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Xiaoyao's punch and the savage man's punch collided with each other. Not only was the savage man's fist bigger than Xiaoyao's, but it was also stronger. Soon, Xiaoyao was placed at the losing side. She took a few steps back and tried her best to regain her footing.

"Die now!"

The savage man shouted and wanted to take this opportunity to kill Xiaoyao with his punch.

"Shit!" Xiaoyao freaked out completely. It was impossible to dodge this attack, as she was still trying to balance herself. She would be hurt badly, even if that punch fails to kill her!

"Don't be afraid! I'm here to protect you!"

A warm and gentle sound echoed beside Xiaoyao's ears. Her waist was embraced by a huge hand that guided her back and avoided the punch successfully. Then, Xiaoyao took the opportunity to fall into Chen's embrace. At that moment, she felt safe and worried for Chen at the same time.

"That savage man is more powerful than both of us! What are we going to do now?" Xiaoyao frowned and said nervously.

"Let me think about it…"

Chen ignored that savage man and lifted up Xiaoyao's hand. Then, he checked on the spot where her hand had collided with the savage man's punch, just now.

"It is only slightly swollen. Your bones and muscles are fine. Don't worry." Chen smiled and said.

"F*ck you! How dare you ignore me?" The savage man shouted in a language that was similar to English. He came from Europe. His English might sound weird and funny, but Chen could understand him without any problems.

"Why should I care about a worm like you?" Chen twitched his mouth and replied in his language.

"F*ck you! I'm going to grind you into shredded meat!" The savage man was extremely furious. Then, he charged at Chen with all his strength.

"Asshole Xiaobei! Why did you make him angry? He is more powerful than both of us!" Xiaoyao shouted fearfully. To her, Chen was just a guy with five thousand combat power. So, it was impossible for him to defeat this savage man.

"Pumpkin, he is just slightly more powerful than you! He has to train for another hundred years if he wants to kill me!" Chen grinned and said calmly.

"How is this even possible? Both of us had our breakthrough at around the same time! You shouldn't be any more powerful than me!" Xiaoyao said with her doubting tone.

"Just watch me!" Chen shrugged. One of his hand still held Xiaoyao, and his other hand was getting ready to take the savage man's punch.


A muffled sound echoed in the air. The savage man's huge fist was put to halt by Chen's palm! He could not move forward anymore, even though he had used all his strength to push Chen.

"How… How is this even possible?" Xiaoyao was dumbfounded. Other than that, the savage man and Gu were extremely shocked as well.

"Garbage! Are you trying to help me to scratch my itchy spot?" Chen grinned and asked mockingly. At then, Chen was not trying to act cocky. It was true that he felt like someone was scratching him gently. His ten thousand health was definitely not something that one should mess with!

"Impossible! You are just a skinny Chinese bitch! How could you have such strength!" The savage man could not accept the fact that Chen was stronger than him. He withdrew his fist and tried to punch Chen's face.

"F*ck! Didn't your mom teach you not to punch at one's face! Get lost!" Chen used his right leg to land a swift kick on the savage man's crotch.


All five hundred people tightened up both of their legs unconsciously!

"Ouch… Oh… Oh…"

The huge, savage man was sent back to where he jumped down from just now!

"Oh my God… What kind of strength is that… This is so damn scary…"

"Who the hell is this Chen Xiaobei? Why is he so damn powerful at such a young age?"

"This power… I feel like he's even more powerful than Boss Tian…"

"Shit… I don't think we can defeat him at all!"

"No one has the balls to fight with him… One kick and our manhood will be gone for good!"

Members of the Black Gang were freaked out. They were literally shaking when they talked.

"Xiaobei… Since when did you become so powerful?" Xiaoyao was still lying in Chen's embrace. She was so shocked that she forgot to shake herself free. All the while, she thought that her combat power would be around Chen's level. But, at then, she realized that Chen had become stronger than her! The thought of becoming more powerful than Chen might be not attainable anymore.

"You should go to Third Elder first." Chen tapped on Xiaoyao. Then, she finally came back to reality. She ran to Third Elder with a blushed face.

"Gu Caozhuo! Tell me now! How should I kill you?" Chen raised his eyebrows and asked coldly.

"Do you really think you can win? Too early to think about that!"

Then, Gu shouted loudly, "Roland leader! Mr. Dongfang! Come down quick! We are going to lose control of the situation soon! What are you guys waiting for?"


The savage man that Chen defeated just now was thrown down.

"Garbage! Such a shame!"

Right then, a dozen savage men jumped down from the ceiling. They looked just like the savage man that Chen defeated earlier. 

Chen used his Netherspirit Battlescouter to scan those savage men. He found out that their combat power was in between five thousand to six thousand. Thus, he was not worried at all! However, their leader looked rather different. He was more muscular than the pack. He was wearing an outfit that was made of black wolf skin. Also, he wore a hat that was made of a wolf's head. Actually, he looked pretty darn cool.


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 8800. Combat power: 8000!]

Chen frowned. He would not underestimate his guy. He knew clearly that his ten thousand health would not make him invincible. He could still feel the pain! And, he could still bleed! Chen might stand a chance if the enemy fought with him with only punches and kicks. But, Chen would surely be defeated if the enemies used melee weapons! That was the difficulty of battling against an opponent that was stronger than you! The chances of Chen defeating him were pretty slim. Gu also summoned another person other than the savage men.

"All these savage men are so rude! Where are their manners?"

A person with red outfit walked down from the stairs slowly. That person should be a guy judging from that person's physical appearance. However, he had long hair and makeup on his face. The way he acted was no different from a sissy!

"What the f*ck! Who is this transgender?" Chen was disgusted.

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