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"No!" Lan screamed in despair. The Hummer was the official vehicle for the military in America. It was not very fast but its torque and robustness were comparable to that of a tank! After some serious modifications, Zhuang's Hummers weighed around three tonnes! It could be considered as a mechanical iron beast! Ordinary people would definitely be pulverized by its force.

"Die now! Hahaha…" Zhuang shouted hysterically. It looked like he really liked killing. The man was not any brainless filthy second-generation rich asshole. His actions were enough to prove that the Zhuang Family was extremely powerful in Dragon City, when he had the guts to kill someone at the airport. That was why Lan had been forced to push Chen away from her.



Those two Hummers charged at Chen and Xiangyu like two bloodthirsty beasts! They were about to tear them into pieces! Chen and Xiangyu's bodies were so small and weak, compared to the Hummers.

"Xiaobei! Should we do something about it?" Xiangyu asked coldly.

"Don't kill anyone…" Chen said calmly. He then started to walk towards the Hummers. On the other hand, Xiangyu charged at the Hummers with his full speed and strength!

"What?! He is so damn fast! I never expected Chen to have such powerful elite standing beside him!" Zhuang had his eyes wide open in shock. An unbelievable scene unfolded in front of Zhuang, a few moments later. 



Xiangyu used both of his hands to lift up one of the Hummers. He started to pivot around, with the Hummer held off the ground. He was now ready to hurl it wherever he wants to.

"What the hell! He… He is a monster!" Zhuang was awestruck by what he saw.

"So powerful…" Lan said in shock. She could never imagine the man who had kept staring at clouds on the airplane to possess such terrifying power!

"Oh, my God…"

Both of the bodyguards in the Hummer completely freaked out, and they almost pissed their pants. It was impossible for an ordinary human to lift up three tonnes like it was nothing! They had no idea the man that stood in front of them was the legendary Xiangyu! The man who lifted a Ding with a single hand and shocked the entire armies! 

"What a piece of garbage!"

Xiangyu shouted and used both his hands to toss the Hummer over to the other Hummer!


Not only Xiangyu was extremely strong, but he had actually looked graceful, hurling that huge hunk of metal. That Hummer went flying like a cannonball.


The two Hummers rolled over for ten meters before they finally stopped at the roadside. The vehicles had been completely destroyed. On the other hand, those four bodyguards would suffer from some severe injuries even if they managed to survive the attack.

"Oh my God! Who the hell is that guy… Nobody in Dragon City possesses such immense strength like him! How did Chen get to know such a powerful elite? This is not possible…" Zhuang said, puzzled.


Chen put one of his feet on the Ferrari, bending down and glaring at Zhuang coldly.

"Move your stinky leg away from my precious car! How are you going to pay me if the gold paint on my car comes off?!" Zhuang put his head out of the window and shouted angrily.

Chen could not care less about his car. He said coldly, "I don't like to mess with other people, but that doesn't mean that I don't have the balls to mess you up! I'll say this nicely, do not mess with me! If not, I'll cripple you!"

"Motherf*cker! Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like that?! I'm the inheritor of Zhuang Family! Killing you is easier than squashing an ant!" Zhuang shouted angrily.

"I'm a nobody, but a nobody like me has dignity as well! You are always welcome to test my patience if you don't believe in me!" Chen glared at Zhuang with a sense of murder in his eyes.

"Xiaobei…" Lan pursed his lips. She could feel the pain deep inside her heart. Certain things were destined to happen, no matter what. One would have to face the consequences if the person refused to accept the destiny!

"Oh! I will definitely try that out! I, Zhuang Bifan has no fear of anyone in Dragon City! I will change my surname if I fail to mess you up today!" Zhuang said viciously. However, he quickly got back into his car before he could finish his words.

"I'm going to kill your whole family if you have the balls to hurt my brother!" Xiangyu walked to Chen and said. His king-liked aura was like thousands of beasts stampeding over Zhuang. He could feel a strong sense of suffocation. He knew clearly that he could never defeat Xiangyu. It would not end well for him if he continued to taunt them.

"Mark my words!" Chen said coldly.

Zhuang freaked out. He quickly nodded and said, "I will remember what you said… I will not mess with you anymore… No more…"

"Mengchen, call me when you need me. I will not turn off my cell phone." Chen said in a deep tone.

"I will not call you anymore! Off you go!" Lan pursed her lips and shook her head. It was pretty obvious that she was worried for Chen. Besides that, she did not want Chen to be deeply involved in her own problems.

"I'm going to leave now." Chen knew Lan's intention. He did not want to make things more difficult for Lan anymore.

He put down his leg off the Ferrari and said with a smile on his face, "I'm glad that the car is not scratched!"

Zhuang took a look at his car as well. The car was not scratched, but it now had a dent that took the form of a footprint! He scolded, "F*ck! My limited edition…"

Then, Chen and Xiangyu turned around and left. Luo was already waiting for them when they exited the airport. She was wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses. Her gorgeous face had been concealed. However, her voluptuous and perfect body still managed to attract quite a number of pervs staring at her. Then, she walked towards them when she saw Chen and Xiangyu walking out from the airport. She gave Xiangyu a long, hard stare.

"Luo the Goddess! Let me introduce him to you! This is my Shixiong; Xiangyu!" Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Xiangyu? What a unique name…" Luo was shocked for a few seconds. Well, there were tonnes of weird names nowadays. So, the name Xiangyu did not raise any suspicions at all.

"Hello." Luo nodded and said.

"Hello, sister-in-law!" Xiangyu grinned and said. He met Luo long time ago. Besides that, he was the one who had encouraged Chen to pursue her. Most importantly, the legendary Xiangyu had just grinned evilly!

"What sister-in-law?! Chen Xiaobei! Did you tell lies again?!" Luo said.

"Well, aren't you my girlfriend?!" Chen said happily.

Then, Chen whispered into Luo's ears, "My Shixiong stayed in my house before. My parents told him everything about you and me. We have to continue acting like a couple to carry on with the lie!"

"I…" Luo was so frustrated. She felt that she would never escape Chen's grasp.

Translator's Note

1. Shixiong: Senior male fellow student or apprentice son (older than oneself) of one's teacher

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