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[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 8000. Combat power: 9000!]

Chen got even more nervous after checking out the sissy with his Netherspirit Battlescouter.

"This sissy is too damn powerful! I will definitely lose if I fight with him! No way… I'm still too weak. I need to look for more Spiritual Qi to make myself more powerful!" Chen realized that there was no way he could win the fight. However, instead of freaking out, he was relieved. He had decided that he would not fight with the sissy.

"Ayayaya! Who the hell beat up my cousin?"

The sissy shouted all of a sudden and took three steps to rush to the unconscious Dongfang Hong who lay ten meters from him.

"Little Honghong… What happened to you? Wake up please…"

The sissy and everyone was disgusted by it. However, theis sissy did not care about the people around him at all. He used one of his hands to hold Dongfang Hong and used the other hand to press on his chest and channel True Qi to him. It could help him recover the messed-up Qi inside his body. Ordinary people would not be able to see what that was going on between the two of them. Only elites at the Qi refining stage would know their secret.

"This sissy possesses some really concentrated True Qi! It is no wonder that his combat power is higher than his health! He is a hidden elite!"

Chen was kind of puzzled. He thought, "His combat power is higher than his health. Isn't he afraid of hurting his own body?"



Dongfang Hong finally regained his consciousness. He started to complain once he saw that sissy, "Cousin Bubai… You have to avenge me… That son of the bitch beat me up…"


Dongfang Bubai's face turned cold and said with a sharp tone, "Don't you worry, Little Honghong! I will definitely make him pay! I will make sure he suffers!"

"I'm not going to fight with you!" Chen held on to his vomit and said.

"Why did you refuse to fight with me? Are you afraid of losing?" Dongfang Bubai asked.

"Yes! I don't think I can defeat you!" Chen shrugged and put on a whatever look.

"Hmph! At least you know you can't defeat me! Kneel down right now and apologize! Actually, you look quite handsome! I will let you live if you agree to become my boy toy!" Dongfang Bubai winked at Chen.


Chen turned his head around and started to fight against his bile. He almost vomited out the scrumptious dinner that he had earlier. Besides that, Chen would not be able to fight with an opponent like that, even if he was more powerful than him. He would die of vomiting before the fight begin!

Qiu was all gleeful after seeing Chen admitted that he was weaker than the sissy. He shouted, "Chen Xiaobei! Do you know the taste of fear right now?! Tell me the password of your bank account immediately!"

Gu started to smile and said, "Tell us the password now! If not, I will ask Mr. Dongfang to deal with you in bed!"


"Damn it! Please don't be so disgusting!" 

Chen glared at Gu and said condescendingly, "Do you guys really think a dozen savage men and a disgusting sissy can defeat me?"

"Why not? Mr. Dongdang and Leader Roland can crush you easily!" Qiu said arrogantly.

"Okay. I will not fight with you guys since I'm not powerful enough! But, I will summon someone to defeat all of you here!" Chen said and smiled mockingly. He seemed pretty confident.

"What? Who are you going to summon? Are you trying to tell us a joke? Hahaha…"

Gu laughed hysterically and said mockingly, "I think a bunch of dogs just ate your brain! This is international waters! Who are you going to call? Please do not tell me you are the real Poseidon, and you are going to summon some sea monsters to fight with us!"

"I'm not going to summon sea monsters! But, the person that I'm going to summon might be stronger than sea monster!" Chen shrugged and said.

"Hahaha… Have you lost your mind after Mr. Dongfang threatened you? What the f*ck are you talking about?"

Qiu started to laugh and taunted Chen, "Summon, please! Please summon the legendary character that you talked about just now! I will stand here and watch your monkey show! Come! Quick! Hahaha…"




A loud rumble could be heard at the entrance of the casino. Qiu and Gu were startled, and they almost bit their tongue while laughing. A dozen members of Black Gang were being tossed around like toys. They could not even stand up after falling to the floor.

"Oh my God… What the hell just happened?" Everyone was stunned, and they had their attention placed at the entrance of the casino. A man around the age of thirty was walking towards them. He was really good looking. His height was around 1.9 meters! His perfect, muscular body could be seen under his simple t-shirt and tracks. Other than that, his aura was pretty unusual as well. His king like aura was spilling out from his presence. It was enough to terrify any normal person! On the other hand, there was a gorgeous lady with a voluptuous body walking beside him.

"Uncle! I'm going to leave this bunch of jokers to you!"

The lady tapped the man beside him and ran to Chen quickly. She held on tightly to Chen's arms without saying anything. It was as if she was afraid that Chen might run away from her. Chen's arm was deeply buried between her bouncy and soft mountains!

"You horny pumpkin! Are you trying to seduce me?" Chen could feel his blood boiling. His smile was getting more and more perverted as well.

"Hehe! I'll have to work harder to get into your pants!" Wenyuan smiled and leaned on Chen's shoulder.

"What a perv! He completely lost his mind after seeing a girl with big boobs!" Xiaoyao stomped and swore secretly that she would own such a perfect body sooner or later!

"F*ck you! We are here to fight, not watch you guys flirt with each other!"

Roland shouted angrily, "Brothers! Attack them! Tear them into pieces!"


Those savage men chanted and charged at Chen. However, Chen completely ignored the whole lot. He continued to flirt with Wenyuan.

"What an arrogant son of the bitch! Die now!"

A savage man with thick mustache raised his fist and prepared to strike Chen's head.


Just as everyone thought that the punch was going to land on Chen, the guy that stood at the casino entrance appeared in front of Chen at lightning speed. The savage man took a punch from Xiangyu, and he landed on the other savage men like a cannonball. All of them fell on the ground like bowling pins. Everyone was extremely shocked after seeing what happened to the group of savage men.

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