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"What? The Hundred Beasts Faction had been destroyed?"

The woman who spoke on the cellphone was a very charming and graceful lady. Besides that, her body was extremely voluptuous as well. She could be considered a masterpiece of creation.

"Eh? Ms. Yinmu, didn't you know about this? Are you trying to say that the destruction of Hundred Beasts Faction had nothing to do with you?" An old and severe voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

"No, you misunderstood me. The plan to destroy Hundred Beasts Faction was planned by me a long time ago. However, I'm not at Dragon City now; thus, I didn't receive any updates on them!"

"Alright. I'm glad that you managed to destroy a Chinese faction without the help of our country! You did well! Now, you can come back to us to enjoy the highest honor that a country can offer!"

"Great! This is great! Thank you so much for the special treatment!" The woman was really excited and happy. Her big boobs almost exploded out from her shirt while she was jumping around.

"Ms. Yinmu! Remember! From today onwards, you have a different identity now. I hope that you take care of your own image!" The old man said.

"Yes. I understand…" The woman took a deep breath to try to calm herself down.

"Okay. Then, you keep your cell phone on at all times. Our people will contact you really soon. We will treat you like a princess when you come back to your motherland!" The old man hung up the call after that.

"Oh my god! Am I dreaming? I can't believe that the Hundred Beasts Faction has been destroyed! I can finally return to my home!" The woman said excitedly. Initially, she thought that it was going to be a mission impossible. To her, this was like a huge favor that had been granted by God in heaven.

"Mom! Dad! Your daughter is coming home! Richuan Family! I, Yinmu Binghu, am coming home!" The woman stared at the sky and said determinedly.

"This is so yummy! I want to eat here one more time before I head back to Green Vine City!" Chen rubbed his stomach and said. He looked pretty satisfied after the meal.

"This is really yummy! I wish I can eat like this every single day!" Xiangyu complimented the food as well. 

An hour ago, both of them had worked together to finish ten courses! They looked like they had been stranded on the island for a long time without having any proper meals.

"The executive chef's ancestor was the personal chef of the emperor during the Qing Dynasty! One can only taste something like this in Dragon City!" Luo said calmly. She barely ate anything during the whole time. She had made a call to Elder Cao before stepping into the restaurant. After that, Elder Cao got really excited and hyped up. He mentioned that he would come and meet her once he finished dealing with his personal matters. On the other hand, Luo was waiting for Elder Cao to call her. Thus, she was too anxious to put any food into her stomach.

"I'm late! I'm really sorry to have kept you guys waiting for so long!"

A nervous voice could be heard outside the private box. Elder Cao had finally arrived. He did not care about his status in Dragon City and ran to them like a happy kid. It was pretty obvious that he was really desperate to recruit someone that was as powerful as Xiangyu into the Thunder Kirin Special Force.

"Elder Cao. Slow down. We will not run away from you. Come and sit down and have a cup of tea with us." Chen said with a smile on his face.

"I'm not going to drink! I'm not going to drink! Mr. Chen, is he your Shixiong?" Elder Cao shook his head and turned around to look at Xiangyu.

"Yes. He is my Shixiong; Xiangyu. Brother Yu, this is Elder Cao!" Chen nodded and introduced.

"Hello, Mr. Xiang!" Elder Cao took the initiative to greet Xiangyu.

Xiangyu nodded, and he did not say a word.

"You are so rude! My grandpa just greeted you! Where is your response?" Cao Zhenyang growled.

"Zhenyang! Where are your manners?"

Elder Cao continued to say in a deep tone, "Puti mentioned that Mr. Xiang is a Taoist! So, it's totally normal for him to have no regards for mannerisms!"

"What did he practice about Taoism? He is just trying to fool us! I think his age is pretty similar to mine! How is it possible for him to reach Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana Stage?" Cao Zhenyang said mockingly.

"You know nothing! People that really practice on Taoism have lived, deep in the mountains for their entire lives. There is an unlimited amount of Spiritual Qi in the mountains. Other than that, he has the opportunity to study some ancient secret scriptures as well! Thus, the speed of his improvement is not something that an ordinary people can imagine!" Elder Cao said.

"Those are just fairy tales! I have not witnessed it with my own eyes before! You are the one who taught me that seeing, and hearing is believing!" Cao Zhenyang said, recalcitrant.

"Have you forgotten about the loss of your Duskdawn?" Chen said while smiling.

"I…" Cao Zhenyang was so embarrassed that his face turned red. He was speechless. Actually, he still remembered everything that happened on that day. Losing Duskdawan was like someone kidnapping his wife from him. Thus, he was still really upset about it. That incident was so bizarre and magical that Cao Zhenyang could not use his logical mind to comprehend it. Suddenly, he thought about those legendary magical items in Taoism. He became speechless after a sense of fear crept into his body.

"Mr. Xiang, please come with me. I would like to bring you over to do some tests now, to speed up the process of joining Thunder Kirin!" Elder Cao said politely.

"I have three requests!" Xiangyu said calmly. He was still sitting down. There was a sense of dominance in his voice.

"What do you mean by that? Joining the Thunder Kirin Special Force is a dream to a lot of people! How dare you ask something from us when we did not even ask anything of you in return! Also, you have not proven to us that you are a super elite with Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana Stage! Aren't you afraid that you will be embarrassed by us when we find out that you are just a lying bastard?" Cao Zhenyang barked.


Xiangyu lifted up his hand up and covered himself with golden Kang aura! It was as if he was wearing a full set of golden armor! The temper of Xiangyu was not something that one should mess with! He was getting ready to beat Cao Zhenyang up.

"Bro Yu! Do not hurt anyone here!" Chen quickly shouted.

Cao Zhenyang would die if Xiangyu landed a slap on him. In the end, Xiangyu decided not to slap Cao, but he vented his anger by slapping the air in front of him.

"EH?!! Ah…"

Cao Zhenyang was completely freaked out. He rolled on the floor several times before stopping on his back.

"Oh my God! So powerful!"

Elder Cao and Luo shouted in awe at the same time. They had just witnessed Xiangyu using the very air around him to make an elite at twenty thousand combat power tumble on the ground like a defenseless barrel. One could definitely see that his true power was extremely terrifying.

"Am I lying?" Xiangyu asked calmly.

"No… You are not…" Cao Zhenyang gulped.

Then, he said, "You are truly powerful!"

"Can I speak now?" Xiangyu waved his hand, and his golden Kang aura was gone.

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