Zhuang Bifan! Hehe!" Chen grinned and absorbed all the Spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Stone into his body. According to Luo, an ordinary person would need around three months to gain one hundred combat power with this amount of Spiritual Qi. However, Chen possessed the Scripture of Heaven and Earth; thus, he only needed a couple of hours to digest the Spiritual Qi that he had just absorbed. He had also taken in a certain amount of Spiritual Qi from South Pole Spiritual Jade Fruit not too long ago. So, Chen would be able to gain extra five hundred combat power after twelve hours of training! The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was the thing that helped Chen achieved such speedy training!

"Guards! This is bad! All the items that are about to be auctioned are missing! Come here quick!" A group of security guards rushed to the basement suddenly. Chen figured out that the CCTV must have notified them. Then, he put on a knowing smile while hiding in the Nightstalker Outfit, and exited the basement confidently.

"Quick! Call Master Zhuang! Tell him that all his auctioned items are gone!"

It was a mess in the basement. The supervisor took out his cellphone immediately to call Master Zhuang.

At the southern side of the rural part of Dragon City.

There was an extremely huge mansion beside the Guiyan Lake. The mansion was known as Guiyan Mansion. It used to serve as a summer resort for Emperor Qing's family. After that, it became Zhuang's family property. Also, there were less than four mansions in Dragon City that can compare to the unique mansion. Needless to say, only extremely powerful and rich folks would have the right to stay in such a mansion. It was so huge that every family members had their own homes within the mansion. Donglin House was where Zhuang Bifan stayed. At that hour, the sound of smashing stuff and shouting echoed in Zhuang's house.

"What did you just say?! There was a ray of golden light, and all the items are gone?! Motherf*cker! Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe you?!

Zhuang's face was completely twisted up. At that very moment, he was extremely frustrated. It was as if someone had just forced him to swallow a pile of shit.


Zhuang tossed his cell phone aside. He was so nervous that sweat started to flow down his forehead.

"Shit… What I did earlier will definitely be exposed if I fail to settle the bill… Also, my great-grandmother will definitely beat me to death if she gets wind of it!"

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