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"Dragon City?"

Chen was shocked. Then, he said in an upset tone, "Why didn't you inform me earlier if you knew that the auction is taking place tonight? I don't have a pair of wings to fly whenever I like!"

"You don't need a pair of wings! Just get on a flight before noon! This is a very special auction! You are going to be so sorry if you miss it!" Luo said calmly.

"Alright! I'm going to check the flight schedules now! I will definitely come if there is flight ticket that allows me to fly there before noon!" Chen hung up the call after talking to Luo.

"Where are you going?" Xiangyu asked curiously.

"I'm going to the Dragon City. It's the capital city of China. I don't know what you called it during the ancient era. But, that place has thousands of years of history!" Chen said while searching for flight ticket through his cellphone's application.

"Can I go there with you? I want to check the place out as well." Xiangyu said.

"Of course! Leave it to me!" Chen smiled and said. All he needed to do was to purchase an extra flight ticket. But there was another the problem, Xiangyu did not have an identification card, a registration in the people's database, and personal profile. It was going to be impossible for him to buy a flight ticket.

"What happened? Is everything alright?" Xiangyu asked. He saw that Chen was pretty frustrated.

"Everything is okay! I have to make a call to ask about something first!" In order not to let Xiangyu feel disappointed, he made a call to the Green Vine Little Elf. Through his First Love Peach business, Chen found out that there was nothing that Wu could not achieve in Green Vine City. Thus, the name.

"Xiaobei? How can I help you?" Wu asked.

"I need your help. My friend wants to go to Dragon City with me, but he lost his identification card and his household registration booklet. Do you have a way to buy him a flight ticket?" Chen said.

"What a coincidence! My private jet is heading to Dragon City as well! Come to the airport now! I will ask the officer to cancel the security checking procedure!" Wu said.

"This is awesome! You are the best Green Vine Little Elf! I'm going to treat you to something nice when I come back to Green Vine City!" Chen said excitedly.

"Save it. Please help me take care of Mengchen!" Wu said.

"Mengchen? What do you mean by that?" Chen asked puzzledly.

"My private jet is sending Mengchen to Dragon City! Uncle Lan is dealing with something outside the country! I have some urgent matters as well! I was worried about letting Lan travel alone to Dragon City! I'm glad that you are going to Dragon City as well! Just take care of her!" Wu said.

"Hehe! You are such a generous man! You are creating a golden opportunity for your love rival!" Chen said happily.

"I'm not a narrow-minded guy! I'm willing to do anything to make sure that Mengchen is well taken care of! Also, it's only a one-time thing! I don't think that you can take Mengchen away from me! I'm not afraid of you at all!"

"Alright. I'm going to stop talking crap with you! I can't wait to meet my goddess at the airport! Bye!" Chen grinned and started to do some light packing. After that, Xiangyu and Chen rushed to the airport immediately. They were treated like VIPs when they arrived at the airport. The whole boarding process went a lot smoother than they expected!

Inside the private jet.

Lan was holding her chin with her fair and elegant hands. She was staring at the stars in the sky.

"Captain, isn't it time to take off? Why are we still here?" Lan sounded lazy. A sense of unwillingness could be heard from the way she spoke. It seemed like she had been forced to travel to Dragon City.

"Master just called to tell me that one of his friends is coming onboard as well. Let's wait for a while. They should be here anytime soon." The captain said.

"Friend of Wu Junfan? Could it be…" Lan was shocked. There was only one person she can think of right now.

"My goddess! I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long!" Chen stepped into the private jet happily. Then, he sat right opposite Lan immediately.

"Why are you here?" Lan frowned and asked. It seemed like she had a lot of things going on in her mind.

"I wanted to ask you the same thing as well! Why didn't you tell me you are traveling to Dragon City? Why are you traveling there?" Chen asked.

"It's none of your business! Why should I tell you? I have told you a lot of times that we are just normal friends!" Lan pursed her lips, stood up and sat far away from Chen.

Chen scratched his nose tips frustratingly. He could not understand why she was always cold towards him. He always thought that his relationship with him and Lan was pretty good.

"Xiaobei, is it possible for this huge piece of metal to fly into the sky?" Xiangyu was taking his sweet time to admire the shape of this private jet. Thus, he entered the private jet much later. Lan and the captain were shocked when they saw Xiangyu. A man with his perfect outlook would become the center of attention, no matter where he went! However, both of them were baffled when he asked a three-years-old question.

 Chen quickly explained, "This is my Shixiong! He came from deep inside the mountain! So, he has not seen all these modern stuff before!"

"I did not ask you!" Lan pouted and turned away from Chen.

"Please fasten your seatbelts! The private jet is about to take off!"

The captain walked into the control room and said. Xiangyu was as curious as a kid. He kept on looking out the window to check out the shape of the clouds. It seemed like he would never get bored of it. On the other hand, Chen was trying hard to chat with Lan. However, he was completely ignored by her. She did not talk to him even after they touched down at the airport in Dragon City.

"Mengchen, allow me to help you to carry the suitcase. You sure packed a lot. Are you planning to stay at Dragon City for long?" Chen asked enthusiastically.

"Please get away from me! Someone will help me to carry the suitcase! You are not that person!" Lan rejected Chen coldly. She was getting more and more agitated once she stepped out from the private jet.

Xiangyu was not happy about it. He said in a deep tone, "Xiaobei! Stop it! She is asking you to get lost! Where is the spirit of manliness?!"

"This is not about the spirit of man! Something is wrong."

Chen continued to say softly, "I know Mengchen really well! The way she treats me is telling me that she is hiding something serious from me!"




The sound of an engine roaring could be heard from far. A gold-plated Ferrari was driving towards the airport at a speed that was at least hundred and eight miles per hour! Also, there were two modified Hummers behind the Ferrari. It was an airport. The driver of the Ferrari had some serious balls. He must be some kind of powerful person in Dragon City.

"Chen Xiaobei! Go now!" Lan shouted out abruptly.

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