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The engine sounded like the roar of a furious beast. That golden Ferrari shot at Chen with extreme speed. It would run over Chen if Chen did not move from where he stood.

"Xiaobei! Is that our enemy?" Xiangyu frowned. His combat aura had started enveloping his body. However, Chen did not say a word. He stood his ground and stared at the approaching vehicle calmly.

"Xiaobei! Dodge! Now!" Lan screamed.

"Hehe! I knew it. You acted like I didn't matter to you anymore! How is possible for you not to care about me?"

Chen smiled and continued to say, "Don't worry. That piece of metal will not be able to hurt me!"



The driver of that Ferrari managed to pull a perfect drift in front of Chen. Thus, Chen was unhurt. It stopped in front of Lan, perfectly.


Chen managed to remain calm. He had not budged an inch. As compared to Chen, that driver was the kind of guy who would start out off with a bang and end with a whimper. He was just trying to show off his drifting skills. He never had the guts to hit Chen with his car.

"Mengchen! Here I am!"

A man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties got down from his car and shouted. His nose was like the beak of an eagle and his cheekbones protruded out obnoxiously. He had rather narrow eyes. His presence was exuding with cockiness. In addition to that, he was wearing a floral buttoned shirt, and he had purposely left the first two buttons undone. It made him look a useless playboy. A scum to be precise. 

Two Hummers followed up, and four bodyguards in black outfits came down to welcome Lan.

That cocky guy said arrogantly, "Mengchen! I told you not to carry so many things with you when you travel to Dragon City. You can buy everything you need here! I think you should know that I'm filthy rich!"

"There are some things money can't buy!" Lan said coldly. Her pair of soulful and dreamy eyes reflected the disgusted feeling that she felt deep in her heart when she looked at that cocky guy.

"Can't buy? There is nothing that I, Zhuang Bifan can't buy in this world! Name it! I'm rich enough to buy a star for you!" The way he talked made him sound like he was doing some kind of money printing business.

"What I'm trying to say, is that some things have special value to me. Thus, you can't really use your money to buy those kinds of items! I know you are extremely rich." 

Mengchen was even more disgusted by him. She was trying really hard to suppress her disgust.

"That's what I was trying to say earlier! There is nothing that I can't buy with money in this world! Haha!" Zhuang laughed arrogantly.

"Yes. There is nothing…" Lan sighed and said.

"Well, I think there are a lot of things you can't buy with money in this world! For example, time, wisdom, truth… And love!" Chen looked at Lan and said calmly.

"Eh? Who the hell are you? How dare you talk in my face?" Zhuang glared at Chen angrily.

"He is my friend! An ordinary friend!" Lan quickly said. She did not want Chen to have any conflicts with Zhuang. Lan knew better than anyone that Zhuang was basically an overlord of Green Vine City.

"Ordinary friend?"

Zhuang looked at Chen condescendingly and said, "Asshole! You are not even qualified to talk to me! Understood? The distance between us is like the stars in the sky and the ants on the ground! Do not approach Mengchen anymore! If not, you are going to face my wrath!"

"I dare you to repeat that one more time!" Xiangyu snarled.

"Aiyo?! Who the hell are you again? How dare you act so cockily in front of me? I'm going to tell you a horror story now! Those who have acted cocky in front of me are six feet under now!" Zhuang twitched his mouth and shouted at Xiangyu.

Chen chuckled quietly and gave Xiangyu a thumbs up.

"You have balls! Do you know that you just threatened my brother? I respected you as a real man!"

"Threaten? Hehe…"

Zhuang continued to say in disdain, "Both of you are just a pile of garbage! You guys are not even qualified to be threatened by me! Killing the two of you is easier than squashing an ant on the ground!"

"Is that right?"

Xiangyu's temper was not something that one should mess with! He was a king, and he would not allow anyone to threaten him! Then, he curled his hand into a fist and got ready to throw a few slaps on Zhuang's face.


Suddenly, Lan shouted, "You guys can continue to fight here! I'm going to make a move first!"

"Bro Yu!" Chen quickly stopped Xiangyu.

Chen knew Lan was a very smart girl. She must have her own reasons for stopping the fight. To be honest, Chen was not afraid of fighting Zhuang here, but he did not want to bring any trouble to Lan.

"Mengchen! Please don't go! I will stop messing with them! Those two piles of garbage are not worthy to fight with me! I can just ignore them and leave! Come, get in the car, I just booked the whole Wanfu Restaurant to welcome your arrival!"

"I don't want to eat out today. I want to visit your grandma first!" Lan said. Then, she proceeded to get into the Ferrari.

"Alright! We can just go home and eat! My grandma really misses you!" Zhuang nodded and said. However, Zhuang gave his bodyguards a killing look before he got into his car. After that, the Ferrari and Hummers started their engines and left the airport.

All of a sudden, those three vehicles turned around after they drove for a hundred meters. They were going to run over Chen and Xiangyu.

"What are you trying to do?" Lan asked in shocking.

"Hehe… Lan Mengchen! Do I look like an idiot to you? Do you really think that you can fool me easily?"

Zhuang continued to say viciously, "The First Love Peaches went viral all over the country! As your fiancé, I watched the video that went viral all over the internet! The taste of first love! I really enjoyed it!"

"It's just a misunderstanding! Chen and I are just ordinary friends!" Lan quickly sputtered out.

"Hehe… I wish that it was just a misunderstanding! However, through your body language, I can almost conclude that you are in love with that asshole!"

From the beginning, Zhuang already knew the true identity of Chen. He was just trying to test Chen just now.

"Please believe me! From today onwards, I will cut off all the connection with Chen Xiaobei! It is true that he is just an ordinary friend to me!" Lan said worriedly.

"Hehe… It doesn't really matter anymore!"

Zhuang continued to say viciously, "Men from Zhuang Family will not allow their women to have complicated relationships with other men! I have my unbreakable principles! I would rather kill them than let them live!" Zhuang gave his bodyguard a hand signal after talking to Lan. At the next second, those two Hummers charged at Chen and Xiangyu, at full speed!

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