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NeZha: I have an idea! Snatch my Red Envelope!


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from NeZha! You have received a replica Fire Wheel! It has been stored in your treasure chest!

NeZha: God Chen! You are not powerful enough to use the real Fire Wheel yet. This replica is slower than the real one, but it can get you to where you want to go in two to three minutes!

Chen: Thank you, Third Prince! Two to three minutes is good enough!

Chen opened his treasure chest immediately.


[Replica Fire Wheel; crafted by NeZha when he was learning how to do basic crafting. It is a low-level item. Also, it can only be used once! Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Yes!" Chen tapped on the screen, and two rays of light filled the room. A pair of golden wheels with fire burning on it appeared in front of Chen. It was more beautiful than the one Chen saw on TV.

"I think all I need to do is stand on it…"

There was no time for him to test it. He stood on it without a second thought. It was more steady and stable than he expected. Also, the flames of the Fire Wheel did not hurt either. He then put on his Nightstalker Outfit and used his mind to control the Fire Wheel and shot out of the window.


Chen could feel the wind flying past him as he flew like a Superman in the night sky. It was like a dream to him. On the other hand, Chen did not waste any time as he was flying to his destination. He went back into the group to contact the group members.

Chen: My enemy is more powerful than me! I need something to defeat my enemy!

Xiao Tianquan: I can help you with that! Snatch my Red Envelope!


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Xiao Tianquan! You have received a Heavenly Dog Collar! It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]

Chen: Thank you Xiao Tianquan! Also, I need something to punish a disgusting perv!

Yanwang: Just cut his genitals off! Like in hell! We cut off the tongues of wrongdoers! Nice and clean!

Chen: No! Cutting his genitals off is showing mercy to him!

Monkey King: You have to ask Wei Xiaobao about it!

Wei Xiaobao: I'm here! I have exactly what you need! God Chen! Snatch my Red Envelope!


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Wei Xiaobao! You have received a bottle of Skybreaking Pillar! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

Chen: Skybreaking Pillar? Sounds awesome. What is that?

Wei Xiaobao: It's a type of poison concocted by yours truly! I have added the legendary love drug; F*ck-Me-Senseless Powder, man's favorite; I-Love-Thick-And-Big-Pillar, and forty-nine other aphrodisiacs into this poison!

Chen: So… What does this poison do?

Wei Xiaobao: All the ingredients in this poison are super potent love drugs! There is no one on this earth who would survive from this poison! Even the largest and longest dick in this world will crack and explode! (Laugh evilly)

Chen: Damn! This is so evil!

Wei Xiaobao: I'm not done yet! It's almost impossible to be completely cured of this poison! The person's precious will crack again when the person thinks about sex after he recovers! The blood coming from it is more than a woman's menstruation! (Laughs evilly)

Chen: Damn! This is ruthless! But… I like it! (Laughs evilly) Thank you, Lord Wei!

Wei Xiaobao: You are most welcome! If it's possible, can you send me a Love Egg, please?

Chen: How do you know about Love Egg? (Shock)

Wei Xiaobao: We have an old experienced player group! (Laugh evilly) Hong Haier sent it to the group once!


Chen almost fell down from his Fire Wheel.

"What the hell is the old experienced player group? Damn it! I got cheated by Hong Haier! Come to think of it! Princess Iron Fan will not be that desperate even though she is lonely most of the time!" Chen thought.

Chen: I've reached my destination! Thank you so much for everyone's help! I will definitely reward those who helped me! Also, add me to the old experienced player group! We will talk about the Love Egg soon!

Wei Xiaobao: Okay! I wish you all the best!

Yanwang: What is a Love Egg? Is it edible?

Monkey King: I want to know what Love Egg is as well!

NeZha: Hong Haier! I always saw you as my brother! Why are you not sharing the good stuff with me?

Hong Haier: Cough… That thing is not for kids… Understood?

Everyone was talking about Love Egg in the group all of a sudden. At the same time, Chen managed to sneak into Guiyan Mansion successfully. Lanxin House was where Lan stayed.


Zhuang smashed the empty bottle on the floor, cracked his neck, stood up slowly, and said angrily, "I've been nice to you all this while! Don't blame for using force if you still refuse to do what I tell you to do!"

"Don't come near me! I told you not to come hear me!" Lan screamed. She had no choice but to retreat to the corner of the wall. Her body was shaking uncontrollably out of fear, and her face was filled with shock as well.

"I'm your fiancé! Can't you just sleep with me tonight?! I'm feeling really terrible!" Zhuang ignored Lan completely. He started to walk closer to Lan and took off his shirt at the same time.

"Your great-grandma mentioned that you are not allow bully me before we get married! Aren't you afraid of I'm going to tell your great grandma about this?" Lan bit her lower lip whilst crying. Her eyes were filled with despair.

"Hehe… I thought you are smarter than that! I couldn't believe that you are such a naïve girl!"

Zhuang laughed coldly and continued to say, "It is true that my great grandma really likes you, but you are going to become my woman sooner or later! There is nothing that my great grandma can do to me, even after you complain me to her!"

"Don't come near me! If not… I… I will kill myself in front of you!" Lan took a pair of scissors out and placed it on her neck.

"Hehe... Not only are you extremely naïve, but also stupid! Do you really think that you can threaten me by killing yourself?"

Zhuang was not shocked at all. On the contrary, he laughed coldly and said, "Just go ahead and kill yourself! I can guarantee that the whole Lan Organization will die with you! I will make sure your dad, grandma and everyone that you care about would be tormented like they are in hell!"


Lan's hand shook, and the scissors dropped on the floor. She was not afraid of death, but she could not afford to die now! His family would die with her when she dies. Fate had not been in her hands since the beginning. Every step that she took became heavier from the day she became the fiancée of Zhuang Bifan. That was her destiny. She was the only one who would know all the suffering.

"My good girl! Serve me well, and your Lan Family will continue to become the strongest family in Green Vine City! In the future, I can even make Lan Organization become the top hundredth organization in our country!"

Zhuang laughed coldly while taking off his pants, "Come here! I think you should know what to do, right?"

"What the hell is that?"

Lan lifted up her hands all of a sudden and pointed behind Zhuang.

"What? Are you trying to distract me? Don't be a stupid girl…" Zhuang laughed condescendingly.

Seconds later, he was stunned. A collar that glowed in a silver light flew towards Zhuang from around his back and affixed itself around Zhuang's neck.

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