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"How… How is this even possible?"

Qiu's eyes were wide open; like a frog that had been stepped on by a cow. His mouth was big enough to fit a fist inside. Qiu had thought that he was going to get Ace of Spades again, since he had kept on getting it for the previous rounds. However, the card that was placed in front of him was Two of Diamonds! At that moment, everyone from the Black Gang was petrified. All those words they threw Chen just now became a bunch of invisible slaps that landed flat on their faces. They just wanted to die right now.

"Hehe… I thought that I was going to lose this round, since I drew a Two of Clubs! I never expected a fool like you to be lucky enough to draw the Two of Diamonds!"

Chena acted surprised. Then, he laughed evilly and said, "Initially, I wanted to play three rounds of poker games with you! It seems like we'll have to end it here! Well, this is life! You'll never know what is going to happen next!"


Qiu was so angry that he puked out a mouthful of blood. Both of his eyes were filled with blood as well. He had all his money invested in this round of poker game. Not only had he lost all the money that he had won earlier, but he had also given away all the money that had been forked out by the members of Black Gang!

Chen had two billion in his account now after the system made the final transaction. His total assets went back to three billion! On the other hand, every single member of Black Gang was completely broke! From that moment on, all those gang bosses would turn into jokers in Jianghu. Everyone would be laughing at them for not being able to support themselves.

"This is not possible… Not possible… I was winning when I placed smaller bets in the system… How did I lose when I decided to go all in? Why?" Qiu gritted his teeth. He looked like a cannibalistic creature right now! He glared at the dealer and Chen furiously.

"It's you! You f*cking bitch! You were working with this Chen Xiaobei to cheat us of our money!" Qiu said. He then charged at the dealer with killing intention. Qiu's was 1.8 meters tall and his body was rather plump as well. He made the 1.6 meters tall dealer look like a weak little bird!


Qiu landed a slap on the dealer before she could react to his attack.




Qiu jumped at her and started to punch her non-stop! His punches were like raindrops. Soon, the dealer's pretty face was completely destroyed. Blood was everywhere and all her facial features were not recognizable anymore.

"I did not… I did not work together with him… You were the one who brought him into this casino… I have not seen him before…" The dealer kept on begging Qiu to let her live. She felt wronged by Qiu's accusation.

"Motherf*cker! Do not try to defend yourself! You did that on purpose! Tell me, how on earth did I manage to draw a Two of Diamonds?" Qiu said.

He felt exhausted after beating the dealer; thus, he wanted to rest for a while. However, Gu passed an ashtray to Qiu. Then, he started to use it to hit the dealer's head senseless again.

"No… Don't kill me… Ah…"

Soon, the dealer stopped breathing. It was pretty obvious that Qiu was trying to vent his anger on her. Also, he did not want to pay her the one million that he had promised her earlier. Honestly speaking, the woman was actually kind of pitiful. She had traveled all the way from America to China, but she was killed in the end. She did not even receive a single cent from Qiu. However, her evil intention did not justify her sad ending. She had been working together with Qiu to clear our Chen's bank account! Chen would have lost his mind right now if he had not used his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes to destroy Qiu's evil plan. No one would take pity on her since she was an evil bitch!

"Chen Xiaobei! It's your turn now!"

Qiu stood up and shouted loudly and furiously, "Brothers! Don't just stand there! Let's get our money back!" Those gang members who were still in shocked states recovered immediately and surrounded Chen and his group of people like a pack of wolves.

"Motherf*cker! Chen Xiaobei! Give us back our money now! If not, you guys will not be able to leave this place alive!"

"F*ck you! Where is our money!"

"Give us back our money now! If not, I will toss you out from this ship to feed the sharks!" 

Everyone was roaring angrily. It was as if the fire of anger could be seen from those gang members! Their murderous intentions were circulating about in the air. It made the atmosphere extremely terrifying. Xiaoyao and the rest of the people got to their feet and started to gather around Chen.

However, Chen still managed to retain his calmness. He said, "Haven't I told you guys just now?! You guys will not get a single cent from me even if you guys kill me! This is pointless!"

"We will not kill you before we get our hands on your money! However, we are going to torture you guys! All of you are going to wish that you are dead! Let's start with the Third Elder! Torture them to death!"

Then, Gu said viciously, "We are going to gang rape Murong Xiaoyao in front of you if you refuse to tell us the password to access your bank account! We have a hundred people here! The gang rape is going to last until next morning! It's really up to you right now!"

"Gu Caozhuo! You animal!"

The Third Elder shouted angrily, "Your family would have been completely broke if it wasn't for Boss Tian! Without him, there's no you today! You shameless bastard! How dare you?!"

"Gu Caozhuo! I want you to die right now!" Xiaoyao was completely triggered. She just wanted to kill all of them right now! Then, she charged at Gu without any hesitation.

"Be careful of his dirty trick!" Chen reminded. Xiaoyao had five thousand combat power. None of the gang members were powerful enough to defeat her. However, even the powerful person on this earth could be caught off-guard!

"Hmph! Do you really think I'm that stupid? How could we let you guys board this cruise without any proper preparations?!" Gu smiled coldly and fearlessly.


The ceiling cracked open. A tall and muscular man dropped in front of Gu. His hair was long, and he had this angry look on his face. Besides that, he was wearing a set of old and thick beast skin outfit. He looked exactly like a savage man.


The sound of wind could be heard when the savage man punched at Xiaoyao. His fist was at least four to five times bigger than Xiaoyao's fist. It flew at Xiaoyao like a cannonball!

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