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"I will follow!" Chen said calmly. However, the result of that round was similar to the previous round. Chen got a card with a small value, and Qiu still had the Ace of Spades with him. Thus, Chen lost another round.

"This time, I will bet five million!" Qiu was getting bolder. The members of the Black Gang were really hyped as well. They kept on asking Qiu to increase his bet.

"I will follow as well! I will bet with you no matter what, since I have won a shit ton of money from you!" Chen said calmly and bet without a second thought. However, Chen lost again. After more than ten rounds, Qiu's bet grew larger. Still, he managed to draw the Ace of Spades! Within ten minutes, Chen had already lost two hundred million!

"What the hell is going on? Why does Chen keep on losing?" Xiaoyao frowned and said nervously.

"This kind of gambling is all about luck! Soon, our Bro Bei will get lucky again!" The Fire Boss said.

"It is totally understandable that Chen is having bad luck! But, Qiu's luck is really fishy! He had managed to draw Ace of Spade every single round! That is not luck anymore!" The Third Elder shook his head and said gravely.

"Are you trying to say… Qiu is cheating?" The Fire Boss finally came to his realization. He knew quite a lot thing about gambling. Most of the time people always lost during gambling. Those people who always won in gambling were actually shameless cheaters!

"F*cking shameless fat f*ck! How dare he trick our Bro Bei! I'm going to beat him up!" Xiaoyao rolled up her sleeves and wanted to walk over to Qiu and teach him a lesson.

"Xiaoyao! Hold on first!"

The Third Elder quickly stopped Xiaoyao from doing something stupid. He lowered down his voice and continued to say, "Xiaobei is not the kind of man that marches into a war zone without a good plan. I'm pretty sure that he knew Qiu is playing a dirty trick, but he is still as calm as ever. In other words, Chen has something in his mind. You are going to ruin his plan if you walk over and beat Qiu up!"

"Really? I feel really frustrated when I see Chen keep on losing to that fat f*ck! Look at his arrogant face! I can't wait to stomp down on his fat face!" Xiaoyao snarled. In the end, she managed to calm herself down.

"Hahaha! I've won again!"

Qiu laughed arrogantly. He was extremely hyped. Then, he said proudly, "Chen Xiaobei! Tell me your last words! You have lost two hundred million to me! Soon, I will drain all the money in your bank account!"

"Sigh… Your luck is incredible! I'm speechless! I will play three more rounds with you! Win or lose; I will stop playing with you no matter what!" Chen said sadly.

"What? Last three rounds?"

Then, Qiu said with a cocky tone, "Okay! I will keep on increasing my bets! I will make sure you lose everything within three rounds! All in for this round! Four hundred million! Don't be a coward now!"

"Our boss is so damn cool! So damn awesome!" 

"After this round, the four hundred million will turn into eight hundred million! Then, eight hundred million becomes one billion and six hundred million! That Chen Xiaobei will lose everything in the third round!" 

"Boss! You are so smart! We are going to sit here and wait for you to pass us the money! Hahaha!".

Members of the Black Gang were cheering excitedly.

"I will follow!" Chen was still really calm at this moment. He even felt like laughing out loud. Actually, he had lost all those rounds on purpose. It was a trick. Something like poker; one must not frickle away to draw in the big one. Especially when the big fish was on the hook!

"Bastard! You have balls! I respect you as a real man!"

Qiu gave Chen a thumb up and said viciously, "But, I will not sympathize with you! I still want to drain all the money from your bank account! I want you to suffer for the rest of your life! Hahaha…"

"I'm not going to say anything… I just want to continue watching you act like a cocky bastard!" Chen shrugged and placed the money into the system. After that, the dealer used her fancy methods to shuffle the card and placed them on the table. Qiu did the same thing to identify the card with the largest value.

Chen took a deep breath and blew a gust of wind at the dealer when Qiu had his finger on a special card. The dealer blinked her eyes unconsciously. At then, Qiu had placed his trust on this woman. So, he drew the card immediately and pressed on it with both of his palms. Chen drew a card as well after he. He took the opportunity to mess with the cards on the table.


The dealer was stunned. The cards were all jumbled up when she opened her eyes. She could not see through the cards, and hence, could only recall the sequence of the cards that she had arranged with her inhuman memory. Currently, the sequence had been shuffled by Chen. Thus, she was clueless about the cards drew by Chen and Qiu. She began to get worried because Qiu had gone all out in the current round. In other words, she would not receive a single cent if Qiu lost this round.

"I'm going to open my card first!"

It was Two of Clubs!


Qiu laughed loudly and said, "You are such a joker! Did you wash your hand after you shit? A Two of Clubs! You are so damn unlucky! Hahaha…"

"Huuu… Luckily…" The dealer was relieved. She need not worry anymore. After all, Two of Clubs was the card with second smallest value. It was almost impossible for Qiu to lose this round!

"Shit… Shit… How did Chen get so unlucky? The bet is four hundred million this round!" Xiaoyao said nervously. On the other hand, Third Elder and the Fire Boss were extremely worried as well. Qiu could beat Chen with any cards in poker, except for Two of Diamonds!

"Haha… Chen Xiaobei's luck is gone! He's on a streak! The wrong kind! He must have been sent by God to give us money!"

"Two of Clubs! I can beat him easily!"

"This is awesome! Two more rounds and we can start counting the money in our hands! Hype! Exciting! Crazy!"

Members of the Black Gang were getting more and more hyped up. It was the ending that they desired!

"Bastard! Two more rounds! You will lose everything you have! I'm really curious about… How do you feel right now?" Qiu asked in a cocky tone.

"Too early to talk about the result! You should open up your card first!" Chen said calmly.

"Hmph! You still have the balls to ask me to open the card first! I'm going to show it to you right now! It's still Ace of Spades! Definitely bigger than you!" Qiu picked up the card and slammed it on the table. Everyone was shocked when they saw the card.

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