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Dragon City. The sun went down and the streets lit up. There were tall buildings everywhere, and the heavy traffic. Such vibrant, prosperous scenes would never be seen in Green Vine City! Other than that, there were all kinds of people staying in Dragon City too. For example, martial art prodigies, people with unique abilities, influential people and many more. Throughout history, Dragon City was the place where all the legends started!

"Actually, which faction are you from?"

Luo was driving a white car. She decided to bring Chen and Xiangyu for dinner first, before heading off to the auction.

"We consider ourselves Taoists. I don't think I can give you the name of our faction!" Chen quickly replied.


Luo was shocked. Then, she nodded and said, "Okay. I heard that there are some really powerful people staying deep in the mountains like Kunlun, Ermei, and Zhong Nan. It seems like the legends are real. No wonder your combat power has increased tremendously in such a short period of time!"

"That's right! Our faction is really powerful! It was fate that led me to this faction. If not, I would be still a little farmer in a little village." Chen said with a smile on his face.

Frankly speaking, Chen's achievements were all thanks to the Red Envelope Group.

"Why did your Shixiong come to Dragon City?"

Luo saw that Xiangyu was looking at everything in the city curiously after he stepped into the car through her back mirror.

"My Shixiong grew up in the mountains. My Sifu wanted him to make his state of mind becoming stronger by exposing himself to the new things in this world!" Chen continued to make up some make-believe story.

"What's his cultivation?" Luo asked.

"Why do you ask?" Chen was stunned.

"I'm going to tell you honestly that Elder Cao has assigned me a new mission recently. He wants me to recruit you to the Thunder Kirin Special Force! If your Shixiong is powerful enough, I would like to ask him to join Thunder Kirin with you and serve the country together!"

"Damn! You are quite a saleswoman! Elder Cao is going to reward you abundantly if you manage to recruit both of us to the Thunder Kirin!" Chen said sarcastically.

"Joining Thunder Kirin Special Force is the dream of every soldier in China! I'm not trying to trick you into some trap! Not everyone can get this kind of opportunity!"

"Tell me what is Thunder Kirin first. I'm not interested, but my Shixiong might be interested in joining the force." Chen smiled and said. Xiangyu was paying attention to Luo. It seemed like he was interested in joining the force.

"Thunder Kirin Special Force is a top-secret special force! Everyone in the Thunder Kirin is really powerful. They are the super elites among soldiers! Other than that, the Thunder Kirin Special Force is pretty similar to the Six Doors Organization. The only difference is Six Doors Organization deals with the people in Jianghu within the nation. On the other hand, the Thunder Kirin Special Force deals with Jianghu elites from overseas!" Luo said.

All of a sudden, something came up in Chen's mind after Luo explained the details Thunder Kirin.

"Those who offend the Chinese will be killed no matter how far the enemies are!"

"That's right! Thunder Kirin is like a sword for our nation to fight with external force!"

Luo paused for a moment and said sternly, "I'm going to tell you honestly that the missions given by Thunder Kirin are tougher and deadlier than Six Doors Organization! Just forget everything I just said if you do not have the guts."

"The way you spur me into joining the Thunder Kirin is pretty ineffective. Do you really think that I will take the bait?" Chen smiled and said.

"Sister-in-law, everything that Thunder Kirin does, they do for justice, right?" Xiangyu spoke suddenly.

"They work to protect the people in our country!" Luo said.

"Okay! I will join the Thunder Kirin!" Xiangyu made up his mind immediately.

"It is a good thing that you are willing to join the thunder Kirin. But, how about your combat power…" Luo said doubtfully. Not everyone can join Thunder Kirin. Only people with a certain level combat power can step through the doorstep of Thunder Kirin Special Force!

"I'm at the Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana Stage. Is that good enough?" Xiangyu said calmly.


Luo's hands shook, and she almost crashed her car into the guardrail.

"Chen Xiaobei… Is your Shixiong kidding with me?" Luo could not believe what she just heard. There were less than ten super elites with Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana Stage in Dragon City. The title; One Against All was not something to be trifled with.

"Hehe… Look at him. Do you really think he is kidding with you?" Chen smiled and said.

"If that's the case, one more super elite will be joining the Thunder Kirin Special Force! Elder Cao will be delighted and excited!"

Then, Luo calmed herself down and said gravely, "Xiangyu, I'm going to represent the Thunder Kirin Special Force, and welcome you to the force!"

"Alright." Xiangyu nodded and said. He did not feel anything special about joining the force. Elder Cao and Luo were thrilled, but that did not mean that Xiangyu would be excited about it. Joining the force was equivalent to lower down his true identity.

"Oh right! My lovely fiancée! How did you become part of Thunder Kirin Special Force?" Chen said with a smile on his face.

"I'm not your…"

Luo rolled her eyes at Chen and said, "After the Emperor Yan's tomb incident, I told Elder Cao about my problems with Poseidon. So, he took me into Thunder Kirin Special Force on a special case basis. On the surface, I'm still a special inspector of Six Doors Organization! So, I still need to go back to Green Vine City to find the person that Poseidon needs!"

"Nice! Since when did you become a special inspector? Shouldn't you thank me for your increment in salary and promotion?" Chen said happily.

"I'm not your fiancée. So, I don't need to show my gratitude to you especially!" Luo rolled her eyes on Chen and said. Initially, Luo wanted to show her gratitude to Chen after Chen had helped her with the Emperor Yan's tomb incident. However, she changed her mind after seeing Chen acting like an asshole.

"Alright. Then, I'm going to do whatever I want in your house. Xiangyu and I will stay at your house tonight. Both of us can sleep in the same bed. On the other hand, Xiangyu can sleep in the guest room. That's my final happy decision!" Chen smiled evilly and said.

"I…" Luo was frustrated. She just wanted to kill Chen right now.

After seeing Luo becoming speechless, he stopped teasing her. Then, he said thoughtfully, "Oh right! How did you guys deal with Hundred Beasts Faction after the tomb incident? Did they look for revenge?"

Chen was known as Bao Linshuang throughout the tomb incident. So, Luo had to deal with everything without Chen. The faction leader; Long Aotian died in the tomb. Logically speaking, enemies would look for Luo but not Chen if they had wanted revenge.

Luo felt warm after seeing Chen showed his concern to her. Thus, she changed her tone and said, "Hundred Beasts Faction is gone for good. They were accused of threatening national security the next day by Elder Cao. All the members were dismissed. Long Aotian's father was thrown into prison."

"Awesome! Elder Cao is a real iron fist when it comes to criminals! I'm relieved now!" Chen said with a smile on his face.

At Green Vine City.

A woman was using Japanese to talk on the phone at a hidden corner. She was talking about the Hundred Beasts Faction as well.

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